Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday night

I can't believe how fast the last few days have flown past. We open presents on Friday night and everyone was happy. My gift from Chuck was a photo blanket with all our animal babies on it.I think though Archie had the most pictures on it , It is beautiful full color and it even has Spazzy on it Chuck said she doesn't like to have her picture taken. Meg gave us each something, Mary received Oragami calender and paper, she gave me a electric throw blanket, and she wants to give Chuck some cheese balls, she couldn't find them. Mary gave her some hot chocolate mix and a mug with some chocolate spoons and a lot of Oragami, Mary received from Rob , World of Warcraft the entire series and time cards to play, in fact that's what they are doing right now Rob is helping her Teaching about the game, she also received Candle making kit and sewing basket, and slippers, and a book, plus aunt Janet gave her a Amazon gift card,( chuck is working on getting her a blanket like I have but with pictures she has taken.)Aunt Janet that is. hmmm oh yes she also received a new MP3 player. I received 3 books and a gift card to Wisconsin Craft Market, and Chuck received a ift Card to Sears from Rob and A farside book from Mary and I gave him his yearly Dilbert calender, plus the gifts cards from Janet.
We had ham and Prime rib for Christmas dinner on Saturday.
So the Phipps family had a good , quiet and Peaceful Christmas. And today we are recovering, Chuck had to go back to work today, they keep him busy. Well going to duck on out fro now talk to you later.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday night

Busy day, went to Mad town on a yarn, and craft run. Sorry to say couldn't find what I was looking for. No Lion Brand yarn in the amount needed for the afghan I want to do, I need 12 skeins Of Amazing in 201 Ruby and 8 in 204 Mesa plus 2 each in Jiffy in 135 rust and 137 Blush and 3 in 138 Grape, Ah someday it will happen. Also looking for candle making and soap making kits. Wisconsin Craft market has the supplies, but I am looking for a basic kit for Mary to have. I have a few things up my sleeves yet, Have to go Mad town for cancer check up. will pop over to Shopko for a few last minute things. Still don't know what hubby got me, getting curiouser and curiouser.
We got Paul O. a book on roughing it, I think he could of wrote his own, I would like him to teach me about gardening and canning and perserving food. He spoils us by giving us honey from his hives, .
Mary and Chuck are going to see Tron tomorrow on the big screen, 3d and all that. Nice. well getting tired here so nI am going to duck on out and I 'll talk to you later.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday night

It's snowing have about 2 inches so far and it's a light and fluffy snow temp around 26 f. No wind so that's good news, However I have heard the word drizzle being batted around. Rob has a had a pretty good birthday Mary and I got him books that he wanted, and Meg has gotten him something but I am not sure what it is.
My head is still hurting, I am not certain why,I have some frustration still with the gal over the garage. and the sunlight on the snow is not a good thing.( Farve out of football game ,head injury.)Maybe Chinese for lunch tomorrow as I have a headache already and we aren't cleaning tomorrow night. Might as well enjoy it.
Got to fix so snacks for hubby and then call it a night, watch" Good Eats" with Mary at 10pm. Ducking out for the night, talk to you later.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday headache again

So what is new? other than I haven't posted for a week, sorry, if you have been reading. It's been a busy time here at the Phipps house, between cleaning, working and having appointments we have been running pretty steady. This coming week sees two appointments , one for Mary and one for me. Mary 's is a short one , mine is the yearly cancer check, (going on 12 years now.) Mary's is to have a medication review. Chuck is taking her out Wednesday afternoon to see Tron at the 3-d movie screen in Madison, That day I am going to the other side of town to see Margrete Staub, the Oncology Radiology PAC. This is our 10 year mark.
I need to pick up a couple of things from Michaels while I am in the city. Want to go to Joanne Fabrics also
" THE PACKAGE" came in the mail on Friday, I missed it, Chuck found it on the front steps when he came home. I got a quick feel to know that is made of cloth, feels like fleece, I have a feeling it's those Scooby Doo Pjs he has been threatening me with, the ones with the feet in them, good gracious, a 53 years old wearing feet pj's. just as long as there is no trap door in the back.He is having a good time giving me "clues", He took what ever it is to work with him, says he showed it to George and Cory and they want to order"it: for their wives,Yes , I am curious.
I need to get some "things " for Rob's and his birthdays, both are this week, Ron turns 30 on the 20th and Chuck turns 51 on the 23rd. Cheese cake for one and a white cake with chocolate frosting layer cake for the other.We do binary with the candles.
I wish I could get his curiosity built up over something. All well, time to duck out and get a bite to eat and something to get rid of this headache, nice warm shower, perhaps, see you later.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday surprises

Busy today, getting things done , going to Work for DH tonight so he can get caught up on his engraving, made a new receipt of Beef and Noodles in the slow cooker. It smells delicious,
Sarah received her Flannel Sheets, today says she is going to try them out tonight. I love flannel sheets, they are so toasty and comfortable.
DH has given me some hints as to what we are getting for Christmas , says it's for the both of us and it maybe electrical, and give one of us a warm feeling. Electrical Fireplace, a heating mattress pad, a massage shower head, A goose down comforter, who knows, Says it should be coming in the mail this week, and I am not to open it, I am feeling I am being set up he should realizes by now he has issued a challenge.
On a knitting note I received Alison Jeppson Hyde's Wrapped in Comfort, I have read the insights to the patterns and her life 's challenges. I am trying to chose one of the easy ones to start out with, Happy Birthday Alison, 52 was a good year for me and I hope it will be an even better one for you.
Well off to go to work , talk to you later.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday afternoon

Well, because of the impending snowstorm, Mary and I got our weekend cleaning job done. we also picked up some groceries, it's the first time in awhile that the meat market was sold out of fresh ground chuck, guess everyone is stocking up for the storm. So we picked it up at Piggly Wiggly, I am so spoiled by having a decent butcher shop in town as well as a bakery, and it's nice that they know your name, and what your regular order is.
We now have a new Chinese restaurant in Lodi, King Wok, reasonably priced, and the foods good. However as with all Chinese food, I like it, but it doesn't like me, MSG. Automatic Migraine headache , so I usually only eat it when I have a headache already.
Still working on Mary's Poncho, the back is done on to the front. I am looking for a package from California to arrive here soon, from Purlescence. I can't wait, books and yarn always excite me, like a little kid.
well gotta stop and get a bite to eat will be back later.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Morning, sneezes

Achoo, colds , coughs, and runny noes, I wish they would go away.
We received about 3 inches of snow last night and more on the way this late evening and this weekend more than 6 inches the Charlie Shortino estimates.Just heard the snow plow go by, ah the joys of winter.
More knitting to be done, well best get started , it's just not going to knit itself.Talk to you later.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Freezing

