Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday , Finally Snow!!

Sure enough after a green/brown Christmas , we finally have snow, started just about 10:00am this morning how much and how long it will last will be another question. Mary and I went to the grocery store this morning and the roads in town where okay ,just not great. Coming home a squad car pulled out of the veterinarian's parking lot and followed us home, sure makes me nervous, don't know why.
  Friday is also "Malt Friday" hubby gets his malt at lunch time, today will be butterscotch .Mary helps me , she holds and carries it for me in the van.Than Mary has library today, she'll be helping them out for awhile.I'll be knitting and doing some basic cleaning. I have 27 skeins of Donegal tweed yarn , hubby found it on Free cycle. Now comes the hunt for the pattern, I'll show you when I get started.Right I am off , ducking out to hunt patterns , Hope you have a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday, way behind schedule

Life has been interesting at the Phipps household, Just as soon as my niece invited us for Christmas at her home, than  Chuck's company decides to do overtime, which is nice since we are a bit strapped for cash. But this means that if I go I either go alone or with Mary. In this case it was with Mary,The trip was pretty uneventful, we had a dusting of snow on Saturday the 17, and the majority of the roads we traveled where clear, We did run into a down power line in the Village of Lone Rock, and the roads we went were well maintained but just as soon as we  left the village, back on the highway it was cleared until we got into Muscoda, the streets hadn't been touched and made for some interesting going for the little amount that was on the ground, went to turn onto Becky's street and almost sled into the cemetery, a little unnerving, backup and went very slow down to her driveway, the streets where packed snow. The unique part is on our way home, the snow was almost gone, melted away, just a few hours later.Christmas will be a quiet affair here, presents opened on Christmas Eve and snacks and games , Christmas will be a simple dinner and the Packer vs Bears football game Chuck has to work on Christmas Eve day and the Monday after Christmas.For New Year's Eve he gets New year' day off and the Monday. The office people are getting 2 --4 day vacations .Means less cleaning for Mary and me.
I've learnt a hard lesson, do not put of going to see the dentist, I had two broken molars that ended getting pulled and a tooth that almost needed a root canal, ended up with a sore mouth and a huge bruise on my cheek and bleeding that  stops and starts. Thank heavens for tea bags, the tannin in the tea helps clots to form.Makes me really crabby, spent Tuesday night sitting up trying to get the bleeding to stop.I still need sleep and I am not getting my knitting done.
The Yarn Harlot has a good idea with the gift ideas I like most of them, I think my family needs to read the ones about doing things for your knitter so she has time to knit. (Hint, Hint).
Still haven't found my MP3 player, found my earphones and my glasses. oh well still looking

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saturday, raining puppies

Gee Whiz, almost came home from my Sister's with the cutest mixed breed puppy, cross between a Terrier and a Chihuahua, Black with the brown eye markings , he cozied up to Mary and fell asleep on her. Not quite 8 weeks old. However, knowing Simba's fondness for small things that squeak, he would be kibble.Poor baby ,not to tell what the cats would do, Spazzy might play mother, but Archie would totally ignore it. Puppies chew on everything and I drather not go through that again.Simba is king (at least he thinks he is, but we know it's really Archie). Had a  very good visit with my sister Kitty, and had lunch there, Pasty, was really was made in a 8 by 8 inch pan not individual ones. No surprises in it, Meg went with us an can spot an piece of onion a mile away. That's why when I make something I know she will be eating, I cut them very fine, she never notices.
   Rob pulled the radio, cassette and cd player from the Suburban that Lee had at his place the radio and things are for Dani's Blazer, When she got from the Lee the previous owners took the radio and the speakers.Rob  knows how to put them back together, she will have sound now on that long drive to work everyday, 40 miles one way.
  Must say this, my van is back in working shape, the Good Lord was watching over us,the problem with the power steering was minor to what happen to the rear brakes, I felt like someone tapped me on the shoulder, when I talked to the Mechanic and had him take a look at the rear brakes, good thing I payed attention, when they pulled the back wheels off the brakes crumpled, no warning, I just had them checked 3 months before and they said they were fine. I had a vision of us going down the highway and having to stop fast and couldn't. Shudders. I think this will be my Christmas present Brakes aren't cheap. Just happy we are safe.
 I think I may have to do a cast of characters list here, DH-Chuck
                                                                                   DS-- Rob, Robi
                                                                                   Simba 13 year old cross German Shepard an Chow
                                                                                    Archie and Spazzy, our cats.
                                                                                    Meg - Adopted Daughter1,
                                                                                     Dani and Lilly, adopted Daughter 2 and her 
                                                                                      daughter, also, apartment renters.
                                                                                   Lee, family friend
                                                                                   Cathy , family friend
Well , for the most part , that's the people I write about. We live in south central Wisconsin, and right now it's cold as billy blue blazes, hubby is awake and so I am going to go bug him for awhile. TTFN

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