Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Blues

Here it is the 25th of August  , 10 days till school starts, Mary's senior year. I feel ancient .Finished up the bi-monthly grocery shopping, and waiting patiently for hubby to get home.
  The little people who inhabit  my home did not cough up my long distance spectacles, therefore sending me to get 2 new pair at Eyemart. I have been buying one prescription long distance pair and one prescription reading pair.. This time I bough two pair of no-line bifocals, one regular, one sunglasses. I figure as long as the stay on my head most of the time I shouldn't lose them. The kids have taken bets on how long this will actual work.Doesn't sound like they have much faith in 'dear ole mom'.
   Still knitting on the baby blanket , I feel as though I have hit that black hole or some type of space, time continuum and have yet to come through to the other side. Doesn't seem to be getting any larger, Could be that I just want to set it aside and knit that sweater hubby got the yarn and needles for.My birthday present. Shades of Tolkien.
  On the music front at least two more parades  , the Cow Chip festival in Sauk City and Fall festival in Wisconsin Dells, it has a Native American name , but I can't remember it. with the Wisconsin sheep and wool festival in the middle , so for the first three weekends in September we will be busy.
  Planning on a side trip down to southwestern Wisconsin just to visit some of my old stomping grounds and show Mary , The university of Wisconsin at Platteville. They have a great genealogical department. the archives go pretty far back.I have used it many times looking for ancestors and new stories. well I am stopping for now ducking on out , dishes are calling to me, as well as the laundry. Take care and keep your powder dry.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mouse in the house

Having just got back from playing in the "Susie's the duck day parade" I was greeted by my darling daughter stating that she had two serious problems that she needed my help with, one was a snarl in her waist length hair, where she couldn't reach it and the fact she woke to a mouse in her waste paper basket.It was still alive.
   The hair problem was quickly taken care of, the mouse on the other was dealt with swiftly, efficiently involving a white garbage bag and the outdoors, I didn't want Archie or Simba a chance at the poor thing, I figured it was scared enough. The bag went over the trash can and Mary brought the trash can down stairs , I took it outside and released in the grass, It made a mad dash for the tree line. Hopefully not to make a second visit inside our home. A quick lecture on this is what happens when you forget to take food out of your room and the need to keep things picked up was given, will it work, we will just have to wait and see.
  The craft room is complete, Mary has been sewing in there and I have been doing some knitting,.I am going to duck out for awhile and I'll get back to you soon.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How time flies

August first, the summer has gone by fast.I am savoring the fruits from my garden, a first in a long time.Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and onions have survived the blast of heat we had. also a few small green peppers.I am making some zucchini bread and enjoying fresh tomato sandwiches. will be trying my hand at fried tomatoes too.
 Car problems abound, hubby took his car in last week to get brakes fixed and the radiator flushed, well the brakes was in pretty sad shape, and last night our mechanic had to come pick up the car because the radiator was losing anti-freeze, hubby put a whole galleon in only to watch it go straight through on to the driveway. So it means early mornings for me once again as I run hubby to work, he could take my car , but than he wouldn't get any lunch. I bring him a hot lunch everyday. Kinda got him spoiled and he enjoys having something hot to eat instead of a cold lunch or a trip to the store next door to get deli stuff.
   Our 19th Anniversary is coming up on August 16th. doesn't seem that long, (although hubby says different), we have been through a lot together. We have  a lot to be thankful for many good times ahead.
    The craft room is complete, all the necessary furniture is there. and Mary has been sewing up a storm.I have some yarn to wind into balls and a few books to put on shelves, other than that we are enjoying the space.We got shelves from the Habitat for Humanity store, only to find out it was too tall for the space we had, (sloped roof) so we exchanged it for the book shelf I have in the kitchen for my cookbooks works better and I was forced to go through the books and donate some I don't use or want.Didn't hurt at all, was a gentle reminder that I don't need to buy anymore cookbooks. I am thinking Of going back to bed for a little while, got up at 4:30am to take hubby to work and I have a bad case of the Yarns, here at 6:00am. just an hour should do it. ducking on out talk to you later.

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