Sitting here in the living room , I am cold ,says it's 20F outside , 68 F here in the house , I don't believe it, my fingers are cold and so is my noes,. Sometimes these old farm houses are a bit on the drafty side, I thought we got all of the air leaks plugged, somewhere there is a couple hiding , just chuckling to themselves , that they got overlooked.Sun is going down so it will be colder still, the weather man is predicting 4 above high tonight. Time to wear socks to bed, not so romantic but practical, I'll be looking for the air leaks tomorrow and see what can be done about them.
Finished our cleaning job earlier today, at least is was warm there. So I have plenty of dishes to do since we haven't got the dish washer hooked up yet.Didn't know how much I missed it till now, however it will get my hands warm doing dishes.
Working on Mary's poncho, may have the front done later tonight, it's long enough to cover my legs and that keeps me warm also. I really don't want to turn up the heat, but I think once Chuck is up from his nap , he will want to. It's amazing how much cat and dog hair can accumulate over a year, especially when you don't realize your pets are using the winter hats and gloves as something to lay during the rest of the year, you know when you can't find the cat and you don't know he has been hiding , check the hat and glove box , my winter fleece gloves where covered in cat hair, took me awhile using a lint roller to get all the hair off, next year I'll try to remember to put them in a plastic zip bag. Although Archie has this thing that he chews on plastic from time to time. Can't seem to win.
I am thinking that hand knit socks would be quite nice about now, and maybe a noes muffler or two. We seem to have gotten a very nasty cold bug,everyone is in some stage of having a cold. I bought a box of clementines, kinda local At least in the USA instead of Spain. Thank you California, Mary and I using these as a source of vitamin c.
Tron will be coming out on Dec. 19 and Chuck and Mary have plans to go see it. The new Harry Potter movie just doesn't hold our interest, the last book left a lot lacking. Chuck's "Story by Dad9" is much better, Yes of course I am partial but it is really good. I can't waite for him to be done so he can write a original story of his own, I know it will be good.
I am looking at getting Alison Hyde's book "Wrapped In Comfort" from Purlescence. My Christmas present to myself. I have a been a few peoples sides, but a fairly good girl
I am thinking I am going to have to go on Stash Reducing Diet if Chuck is ever going to let me some more yarn. Sigh, so much yarn ,so little time. Well must get some dinner going here. The son is getting hungry, Off I go to the kitchen, talk to you later

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday Freezing My Fingers to the Bone

The weatherman this morning said we would experience below normal temps, and he wasn't just whistlin dixie it is 20 f and windy out so the windchill is in the teens. brrr my fingers hurt this morning as do the rest of my joints.
A good breakfast of Oatmeal was appreciated as well as some Irish Breakfast Tea.Today is knitting day so I'll be busy trying to get something done.I saw in the Lion Brand catalogue a pattern for a beautiful yet simple afghan, a mixture of two types of yarn it's on my wish list for things I would like.I am sure I'll be adding on to this today, so'll stop and put the needles to work, Talk to you later

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday ramblings

The next time we rent out the Apartment above the garage, I'll make sure that the potential renter knows to keep the place clean. I am no angel about keeping my house spic and span, but it's not half bad. I am still upset, just bidding my time ,till she is gone. Grrrr!!!!
Busy , busy week, appointments and a concert tomorrow night, and then we go see Glen Beck on Thursday, finishing the week with Mary's junior class meeting on Friday. A hopefully quiet weekend and plenty of rest, we have a nasty cough and cold here, some rest and plenty of fluids and we hope it will be gone.
On a new note , a new Chinese restaurant is opening tomorrow, King Wok, looks like a chain. It has to compete with Waunakee's China Wok,not a chain.Rob and I are looking forward to trying it out.
Back to knitting, still working on Mary's Poncho and a hat. Slowly I go, like a turtle. Well off for a cup of tea. Later

Sunday, November 28, 2010

early sunday morning

Here it is early Sunday morning, 2:03AM, Can't sleep ,worry seems to keep me up now. I am feeling angry, and could just scream, same person I have been upset at for the last 6 months. The apartment is getting filthier by the day, I feel no one cares but me and the kids.Hubby is stressed out, also working hard . Working to try to keep the house cleaner. But the smell from the apartment just makes me so angry, mad, upset, teed off,and a few phrases I shouldn't use. I tried knitting to calm be down but I don't want the person who is to receive this, to feel my anger and frustration about the situation we are in. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind now, but I am having problems letting go. A good Irish curse comes to mind also, more on that later. Got to a drink of water, talk to you later.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday afternoon

We had a very good thanksgiving, family and friends, Chuck ended with his day off cold, seems when he has time just to sit and relax he gets a cold. go figure, so for the next few days I am going to knit I have a lot to do. Plenty of left overs to feast off of , so the kids can fend for themselves.
The cats loved the turkey, and Archie refused to share with Spazzy, she responded by having a hairball attack under the dining room table , sure makes life interesting around here,Working on a Poncho , made with Bernats Solo-discontinued- in a Checkers colorway needs 11 balls, working it on Knit Picks size 15 24" circulars, free pattern from label, has a collar and a cuffs. Also doing a hat in Hobby Lobby's Love This Yarn ombre color your guess is as good as mind , blues grays browns and wine colors together kinda pretty, this to start. Might help me if would look at the brand How can I look at Bernat and think Patons, I have a large stash, not as big as some but enough to keep me busy. Time for some leftovers, mmm pumpkin pie. See you later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here I sit in a quiet house the cat and the dog are sleeping and snoring away , it's nippy out 24F, and I am suppose to be at band practice , Another migraine, I thing it's the let down head pain, from Breakfast with Santa, I worked both days, very hard, getting up at 5:30 am and getting done around 1:30 pm,Right now I am not fond of the smell of cooked sausages or the sight of scrambled eggs.
We made around 2,000.00 dollars half for the Local Food Pantry and half goes to the Disabled Vets at the Veterans hospital in Madison,to help with things they need. This is the best Year we had since we began this, something Both the Masons and the Rotary can be proud of, Our children helped on Sunday, Rob , Mary , Rob's friend's Meg and Dani, Dani's daughter Lily and friend Mike. Mary and Lily worked serving and clearing off tables, with Mary also serving coffee.Mary also watched over Lily as she has done in the past bringing her home to our house when she was getting tired and grumpy. Rob took on with help from Dani the cooking on the grill, Meg and myself cracked eggs and cooked the scrambled eggs, Meg did a lot dishes, while Dani got the grill cleaner that I have ever seen it. Everyone helped out where it was needed. Clean up on Sunday went smoother than it has in past years.
On another positive note, we were able to get a new dish washer from free cycle, ours finally died, after 20 + years, the door won't close anymore. This one is about 10 years old looks to be in pretty good shape, Told Chuck that his Christmas present to me would be to get in hooked up.

