Saturday, June 02, 2007

At Last June

well here it is the 2nd of June, already skipped all of May. Mary's brithday is tommorow a teenager , here in our mist, she is all ready acting the part. Not much knitting done I keep frogging things that I start .,Mary is still spinning though, she is doing well.
Read the Yarn Harlot,her oldest is now 18 , If I remember correctly, Stephanie will hit 40 on the 14th. And me ,well I hit 50 on the 7th.School gets out then too here. Hopes to be a good summer. I am driving more again, so watch out I may run you over!!

About Me

Married to DH for 19 years, have 3 children 35, 32 and 18, 2 cats and a dog.