Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here it is the weekend before school starts and I am finally doing some blogging , Yes I know , where have I been, what 's been happening.? I should be ashamed of myself for not blogging. You know what , I don't have a good excuse, DH has been commenting to me about updating, OH WELL, I have gotten some knitting done , 2 pairs of finger-less gloves, a hat and a few other assorted things , have joined the local charity knitting group , these ladies are mostly crocheters with a few knitters thrown in, They did over 600 mittens and hats last year.
Lots of migraines this summer, and a few assorted accidents, sprains ,broken toes, the usual stuff for me.
Rob is doing well in Kaplan, he made the presidents list for honors, Mary is starting her sophmore year at IQ Academy . well see what happens next. no sheep wool festival this year shuckie darn. talk to you later.

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