I am thinking of cleaning up the computer room for him as my Present , things are a little tight this year, so homemade things and ideas are going to be the way. Well talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Nov. 17

Grrr! have another MIGRAINE, and I know the reason why, Can't say anymore since I offend someone when I complain about it. Made goulash tonight for supper and made hubby a hot ham sandwich. Working on getting the kitchen ready for Thanksgiving, making sure it's clean and have room for the things I want to make. Mary says she wants to make cinnamon rolls this weekend from scratch. So I will give my making bread class to her.
Need to keep on knitting too, again so much to do, so little time.Big sister's birthday on Friday, she will have a houseful of people,it's deer hunting opening weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday gloomy

Sunday afternoon, I really feel like curly up with a good book and some hot chocolate, but that may not happen for awhile .I have dishes to do and laundry to fold and have supper to figure out.
I manage to cut my right hand on the mandolin I used on the vegetables I cut for the beef stew we had on Friday night, I cut my middle finger and the outside of my hand by my little finger, still a little sore. We had some corn bread with the stew, first time I've made cornbread in my iron skillet, turned out to be pretty good. I used Alton Brown's receipt for cornbread made with cream corn. It was very simple, and very good.
Hubby is watching the Viking's vs Bears game, at this time the Bears are head 20 to 13. Mary is doing school work and so is Robi. We did our cleaning job earlier today. Another touchdown for the Bears. When I get done here ,maybe a little knitting, just remembered we have packets for the local schools to get ready, Breakfast with Santa information, it's this next weekend, this year has gone so fast.
So little time, so much to do.Fighting with a migraine, too much pain to deal with , need a nap, well there goes what I wanted done. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Baby !!

Spazzy is in heat, and driving the rest of us buggy with meowing, she'll crawl in my lap and be quiet for awhile, then she is off again , Rob doesn't want her spade as he is afraid she'll end up like Kara, a real bitchy cat, who didn't like most people. Poor baby , the last time she was in "heat" was over a year ago, so we have been real fortunate.
We have been getting ready for "Breakfast with Santa", it will take place Nov. 20-21. Next week will be hectic , as well as the last part of this week, so far we have postered the city of Lodi, next it will be the schools and the churches. Then the shopping for breakfast on Friday, and decorating and setting up the kitchen on Friday night, Then early Saturday morning Chuck and I go in to start the grill and coffee and he sets the signs outside and gets ready to take pictures of kids and families with Santa. I helped get the food going in the kitchen. usually the Rotary kick me out when the get up to speed. Since I'll be back later to get ready for Sunday, which the Masons do and I am needed there more, That's when the rest of the family will help out Rob does cooking and Mary cracks eggs and helps clear tables and I go where ever I am needed. This year Meg may help.
We have been doing this since 1993, first with Jaycees then with the masons. the money that is made goes to the food pantry and the Disabled Veterans at the Veterans hospital in Madison. I am taking a small knitting project with me just in case I get put taking me this year, last year I was bored a bit maybe I can put a few pictures here . Mrs. Santa is giving away 2 American Girl dolls and some other things . And the Thanksgiving.
I am hoping to have a nice Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings , now that I have new dining room table and chairs.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday afternoon

I am waiting to go pick Mary up from the Library, she is doing her required community service work for school, I am happy to say she is enjoys doing this. It's been a bad week for headaches, migraine and otherwise. Mary woke up with one this morning , but seems to be doing better now.
WE have decided to go and clean at 5:30 tonight, giving us the weekend free,Mary has school work to make up and I want to sit and knit. I have been putting it off, been reading books 14 and 15 of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum mysteries , I found them verry funny and hard to put down. Her grandma is a hoot!
I may place and order with Knit Picks, later on today, I need a new ball winder and some wooden double points in the smaller sizes and I like the feel of those from Knit Picks, I enjoy the crazy colors. Got to go switch the wash to the dryer, talk to you later.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thursday, cold and a bit rainy

Well didn't get back last night, sorry about that. We were busy here at the fort, hubby took person to get a cell phone , while Mary I went and did our cleaning job at plant one,lots of things needed to be done. When we went to go home I found on the driver's side two boxes of chocolate covered cherries, unfortunately my first thought was what did hubby do that warranted this peace offering. Nothing, he just got them,he was in a store getting some sponges and saw them.
He is constantly surprising me, and we have been married for 17 years. Usually he sneaks up behind me and scares the daylights out of me, I think he likes to hear me scream.
On the fiber front, I noticed some holiday craft sales starting this season. There is a Guild craft sale at Hill Dale in Madison, the Beading guild, the Knitting Guild, Weaving guild, Quilt guild,and the Art guild, will be there with some of other crafters and artists.Closer to home is the Okee craft and holiday fair,.We received notice from our church , to start preparing for The Methodist holiday sale on Dec.4, All types of goodies are requested along with handcrafted items. We have a variety of different crafters in the area. Why do I say crafters instead of artists, I think Of art as something you look at and admire but don't necessarily use. While craft things are both art and crafts, something beautiful and useful . Well off to do "things" Talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday ,

OK , so Wisconsin, has a Republican Governor and a new Senator, well we will see if that changes anything. Hopefully for the better.No More on politics , I have heard way too many ads this time around and I cringe at the thought of any more rhetoric.
It's been chilly here , sweater weather has arrived, frost on the ground and the van windows, really means autumn has arrived and no chance for a Indian Summer, Knitting is getting done slowly but surely. AS the old joke goes "what does Shirley have to do with this?"Getting anything motivated is hard doing especially since a nice warm bed a good book is calling. I am syopping for now , but will try to be back today again.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday, did you Vote

What a day, woke up this morning with a dull thud in my head, continually getting worse. Have been sleeping a lot today. Thank heavens my kids are old enough to take care of things. Mary made me a poached egg on toast, and a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea with honey, she knows what to do when I am under the weather with a Migraine. Bob did the driving today, took Mary to the library and brought her home.
When Chuck came home we went to vote, I haven't seen this much traffic in our little town on a voting day in a long time. As usual I had problems putting my ballot in the box,
Received the new Knitpicks catalog today , had Mary circle her favorite colors, we'll see what happens.
Was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog today and one of the commenter's blog showed a picture of where she put her new spinning wheel, she is a mother of young children, she placed it in the bathroom, reminds me how many times that was the only place I could get a break, then little hands would knock on the door, "Mommy , I need you! " Now it's" how long are you gonna be in there," Talk to you later.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, Samhain

I am an Irish American, and today is the start of the Celtic New Year, Samhain or Halloween . Celtic Memory Yarn has a pretty good entry about how the Irish celebrate the day, So far we have had 5 trick or treaters, time 5:58pm . In our little burg T &T goes from 5:00pm to 8:oopm looks like we will have plenty of goodies left over. It is a nice night, not really cold and no snow.
Mary and I took off for a ride this afternoon, we ended up in Madison, going to St. Vinny's first on Odana than over to Willy street. stopped by the new Willy st. coop on university and than on to Willy st. ,the one on university isn't open yet., but the one on Williamson st. you couldn't find a parking space at. Their loss, We came home with 4 cookbooks, from the thrift stores.
Mary knows I like church cookbooks , I told her that those recipes have been tried and they wouldn't be in a church cookbook unless someone liked them.We stopped over at the Frugal Muse book store on the north side, Sherman avenue. She picked up a book on Icelandic myth- olgy and I got one on Irish for $.38 and than we received the frequent flyer discount. It's nice to be able to go into a store and have a clerk recognize you , in a city of Madison. UPDATE 6:33 more than 30 T &T so far. More than we had last year.
Packers won, Vikings lost, poor Brett Farve got hurt.Head injury of some sort.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday blues

