Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday night, after work

Cough , cough , sniffle, Everyone home ill today,still have to work though.
Found somethings I have been looking for , for about 4 years, some tin serving trays, the kind you would have used in the Army, got them at a garage sale 4 summers ago, found on them on the top shelve in the garage in a tub I was getting down for Mary to use. You never know where things will pop up around here.
Mary is still working on my headband, her quilting class got called do to not being able to get up the instructors drive way this morning.Terri called and said it wasn't cleared , it had snowed over night and was slippery.In two weeks then.
Doing laundry, sounds like some of it is done brb. ok lets see what else. Plenty of house work to do before any knitting is getting done, that just isn't right, but we need some dishes and clean towels.
so much to do , so little time to knit. Best stop complaining and get to it, the I can sit and do the knitting, best duck on out and get it done. talk to you later.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday afternoon, no delight.

Stupid songs running through my brain, I hear "sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight", sooo old.
My lapsitter has arrived ,Archie, has determined this is " time to pet the cat " and
get covered in cat hair. Doesn't matter how often I brush him he still sheds. (If you ever get any knitted items from me a little bit of Archie will be there too.) My legs are starting to fall asleep.
Mary rescued me, says he is purring like a motor boat. No knitting currently going on, Mary is knitting me a head band for outside, and I am still working on her poncho. I am going to ask Chuck if I can borrow his camera and post some pictures of what Our fair city looks like in the gray and gloomy winters light. Might try to capture some of the wild life around here. Such as the "Wooly Bear." Known as Robi, and a few other locals.The snow lion known as Simba, BRB gotta make some supper here,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday late afternoon

"No rest for the wicked."Not that I've done some thing wrong , but it seems I get really crabby when I am going to have a cold and I really don't want to many people around, hubby was super sweet in that when he called at 9:00am I sounded bad enough he came home from work and brought me breakfast, yes , he spoils me.
Nothing on the knitting front, just too tired and constantly blowing the nose dosen't lead to a good atmosphere for knitting, it is 5:00pm and I am going to get some chicken soup and go to bed , Ducking on out till tomorrow talk to you later. Kris

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday night, achoos

Still sneezing away here , nice and toasty sitting in my chair with my lap robe and a warm computer and a happy cat. If we had a fire place it would make a cozy picture cat curled up on the love boy , dog on his pillow both snoozing away hubby in his chair watching tv and drinking his diet orange crush, (should be hot chocolate). Me with my knitting and laptop computer. kids upstairs , one doing home work the other cleaning her room.
Mary has about 20 inches done on her scarf, pretty good, she is using Lion Brand's Jiffy thick and quick, color Claret, using a plain garter stitch. For someone who has been knitting less than a week she is doing very well.
She has a mentor for bobbin lace. She belongs to the Badger lace guild and a larger organization.She is looking to get Mary some help in getting supplies and such.
Than Mary's back to her quilting next week, busy kid. AH yes we forgot the library on Monday's.
Well back to the poncho.... best duck on out for awhile, talk to you later

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, cozy under my blanket

Woke up this morning with a upset hubby, it's not the first time won't be the last, something I forgot to do yesterday .When he called at his usual time this morning he sounded sick, like his cold finally bit hard, we will see if he comes home early. Poor guy!,
Mary found someone In Monona to help with the bobbin lace, person says she has been doing it for 18 years. Yea!! on that.
It's a grey and gloomy day, makes you want to honker down with a larger pot of tea and a good book and do some knitting. Being a MOM on the warpath today , told Mary it's about time to clean your room. Have to do the same with Rob. So those two will be upset with me today. I am ducking out for awhile hopt to talk to you soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Evening Pain

It's been 2 weeks since I last posted, things have been running pretty normal, or as normal for us.
We all have had our fair share of the "creeping crud" these last few weeks, Chuck has a nasty cold, Rob is having tummy trouble, Mary has had more than her fair share of Migraines and today I woke up with a nasty migraine and a severe case of gout in my left leg. So we are all kind of Grumpy , thank heavens for Spell Check,.
Mary is done with school for the semester she has a week off since she has done her finals already. Letting a teenager be a teenager, she wants to go to the craft store and to the used book stores, she is looking for a bobbin lace making pillow, and thread . and just some good books to read. She completed her Tolkien collection at Christmas.
I am still working on Mary's poncho and a making some dish cloths, need some, Mary wants to have a table at the Local Farmer's Market which open at the end of April, her goal is to sell $20.00 worth of things she has made herself, also maybe some flowers or vegetables that we have grown. We have a awning that we can use, and a table. So all we need is product. I believe the fee is like $3.00 for the day to set up a table. Good deal.
Packer news; look likes we will be playing the Chicago Bears next week, another step toward the super bowl.
Snow tomorrow, like we need anymore, I am ready for Spring , thank heavens for seed catalogs
expecting below zero wind chills this coming week. Ug!! What can I say.
Back to the knitting , best duck out and get something for pain relief, talk to you later.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Yea it's Sunday!!

Well the Packers won a place in the play offs, they beat the Chicago Bears. That is good news for now.
Mary and I have been working on the purl stitch took her a little longer to catch on but she finally took off , now she has mastered both the purl and the knit stitch,and the stockinette stitch also.
She is taking a break and playing WOW now. I am going to work on her poncho for awhile I told it's fun to sit and knit with friends. She wants me to call Susan from Susan's fiber for a spinning lesson and to call Terri Echer for quilting, she is going to be quite busy for awhile, she has decided to she wants to run a store where only hand made things are sold, she is interested in doing things the old fashion way by hand, not machine made, that's where the knitting and spinning and quilting comes in, she saw the quality of things be made and also the price they are going for, she wants to know how do to the things just in case we need to fall back on these things, we are planing on planting a garden this year and canning and freezing our food this year.Maybe buying a side of beef and pork and some chickens. Will see. Well ducking on out , I'll talk to you later.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year Day

What a day, got up early for a Saturday,Chuck had it off. Cold and windy,Rob said it was a good thing it wasn' t snowing because we would have blizzard conditions.
I ended up going to the store only to find out it close 5 minutes, before I got there.Aggravating to say the least.Meg shocked Rob with her new scarf I made her and got a jolt off the refrigerator. I kinda feel sorry for her, she is allergic to softners.
Watching repeats of the worst cooks in America.Still can't believe people can't cook. It requires a little patience and the ability to pay attention.
Mary and I had our first knitting lessons, she is a natural I basically,showed her once and she took off, her first project is a book mark.She is using the two tail cast on, and I showed her the cast off after she asked how to prevent from unraveling. maybe I finally have a knitter in the family. Well I am tired and think I need to go to bed. Ducking out talk to you later.

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