Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Febuary 25, Sunny day warm for Wisconsin this time of year,about 40 degrees out. Hubby complaining about my spelling and punctation. Why haven't I done more blogging. Well guess I don't have any excuses now that he has gotten me my own laptop. Yes, I am spoiled rotten , sometimes. News isn't so great Brother-in-law Ted is doing quite poorly.He has hospice at home and the Doctor gives him 2 weeks. My nephew Mike's mother-in-law passed away yesterday morning.Not a good Day.

Probably should have added a new paragraph. Still being way behind on by knitting, having a hard time with the motivation. Thinking about joining the Madison knitting guild, my favorite author, Stephanie Pearl Mcphee is coming for KIPing day in March at the Bishop O'Connel center in Madison.

Got a couple of new books, "It Itches" by Franklin Habit, "Dewey, the library cat" author escapes me,the new Mason Dixon book and the latest "Yarn Harlot"book. Looking for some new mysteries to read also.Well closing for now.Will try to be better about posting.

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