It has gotten colder and my joints are not very happy.Neither is the rest of me. It's close to lunch time and DH wants a malt with his hamburgers today.
I have been working on Mary's poncho, it's taking longer than I would like, because I poop out so easily. When the weather settles down I'll be happier.
I hate it when I have fractured thoughts, instead of being able to continue for awhile in one train of thought my mind jumps from here to there and back again. What I think is going to happen is that I am in for a Grand Daddy of a Migraine headache, I have been extremely bitchy, touchy and not a very nice person. Plus the usually physical symptoms , numbness, flashes of multicolored lights ,slurring of speech, nausea and pain. Joy. Sleep please. in a dark cool place, with being nice and toasty, figure that one out.
We need to get our Pumpkin for Halloween, candy, we got awhile ago, I just hid it , so certain people wouldn't get into it. But I could go for a Reeses ' peanut butter cup about now, or a hundred thousand dollar bar. Man, hmmmm.
Well I need to get hubby's lunch going. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday cool and sunny

Here it is Tuesday Oct 19, 33 years ago today my oldest was due to be born, she decided to wait another 10 days and drove her mom -to-be crazy. In Kleinlangheim ,West Germany, in the state of Bavaria, I sat and waited for my first child to be born,Scared and alone.Then on October 29, things started to happen, ex went to get food for himself, and I went into labor, Sarah was born at 5:20pm in Wurzburg Germany.6lbs 10 oz. 19 inches long. blue eyes,WE weren't able to come home till after the german holiday weekend.All staints and all souls day and a bank holiday.I think it was like Nov. 4,1977.Such a beautiful baby girl. Man she turned into a spitfire, she is 4'11 and 3/4" and still hand full.and I miss her she lives in Austin , Texas.
On the knitting side I am working on Mary's poncho,still have a ways to go but it ;s looking good. Have asked the girls so far for Christmas list's gotta get Rob's too.Also Breakfast with Santa is coming up like Nov. 20 and 21. seems early this year.That is opening of deer hunting season here.And a good reason I don't like to drive in the country at night , deer.
Well gotta go back to the knitting. Talk to you later.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday,loads of laundry

I know we are suppose to rest on Sunday, but somethings need to be done, can't send hubby to work with dirty clothes, or at least I shouldn't. DD was doing her laundry and it took her awhile, my kids have doing their laundry since they have been 12 or 13. Seems they like to wait until everything they own is dirty and then some.
Knitting will be taking place this week, without pressure, I feel more inclined to pick up my needles now. I found a new author, who writes supernatural romances. Silly things but addictive.
Well the Green bay Packers lost to the Miami Dolphins and now DH is watching the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, He is a Brett Farve fan. More useless information.
This week looks good ,cooler. Well off to read another book . Talk to you later.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

saturday -cleaning

It's another beautiful day, we have leaf raking to do. and laundry.Chuck's at work, and I have to get motivated this AM .
Yes , I have an ear infection, 3 drops twice a day , and received a lecture on not using q-tips,you would think I would know better.guess not.
Went to Fort Atkinson, unfortunately we didn't get anything, the outlet store didn't have what Mary wanted , we will have to order from the catalog .Back to the grindstone, ttyl.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Too old for ear infections

I am much too old to have ear infections,yet that's what it appears I have,This week has been sort of a pain, spent Tuesday in bed with" the migraine from hell" I woke up Wednesday with it still there. No trip for lunch with my sister. I hate it when I plan things and they get blown out of the water. Here it is Thursday and I have a doc appointment at 3:30, and Blew taking in my meager accumulations of hats and mittens. Tomorrow Mary wants to go to Fort Atkinson, to Nasco to get some drawing pads , cheaper. Neat place for art supplies and anything to do with teaching, huge catalog, ( they even have some weaving looms and yarn )kilns .wood working tools too.
The cats decided that "the food lady" shouldn't have a rest today, and they followed me , running circles around me while fighting with each other. They were using me as a spring board,
At least they are letting me write this, Archie is asleep on top of the love seat and Spazzy has conked out on Rob, for the time being.When Archie decides to jump on you , you know it, he must weigh in at 25-30lbs.
I have another year to get my hat and mitten supply built up. Maybe if I plan a bit better I'll actually get my WIPs caught up. That would make my daughters happy, me too, I guess.What do they say , visualize it, and it will be,will see. Maybe too much visualizing and not enough doing here. AS I reread this I notice the lingering effects (affects) of the migraines, Well off I go to the Docs , will let you know what happens. Talk to you later.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's Sunday evening, things are quiet, beautiful sunset,fall evening warm, . Finished one pair of fingerless mitts and about an inch past the 2 inch ribbing on a hat. hopefully will have it ready by Thursday. Hope the women won't be to upset with me for not having a lot of hats and mittens to turn in . It's been a hectic year I started out doing well having 4 hats done, now it looks like I may only have those and a couple of fingerless mitts to turn in.Well back to the drawing board.
Rob found out on Saturday that he has Ankylosis Spondylitis , a form of arthritis . in The RA family, actually has the marker for it HLA B27,it explains the back pain and some of his other problems. Sarah has it also. I hope Mary doesn't.
We have had a busy weekend doing some shopping and cleaning. Getting ready for winter. The leaves are really falling fast , so the yard work is going to be occupying our spare time.Pumpkin time soon, I got one of the foam like pumpkins last year, but it's a no go with Mary this year she wants a real pumpkin.Halloween candy has been got and hid till trick or treat. Well got to go get Chuck ice and some pop. Talk to you later

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday , quiet times

It's Sunday evening , it's been a beautiful day, cool and sunny, real autumn weather, our leaves are starting to turn , gorgeous reds, golds and oranges.
Yesterday we went to the Whistling winds Alpaca farm , it's 1.5 miles from here. Now I know where to go to get a alpaca fix. Such beautiful babies, all different colors. whites, brown's, gray's.and some other colors. They had rovings and skirting plus yarn. so soft.
Lots of shopping done we hit 6 stores yesterday, Farm and Fleet for kitty litter, good buy at 80 lbs. of Tidy cat for $10.00 Plus pecans, walnuts and cashews .Half -Price books, got a couple of movies(National Treasures one and two)Wisconsin Craft market for some knitting notions. Then to Sam's for groceries and again to Woodmans, and finally to The Frugal muse Bookstore. Cookbooks. very busy.
Mary has said she would take some pictures of the alpacas for me so that we can put their pictures on here. Going to knit. Talk to you later.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

a full day ahead

Saturday is finally here and I am going to enjoy it , Slight breeze ,partly sunny, high today around 58, can't beat that.
After we do the recycle , we will head out toward the alpaca farm days on Ryan road, then onto Madison to do much needed grocery shopping , a stop at Half Price Books ,which is across the way from Wisconsin Craft Market, yarn of course, just some for sock knitting, something in a quiet solid
Last night I was working a basic generic sock pattern, after and inch I managed to drop 6 stitches in a row and couldn't get them back on the needle properly, Frustrating at the least. Working on a small cream color baby blanket, and Mary's poncho. You know it would be a beautiful day to sit and knit outside, will see, Got to go will talk to you later.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday headache

