Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday blahs

Sorry it has been so long, a lot has happen and among the holidays and things I couldn't get blogspot to let me into my blog.Grr.
   So we will start with things going down in October, Mary recovered from being sick and has now finished her work for her High School Diploma, makes  her happy and us too. (her dad and I), Halloween was uneventful and than November , we lost part of out cleaning job, and I am not to sad about that. It takes a load of stress off our shoulders .
  Breakfast with Santa,  came and went. For the first time we had enough help, thanks to Mrs. Claus and the Lodi React club and the local 4-H. We brought in 2000.00 for the Food Pantry and the Veterans Hospital in Madison. Bonnie came and helped , it was a long trip for her and we appreciate her much. Chuck is making up for lost time being the obnoxious 'little brother". Good natured teasing.
   Thanksgiving gave us a chance to give thanks for new family and friends and projects started and finished. Turkey and ham , were the stars , t I must remember to place my order earlier, this time I ended getting a 17 lb turkey. A little too big. For Christmas we had Prime Rib and Ham.Gifts given and received, a quiet day, also a major snow storm brought 19 inches of the white stuff. We are having a typical Wisconsin winter, windy and cold.Stopping for now, ducking out see you soon.

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