Monday, April 05, 2010

Nice quiet Monday

Took the van to get it the fan fixed, Works like a charm , next step is to check the freon (air conditioning), I would like to get it detailed professionally , I can't shampoo carpets, at least in the van. We still need to the tie rods fixed. I really like driving my mini-van it's easier for me to get in and out of , not to mention being able to see better. Plus there is the added advantage of hauling
around things and shopping.
Easter is over and we didn't do anything special, Hubby played in church(trumpet) a thing that Joyce does every year, Hubby says the Joyce has to under go chemo, Poor friend, she has had a bad lot lately.Mary has this week off for spring break, but she will be using the time to catch up on some school work.
The weather is a little cooler than it was last week, Still nice though ,looking for our first thunder storm hopefully tonight.Every thing is so nice and green.
I have decided to make a blanket out of the yarn that I bought on the "yarn expedition" hubby took me on over a week ago. I still feel amazed . He knows me so well. Spoils me rotten . Oh yes on the Scooby Doo front I now own two tee-shirts,brown with Scooby's face on them, lets see I have a Purse/Knitting bag, 2coffee cups, 2 watches, a pillow, slippers, 3-4 stuffed scooby toys and some dvd's.

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