Here it is early Friday morning and I can't sleep, had a bit of scare, I went to take my shower earlier and when I moved my right hand it seemed my eyes created movement in slow motion/ time elapse. In coming migraine, than the numbness in the arms and speech problems tried to talk to Mary about the show we were watching Alton Brown's Good Eats. Finally gave up and called it a night, then the pain hit. Haven't had a bad one like this in months, I think it was caused by the fluctuation in the weather, it has been going from hot to cool all week , right now it's 74 out but we are suppose to drop to the low sixties by morning , highs yesterday was in the mid- 80's.
Otherwise I feel pretty good for a change. The usual stuff is quiet now, (fibromalaysia) thank heavens.
Knitting ,I think that's what I 'll do in a bit , found a owl hat pattern on raverly , that I want to try and work on a baby blanket too.
Saturday is National Alpaca day, and our local alpaca farm is having a open house, Mary and I will be going , they have Suri alpacas, which we will be seeing up close. Hopefully we will have a good camera and I'll post some pictures. The local paper had a good article about the national alpaca farm days.
Must do grocery shopping this weekend we are getting low on things , like peanut butter and toilet paper, and macaroni noodles, to name a few things, also want to go the farmers market later today,also meat market. well I am going to try my hand at knitting we will see where it goes. Talk to you later.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

friday, garage sales days

We started out going to garage sales but by the third one Mary and I were feeling not so good Mary had gotten a headache and I just felt bad all over especially my back, not the bones, around the kidneys. Decided to go home and rest by 11:00am I knew something was wrong , my back ache horrible, I was nauseous, and in was having trouble breathing, Called DH and he came from work and took me to the University Hospital in Madison. Kidney infection, spent a couple of hours getting re hydrated and anti nausea medicines plus pain killers. Still not feeling to hot here Saturday afternoon. At least I know why things weren't going well for some time now.
I am going to try to knit some hats for the charity group I've joined. If I can keep my stomach from acting up. If isn't one thing it's another. Talk to you later

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Tired but happy, DH and I went looking for a new dining room table and chairs, WE found them at the Saint Vincents on Odana in Madison, they don't match each other, but it's a nice combination of old and new. Also found a dryer for the garage, seems like natural gas dryers are hard to find. I finds totaled less than 250.00 for the day , 1 table that has 4 leaves and 8 chairs and a dyer.
Now for a small report on the Sheep and wool festival, We were fortunate to have nice day, we left a little bit before 9 and got there about 10:30 , 5.00 Admission fee, got a half way decent parking space. found the restrooms and then proceeded to the vendor area , Lots more vendors then in the previous year.Some of our favorites, like Susan's Fiber, and Blackberry from Mount Horeb, Sally's Pallet from Mineral Point and lots more, also Ewetopia from Viroqua, . Mary bought some angora and some pretty blue roving to spin plus a cook book, I found the ultra small needles I have been looking for and got a good buy on some Cascade yarn.Stopped at Avol's bookstore, we won't go back.Came home tired but happy.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday windy

Woke up at 5 this morning only to hear that we have a wind advisory from 10:00am this morning to 7:00 pm this evening. windy it is, 70 mile gusts , feels like are own hurricane , only in the mid-west.Grey and gloomy feels like rain. My joints and head are aching like crazy, Don't think it had anything to do with the flu shots, the whole family got them this morning, through Hubby's company. DD got the mist. She is doing well in school keeping ahead of things.
We will be going to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson on Friday as it looks like rain in the forecast for Saturday, I am not fond of traipsing through the mud.DD looked up when the vendor markets open , seems to be 10:00 am so we will leave here about 9:00.
Had spaghetti for supper, had chicken last night, must think of something good for tomorrow, such picky eaters. Band tonight, I am not going Not feeling the best. Maybe some knitting to calm my body down, I can feel winter coming and it's going to be along one. Talk to you later Today is yesterdays tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday blues

Man what a day, I had to bug out of taking DH's lunch to him today. And anything else involving leaving the house. My body is acting up doesn't like the meds they put me on.
It is down right chilly here today, when hubby went to work it was 58 and now it maybe 59 if we are lucky, got my iron workers hoodie on now. helps take the chill out of the air. Suppose to warm up by Tuesday of next week.
Real good knitting weather ,may get at the things I need done.Mary's poncho Sarah's blanket and tons of other projects. Awhile go I mentioned that I was going to Organize my knitting needles, well I did, but my pal Archie decided to jump on the table I had them in a box on and knock them kit and caboodle off the table. Exasperation ! at least I was in sound mind when I rubber banded the pairs together, so at least I won't have find pairs again.
The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend, getting excited, there is so much we want to go and see, Mary is going with me, she wants to get some more roving. Me, I want to see what's new and get a few things . They are selling meat from non-fiber worthy sheep also. There are classes to take but they are so expensive , maybe I am a cheap skate.I like looking at all the booths, I am going to take a break, will be back later.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday rain

Beautiful thunderstorm with plenty of rain, it will clear the muggy's away. Looks like a good day tomorrow for school to start.trying to do some knitting ,but it may have to wait till we get home from cleaning this evening,
Getting to the point where I need vacuum and dust the dining room, need to take down the lights on the fan and wash them. Need to wear a mask because of all the dust. That's the thing I hate to do the most is dust.
Also doing some grocery shopping , some sales on things I have coupons on, my stomach is taking a beating with the meds the Doc put me on. Feel ill a lot. only 5 more days with the pills. have to go to work soon best try to eat something.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday night ,monday nightmare

Sunday wasn't a very good day, I felt terrible ill. Ended up in the emergency room about 1:30am poor hubby, sometimes I don't know how he puts up with me, anyway found out for certain now I have a flair up of gout, and a nasty bladder infection, elevated sugar . After being given medication, we came home, I still feel ill, have "gotten sick" twice(there isn't a nice way to say puke your guts out) today and can't keep anything stronger than tea and toast down so far. Must say foot pain from the gout has gone down.
I am in the dog house again about the gal in the apartment over the garage , I told her again she is to be out by the 30 of September. I have typed up a short letter. You think some people would respect someones else property when given a chance. Things broken, cat crap everywhere, just plain disrespectful , filthy housekeeping, just to name a few of the things.
On another note we didn't get the clothes, she still wants the trampoline.The Wool and Sheep festival in Jefferson is coming up soon , we may be able to run it to her then as Fort Atkinson is near Jefferson. Looking forward to going as we missed last year, by we I mean Mary and myself.
I am looking forwarded to going, it's fun being with others who understand the need to knit.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday , busy busy, busy

This week we have been busy at the manse, cleaning , but more on that later, Rob has been decided that he wants the door on his room, instead of blanket he has been using, we have the doors, when we remodeled the upstairs , the only one who got their door replaced was Mary. I have waiting forever for mine and Rob is willing to put them back on, yeah!!!
Knitting has come to a stand still as I am using my talent of being a weight and using my feminine whiles on the guys at the lumber yard, right, what feminine whiles!, the weight part I can do.
Waiting to hear from a lady in Fort Atkinson , on the trampoline and a bag of clothes. She wants the trampoline I want the clothes.
School starts Wed. September 1st.more later.

