Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, Samhain

I am an Irish American, and today is the start of the Celtic New Year, Samhain or Halloween . Celtic Memory Yarn has a pretty good entry about how the Irish celebrate the day, So far we have had 5 trick or treaters, time 5:58pm . In our little burg T &T goes from 5:00pm to 8:oopm looks like we will have plenty of goodies left over. It is a nice night, not really cold and no snow.
Mary and I took off for a ride this afternoon, we ended up in Madison, going to St. Vinny's first on Odana than over to Willy street. stopped by the new Willy st. coop on university and than on to Willy st. ,the one on university isn't open yet., but the one on Williamson st. you couldn't find a parking space at. Their loss, We came home with 4 cookbooks, from the thrift stores.
Mary knows I like church cookbooks , I told her that those recipes have been tried and they wouldn't be in a church cookbook unless someone liked them.We stopped over at the Frugal Muse book store on the north side, Sherman avenue. She picked up a book on Icelandic myth- olgy and I got one on Irish for $.38 and than we received the frequent flyer discount. It's nice to be able to go into a store and have a clerk recognize you , in a city of Madison. UPDATE 6:33 more than 30 T &T so far. More than we had last year.
Packers won, Vikings lost, poor Brett Farve got hurt.Head injury of some sort.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday blues

It has gotten colder and my joints are not very happy.Neither is the rest of me. It's close to lunch time and DH wants a malt with his hamburgers today.
I have been working on Mary's poncho, it's taking longer than I would like, because I poop out so easily. When the weather settles down I'll be happier.
I hate it when I have fractured thoughts, instead of being able to continue for awhile in one train of thought my mind jumps from here to there and back again. What I think is going to happen is that I am in for a Grand Daddy of a Migraine headache, I have been extremely bitchy, touchy and not a very nice person. Plus the usually physical symptoms , numbness, flashes of multicolored lights ,slurring of speech, nausea and pain. Joy. Sleep please. in a dark cool place, with being nice and toasty, figure that one out.
We need to get our Pumpkin for Halloween, candy, we got awhile ago, I just hid it , so certain people wouldn't get into it. But I could go for a Reeses ' peanut butter cup about now, or a hundred thousand dollar bar. Man, hmmmm.
Well I need to get hubby's lunch going. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday cool and sunny

Here it is Tuesday Oct 19, 33 years ago today my oldest was due to be born, she decided to wait another 10 days and drove her mom -to-be crazy. In Kleinlangheim ,West Germany, in the state of Bavaria, I sat and waited for my first child to be born,Scared and alone.Then on October 29, things started to happen, ex went to get food for himself, and I went into labor, Sarah was born at 5:20pm in Wurzburg Germany.6lbs 10 oz. 19 inches long. blue eyes,WE weren't able to come home till after the german holiday weekend.All staints and all souls day and a bank holiday.I think it was like Nov. 4,1977.Such a beautiful baby girl. Man she turned into a spitfire, she is 4'11 and 3/4" and still hand full.and I miss her she lives in Austin , Texas.
On the knitting side I am working on Mary's poncho,still have a ways to go but it ;s looking good. Have asked the girls so far for Christmas list's gotta get Rob's too.Also Breakfast with Santa is coming up like Nov. 20 and 21. seems early this year.That is opening of deer hunting season here.And a good reason I don't like to drive in the country at night , deer.
Well gotta go back to the knitting. Talk to you later.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday,loads of laundry

I know we are suppose to rest on Sunday, but somethings need to be done, can't send hubby to work with dirty clothes, or at least I shouldn't. DD was doing her laundry and it took her awhile, my kids have doing their laundry since they have been 12 or 13. Seems they like to wait until everything they own is dirty and then some.
Knitting will be taking place this week, without pressure, I feel more inclined to pick up my needles now. I found a new author, who writes supernatural romances. Silly things but addictive.
Well the Green bay Packers lost to the Miami Dolphins and now DH is watching the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, He is a Brett Farve fan. More useless information.
This week looks good ,cooler. Well off to read another book . Talk to you later.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

saturday -cleaning

It's another beautiful day, we have leaf raking to do. and laundry.Chuck's at work, and I have to get motivated this AM .
Yes , I have an ear infection, 3 drops twice a day , and received a lecture on not using q-tips,you would think I would know better.guess not.
Went to Fort Atkinson, unfortunately we didn't get anything, the outlet store didn't have what Mary wanted , we will have to order from the catalog .Back to the grindstone, ttyl.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Too old for ear infections

I am much too old to have ear infections,yet that's what it appears I have,This week has been sort of a pain, spent Tuesday in bed with" the migraine from hell" I woke up Wednesday with it still there. No trip for lunch with my sister. I hate it when I plan things and they get blown out of the water. Here it is Thursday and I have a doc appointment at 3:30, and Blew taking in my meager accumulations of hats and mittens. Tomorrow Mary wants to go to Fort Atkinson, to Nasco to get some drawing pads , cheaper. Neat place for art supplies and anything to do with teaching, huge catalog, ( they even have some weaving looms and yarn )kilns .wood working tools too.
The cats decided that "the food lady" shouldn't have a rest today, and they followed me , running circles around me while fighting with each other. They were using me as a spring board,
At least they are letting me write this, Archie is asleep on top of the love seat and Spazzy has conked out on Rob, for the time being.When Archie decides to jump on you , you know it, he must weigh in at 25-30lbs.
I have another year to get my hat and mitten supply built up. Maybe if I plan a bit better I'll actually get my WIPs caught up. That would make my daughters happy, me too, I guess.What do they say , visualize it, and it will be,will see. Maybe too much visualizing and not enough doing here. AS I reread this I notice the lingering effects (affects) of the migraines, Well off I go to the Docs , will let you know what happens. Talk to you later.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's Sunday evening, things are quiet, beautiful sunset,fall evening warm, . Finished one pair of fingerless mitts and about an inch past the 2 inch ribbing on a hat. hopefully will have it ready by Thursday. Hope the women won't be to upset with me for not having a lot of hats and mittens to turn in . It's been a hectic year I started out doing well having 4 hats done, now it looks like I may only have those and a couple of fingerless mitts to turn in.Well back to the drawing board.
Rob found out on Saturday that he has Ankylosis Spondylitis , a form of arthritis . in The RA family, actually has the marker for it HLA B27,it explains the back pain and some of his other problems. Sarah has it also. I hope Mary doesn't.
We have had a busy weekend doing some shopping and cleaning. Getting ready for winter. The leaves are really falling fast , so the yard work is going to be occupying our spare time.Pumpkin time soon, I got one of the foam like pumpkins last year, but it's a no go with Mary this year she wants a real pumpkin.Halloween candy has been got and hid till trick or treat. Well got to go get Chuck ice and some pop. Talk to you later

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