Friday, August 20, 2010

new tires

Well we couldn't get the tire patched, so new tires after all, took it to our favorite mechanic and was told that it was not possible but the tire on the other side should be replaced too. There was a bald area with the radials poking through it.kinda scary. So now I have two new tires on my van. I feel a little safer,and a little poorer. The other tires where replaced last year. Rob came through with changing the tires and such. We let hubby rest and managed this on our own.
On another note Mary and I had a good haul at the farmers market, early apples and plums, tomatoes, both green and ripe. Some golden potatoes and onions. As usual had the tomatoes for supper with the onions, and two of the plums , they are of the small variety tasty though.
bedtime for me very tired. Chuck's vacation ends today, back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Friday,quiet morning

Started out this morning with a flat tire on the van, Don't want to wake hubby up, he stayed up all night just wasn't sleepy. Son doesn't seem to interested in it, thinks I should get new tires. really now.Please show were the money tree is please.
I think I will sit and knit and knit and sit keeping that left leg elevated.Much work left to do on a number of projects.Poncho , baby blanket, log cabin afghan,sweater, socks and a few other things. It would be nice just to sit and finish each project. Maybe I will. To the billy blue blazes with house work. (at least for today), I'll try to stop by and let you know whats happening.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tuesday ramblings

It is another beautiful day, slight breeze, cool temps and partly cloudy. Chuck gave me a very nice anniversary present, a sony walkman, Mp3 player, 16G, has FM radio and can play videos or movies, plus music he put his book on there for me. IT's a snazzy red color. NICE!!--Dinner was from Pizza Hut, My gout is acting up and it was nice not to have to cook. It really hurts.
Back to the knitting, will probably be back later to day

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quiet day ,sunny and cool

Some people would be better off not to wake me up on Sunday morning for something as trivial as wanting cigarettes. I am not sorry you have this addiction which you must feed, at the expense of everything else. It's your damn fault you have this in the first place, don't blame anyone but your self. and don't give me this it eases my pain. when in fact it makes it worse, I realize the Oxygen to that thing you call a brain is sadly lacking. You have no excuse for the crap you dish out to everyone. Grow up and take responsibility for your life. Nobody will do it for you.

Sorry it had to be said and that is that for now.

The day is gorgeous, it's cool and sunny with a nice breeze. The upcoming week looks great, and I am looking forward to some time with my family and some time with my hubby. Tomorrow is our 17th anniversary. Hubby says he is getting me a laser guided mop bucket. Will see. I got him a 19.2 volt drill with additions, came with 2 batteries, drill, work light, circular saw, and a reciprocating saw. Craftman of course. I am hoping to do some knitting tonight we will have to see what else happens later.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday rain

This Friday was a winner. Mary and I went into Madison to drop off the needles and such to Carla.We waited at the Goodwill store and nothing happen, It rain and it poured, thunder boomers and all.I gave her a call, poor kid, her daughter injured her arm at the elbow, she said 2 times this week at urgent care.Oh yes we dropped off the knitting supplies at her home. The tornado siren went off,her SO came out,and said it was heading east toward Cambridge.
We than went to the Frugal muse, I found a book that I lent Cathy and she managed to loose in the Blaine fiasco, Don't ask. It was signed by the author.
It's getting late and I am finding it hard to breathe, time to rest.See ya later.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"I solomnly swear I am upto no good"

Very early morning, up at 5:30 really 5:00 , Got hubby off to work , rested for a bit did some office work, played Kris's delivery service and than did shopping all by 7:30am By 8:45 we had the brush and trees out of the back yard. They are on the curb waiting for the guys with the chipper to come around. Seems like the recent rain also had some bad effects on the trees in what used to be the mobile home park. One of the larger trees split and came crashing down.
Found that school for Mary starts on Sept.1, they sent a brand new Hp computer for her to use, by mistake. It will be sent back. Mary is currently cleaning her room , good, no more yelling on my part. Mary has a nice toshiba with a bigger screen.
Found someone to share my surplus knitting needles with. Her name is Carla. Back to knitting must knit to calm my "savage soul", I knit so I will not kill my neighbor. I am up to no good!!
really !!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday hot muggy

The temp ,is 84 degrees, real feel 101 degree. Nasty!!!.
We are in line for some thunderstorms to night. I hope we get some relief.
Rob and I have been clearing out behind the house of weeds and some small trees. Seems the best time to do this is in the morning before the bugs know you are there.
Knitting wise I am working on a baby blanket getting ready to do some serious work on Mary's poncho which is done in Bernat Solo neuveau Red and black yarn together, the discontinued the yarn , but I was able to get enough for Mary's poncho and few skeins extra. $ years on that Man I am a slow knitter, I think it the repeats of stockingnet that gets to me.
Well back to knitting , and cleaning up messes Mary not feeling to good I think she has heat exhaustion. Push the fluids! and away we go!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

saturday-outside day

Well we got busy outside this a.m. , Mowing, weed whacking, and brush trimming, much to my amazement we are are more than half way done in the backyard. Still have some things to get through. Then I am going to use Round-up on the bad parts and hope those pesky thistles won't come back.
Yesterday was Geneva's B-day, we are going to go see her this afternoon.Sunday would of been Ned's and hers wedding anniversary . Janet's birthday is coming up on the 14, and Our anniversary is on the 16th. 17 years , wow.
Still knitting away , and trying to get my house in order before school starts.So much to be done.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

thursday , really early A.M.

1:13 am, finally got some help for the cough, although they forgot to tell me that the one of the pills should betaken before lunch or it will keep you a wake, yeah think the doctor would of said something other than you can still get the first days does in . oh well,
Finally got all my knitpicks set of circular needles located. Hurray now some serious knitting can begin.Back to Mary's poncho and Sarah's afghan and other small projects I have on the needles.
Think I will try to zonk for a while, I know weird term for sleep.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday, sorting needles

Well I said I was going to sort my stash of knitting needles, Had to stop at Ganser's and pick up rubber bands so I can put the pairs together. I didn't realize just how many pairs of double pointed knitting needles I do have. You think I've been socks and mittens for ever! I wish!!
It's a hot and humid day, will do cleaning tonight. I read some of my back posts only to realize I have been working on Mary's poncho for going on 4 years, ouch!
That's the incentive I need to get it done. Talk to you later.

Monday, August 02, 2010

monday blues

Monday , August 2,2010,
Feel kinda crappy today, asthma getting to me, finding it hard to do too much. Did manage to get some dishes and cleaning done in the kitchen.But I am so tired now. I am going to get all my knitting needles together to find out just what exactly I do have. I know I have a large assortment of aluminum from the time I started knitting in 1969 , (my, that was a long time ago)to now I have acquired some from garage sales, auctions and Madison free cycle. Lots of knitting to do, so far behind. Kind of disheartening. What was that song" Mondays morning blues always get me down" or some thing like that.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quiet time

Saturday afternoon and the house is quiet except for the dryer running,. Everyone is doing their own thing, DH is taking a nap, DD is working on her computer in her room and so is DS, most likely playing World of WarCraft, When I get done here I'll be back knitting DD's poncho, then on to doing the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon N0.1 book. Taking a break from size 15 needles used on DD's poncho the size 6 on the kimono. I seem to like the smaller needles better.
The weather has been hot and humid, we are having more thunderstorms lately with a large amount of rain, the "pond" in the back yard has appeared again and is bigger than usually after a heavy rain.The creek across the street has flooded in several places. Lucky for us that we live on top of a small hill, our basement is safe. Well must change loads from washer to dryer, and then some lunch, bbl.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday taking it easy

The last couple of days have had me very tired. Asthma , well that's the verdict. The reason behind the coughing. Feel very wore out. The haptoglobin problem has been cleared up too.A left over from the radiation and chemotherapy I had almost 12 years ago. I can't left anything over 40lbs for very long Causes bleeding from the bladder. I feel like a old lady.cough ,cough,.
I thought Canada was a safe and trusting place. Here one of the Yarn Harlots friends in crime Denny was robbed all things electronic, computers ,Ipods, cameras. Only her son's computer was spared and that was because he had it wrapped up in his bedding . That's got to feel frustrating.
My dryer is official hooked up and working ,yes!!!! no more squealing.It has all these fancy features, no knobs just touch pads.
Hopefully I will get some knitting done soon,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday night and the old dryer is squealing, ahh ! can't wait to get the new one hooked up, man , I can't seem to get motivated to knit. I am so tired can't , I am going to bed early a shower and nighty night.

Friday, July 16, 2010


O.K. it's Friday, The weekend is here , what to do, clean some more maybe, knit possible, bake Mary says she wants to do some peanut butter cookies and make a white cake from scratch along with chocolate frosting. I would like to do something even if is walking around the mall with the family.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday cleaning

Tuesday ,cleaning the laundry room ,nasty mess so far I have hauled out 9 city of lodi bags of garbage and junk. Lots of lint flying around , should of wore a mask, oh such fun , you may wonder why I am going through such drastic measures,well my dryer has developed a high pitch screech when it is used. So Dh went to St. Vinnie and found us a beauty , we can't afford a new one but this one is nice enough. For it's arrival I have to clean the laundry room, needs it anyway, I would like to move some of my knitting stuff in there, I have a lovely rocking chair in there already with some cupboards.Some of my stash would fit there nicely ,instead of being used by the cats as a bed.
That doesn't mean I can get away with not cleaning tonight at work. Shuckie darn.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thunderstorms on the way, July11,2010

Well last day of the fair, I have a few minutes before we go clean, we had a raccoon under one of the cars parked out in front of the house this morning, don't know if was sick or full from the goodies in the trash from the fair. The vet was notified and the police came. At this time I have idea what happen to it because i had to run an errand. We have seen the ambulance and the police car several times heading for the fair. Have to wait for the police blotter in the local paper.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10,2010 Fair Saturday

Ah yes, Fair week , the time of year I wish to be on Vacation, people park in front of the house from early morning to late evening for 4 days. It's aggravating , yes, there are fiber exhibits , but the demolition derby and the bands are quite loud. OK enough complaining.
On the knitting front , working on Mary's poncho ,baby's kimono, and a few other things. Picked up Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti at Half Priced Books.
On the medical front, still have that blasted cough. Still don't know why. The Blood problem is still sort up in the air. The hematologist says that my blood count is doing better , but I am still making more red blood cells. May have to do with the radiation I had back In 1998. Some of the things they don't tell you when you get chemo and radiation for cancer.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another June Sunday

A beautiful Sunday afternoon, somewhat warm and a tad bit on the humid side. Compared to what the the last week was weather wise this was a blessing. We have has our share of thunderstorms and high winds, with nasty high temps and unbearable humidity. Next week promises a welcome relief. About time.
I am a great-great aunt to Jared Jeffery born on Father's day. My sister says he is 6 weeks premature, but holding his own. Maybe I can focus on knitting something for him. I have boy colors. I am also working on Mary's poncho, I rip it out and started with a fresh skein of yarn, Looking much better now. I have enough projects going on to keep me out of trouble for awhile.
Took to cleaning the dining room on Friday, declaring that I would have it finished by the next friday(July 2) I managed to discover some hidden object a picture that belongs to Cathy, that Grandma said she lost, and a bag of Sugar and Cream yarn. Mary went through her Children's books and we passed some on to the next door neighbors. Have some things that need to go charity on Monday, a trip to Sauk to St. Vincents.Hopefully I'll have the job done by Wednesday.
Tuesday I see Doc F. for the cough, the stuff Doc S. prescribed seems to be doing a better job the Doc. F's .Will see the hematologist on July 7. Take it from there.
Chuck has vacation time coming up around the 2nd week in July. a much needed rest for him.
He has been working 7 day weeks for almost a year now.
Nick , my youngest nephew (at 49) is finally married, Her name is Valerie , and she is a keeper. Hopefully she'll keep him on the straight and narrow.He said that not only was he a husband now, he was a father and a grand father too. I wonder can I claim the children as great nieces. and nephews..
Well folks that's all for now

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13,2010

Reread the tirade I let loose on May 15, things have changed some , Found out my heart is OK, the heart valve is working properly. I am getting some help, finally. The cough I have is finally being dealt with, with a visit on Wednesday the 16, with the pulmonary department at the hospital. then in July we will be seeing the hematologist oncology, on the call back list. Doc says there is a good chance it is not cancer(no white cells involved).When things went bad they did in a hurry..
So this week is international knit in public week, should do something , doing just plain garter stitch dish clothes, something easy, got the catalog for Wisconsin sheep and wool festival, interesting! It's in Sept so got plenty of time to see how things work out.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mighty migraine coming, on going blind in the left eye, another one of these blasted health issues, And you punctuation junkies (you know who you are ,) go take a flying leap of Gilbrater rock,I am in a world of hurt and it doesn't seem to get any better. I am at the point of asking the planet to stop so I can get off for awhile, you see I can't get anyone to help out with out a groan and a whine , I am tired of asking.and I hurt to much to give a damn let some else do the g-ddanm work

Thursday, May 13, 2010

thursday blues

Hemolytic anemia the new catch word of the day. For almost 3 months I have had this nasty cough,and a really run down feeling, the run down feeling I thought was from lack of sleep from the cough. Alas no, rather hell no, I've got some strange thing that is causing an over production of red cells that aren't getting enough oxygen.And then something is destroying them the doc says perhaps some type of autoimmune thingy. Grrr if I caught this thingy from some one they had better watch out cause they can have it back,I am to take folic acid, and take it easy for awhile. Here I am trying to figure out what the hell it is. Scared, you know the first thing you think of when they say auto immune problem is AIDs, I have had more of my number of blood transfusions from the 3 surgeries I have had. Screaming my blasted head off,

Monday, April 05, 2010

Nice quiet Monday

Took the van to get it the fan fixed, Works like a charm , next step is to check the freon (air conditioning), I would like to get it detailed professionally , I can't shampoo carpets, at least in the van. We still need to the tie rods fixed. I really like driving my mini-van it's easier for me to get in and out of , not to mention being able to see better. Plus there is the added advantage of hauling
around things and shopping.
Easter is over and we didn't do anything special, Hubby played in church(trumpet) a thing that Joyce does every year, Hubby says the Joyce has to under go chemo, Poor friend, she has had a bad lot lately.Mary has this week off for spring break, but she will be using the time to catch up on some school work.
The weather is a little cooler than it was last week, Still nice though ,looking for our first thunder storm hopefully tonight.Every thing is so nice and green.
I have decided to make a blanket out of the yarn that I bought on the "yarn expedition" hubby took me on over a week ago. I still feel amazed . He knows me so well. Spoils me rotten . Oh yes on the Scooby Doo front I now own two tee-shirts,brown with Scooby's face on them, lets see I have a Purse/Knitting bag, 2coffee cups, 2 watches, a pillow, slippers, 3-4 stuffed scooby toys and some dvd's.

Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19,2010 What a day!!!

Thursday started out just like any other day , wake up at 5:00 am , get DH going set out clothes, get pills out. Then pass out til 7:00AM. get Mary going. Thursday didn't go quite like this. Sure 5:00am came got DH and off to work. Snuggled back in and the phone rang, hmmm what did DH forget?answered the phone, Hubby says bring my long distance glasses and the wrap-arounds, I broke my sun glasses. I am going to go look at a new factory site . I said i get there as soon as I could. Got up and got dressed. Got the glasses, and headed out to the van, as I am getting in the van , who should pull in but DH . He says get in the car. OK, I get in ,he hands me a french vanilla coffee and says "this your day, we are going to yarn shops" I am stunned , speechless , somewhat.So we started in Cross Plain, the store front is empty. Move on to Mt.Horeb, the Cat and Crow, it's early we go and have breakfast, Oh mustn't forget this DH gave $100.00 to purchase things with. WOW. back to the Cat and Crow, the note on the door it's lambing time and hours would be sporadic . Then he says we are going to see my sister in Belmont, Hurrah, we go and have a nice chat leave about 11:00AM, head for Fennimore the store is a house front, I am a little nervous going in so we go get some lunch at Hardee's, After lunch we head for Bosobel and stop in a couple of stores, one High priced gift store, put my hands in my pockets, so I wouldn't bump in to things. Then we are off to Viroqua, Ewe Topia, it's a long time and its after 2 in the afternoon, we have been on the road since 5:30am. Back to the store, lovely hand spun yarn, hand dyed , alpaca, merino and leicaster sheep to name a few , hand looms and spinning wheels. I could spent all day in this shop, Viroqua is really a neat litle city as is Mt. Horeh.
Now we decided tp head back toward home and stop in Mt. Horeb to see the Cat and the Crow long trip , we arrive in Mt. Horeb about 4:30 , looked at the door new note , closed for teacher conferencces, Well Mt. Horeb is not to far from home will be back. We head on home, run into three of those round abouts in Mt Horeb on the way home, nasty things. We get home about 5:30pm. What a day , yes I bought yarn and needles at Ewe Topia can't wait to go back. Thank you Hubby, you are the best, I love you, thanks for spoiling me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ouch the 16 of March

Late last night full blown migraine arrived .Sick to the stomach ,head pounding,light and sound sensitive.complete with aura, you don't want to know how many times I've had to stop and correct the Spelling .Asked DH to take the van today as I am no shape to drive.Can't seem to walk straight line either, would not make a pretty picture. Have a load of dishes going also one of wash.
DH called and the dentist wanted to move appointment to this morning. Hurts to bad, my head feels like it could explode. I don't think he is too happy with me. I do plan on going to work this evening. I am so tired. Naptime again. Talk to you later

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday morning blues

Ah, the sun is shining, the temp is hovering in the upper 50's how long can this last. It's march and the state basketball tournament is this weekend . Which usually means storms either rain or snow.
Migraine symptoms are emerging, right hand is starting to go numb. Well can't have all good days can we.went to the resale shop and picked up a larger George Foreman style grill. for $5.98 plus tax. Worked well on DH 's lunch today.Faster,well the dishes are calling and then some knitting for Mary.
Oh yes I see the Yarn Harlot is watching a humming birds eggs hatching here on the good old internet.Her youngest DD had her wisdom teeth out , poor baby! They hurt.(wincing in pain remembering my own experience)have visit the dd this week myself, in this case dd stands for deadly dentist. If we are to have any forks for use at the dinner meal I better get at them.
Talk to you later

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday March 13

Saturday morning and it's wet out. Weather for next week, sunshine. We'll see about that. have house work to do and the folding of the clothes. Come on guys, I want to go into Mad-town to see Ann and Kay and Franklin. Looks like I need a nap instead.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March , the greening of the midwest

March already, the snow is melting and we are seeing spikes of green poking up from the ground.The trees are budding , it's a good sign that spring is finally here.So what does that mean, no more dark and gloomy days, not quite, but it means an end to the SAD episode that has been haunting me. I crave sunlight, I know by the end of summer I'll say it's my worst enemy.Headaches an all.
Not much knitting accomplished, this winter, Well we will see what can be done about that. This weekend is the Knit -in Madison, The gals from Mason-Dixon knitting will be there. Don't know if I'll be going .I am not a member of the Madison Knitting guild yet. They have only a couple of months before they go dark till September. The Yarn Harlot will be speaking in Detroit this weekend. I am afraid that I'll miss them both.So what else is new. The yarn Harlot is a given , but I might be able to to see the Mason-Dixon Gals and Franklin Habit, I wonder if he will have Delores with him or not. I see most of the classes are sold out , but I may be able to go to the vendors and have look see.
Things are not as bleak as the seemed early this year. I am looking forward to warm and sunny days ahead, Filled with dog walks and lawn clean-ups. Perhaps getting some flowers planted this spring .Maybe also some pictures on this blog to show how things are coming along.Who knows.
I will tell you this after being on a certain medication for 6 years ,it feels good to be off of it. Painkillers aren't all they crack up to be, it certainly isn't a solution for anything permanent. Okay enough of that. Hopefully I will be posting more regularly. Hey Glenn Beck is on! Talk to you later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another day in the snow

Today the sun actually shone, tomorrow back to the gray and gloom, I have a bad case of spring fever . Haiti is in such dire straights, How can things get so bad ?! Being an American makes me proud that we can do so many things for them. But so sad that all the money that has been pored in to Haiti has been miss used by the Haitian government. Someone on the Yarn Harlot website mention perhaps starting a for Doctors without borders/knitters without borders.
On another note not much knitting is getting accomplished, due to lack of sleep and wanting to clean house , it just doesn't jive, actually it's frustrating not getting things done when I want them done. Tomorrow is garbage day I have a lot to get rid of.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stephanie Pearl McPhee has some beautiful yarn, gone from skeins into nicely center pull yarn balls.Makes me envious not for the yarn but for the swift that it was done on.Enough on that rant. Beautiful but cold day here.Upper teens expected, sun shining away. Makes you want to get out and do something. Took a load of books over to the resale shop(non-Profit) found a few items I would like. Found a walker for Cathy, seems she likes it.
A gentleman there told me that the poor in England are burning thick books to keep warm.That is so sad that it has come to this in places.
Tim to get off my duff and do a few things. Talk to you later.

Friday, January 01, 2010

new years day

Here it is new years day first post of the year. A painful one . Black mold. I hear a migraine, two of them in fact.Mary and myself seems like a nasty start. The future looks better.
Mary is thinking of starting her own blog. Should be good.
Knitting goes on as usual, scarfs, ponchos ,hats a few other things.

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