Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday , Finally Snow!!

Sure enough after a green/brown Christmas , we finally have snow, started just about 10:00am this morning how much and how long it will last will be another question. Mary and I went to the grocery store this morning and the roads in town where okay ,just not great. Coming home a squad car pulled out of the veterinarian's parking lot and followed us home, sure makes me nervous, don't know why.
  Friday is also "Malt Friday" hubby gets his malt at lunch time, today will be butterscotch .Mary helps me , she holds and carries it for me in the van.Than Mary has library today, she'll be helping them out for awhile.I'll be knitting and doing some basic cleaning. I have 27 skeins of Donegal tweed yarn , hubby found it on Free cycle. Now comes the hunt for the pattern, I'll show you when I get started.Right I am off , ducking out to hunt patterns , Hope you have a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday, way behind schedule

Life has been interesting at the Phipps household, Just as soon as my niece invited us for Christmas at her home, than  Chuck's company decides to do overtime, which is nice since we are a bit strapped for cash. But this means that if I go I either go alone or with Mary. In this case it was with Mary,The trip was pretty uneventful, we had a dusting of snow on Saturday the 17, and the majority of the roads we traveled where clear, We did run into a down power line in the Village of Lone Rock, and the roads we went were well maintained but just as soon as we  left the village, back on the highway it was cleared until we got into Muscoda, the streets hadn't been touched and made for some interesting going for the little amount that was on the ground, went to turn onto Becky's street and almost sled into the cemetery, a little unnerving, backup and went very slow down to her driveway, the streets where packed snow. The unique part is on our way home, the snow was almost gone, melted away, just a few hours later.Christmas will be a quiet affair here, presents opened on Christmas Eve and snacks and games , Christmas will be a simple dinner and the Packer vs Bears football game Chuck has to work on Christmas Eve day and the Monday after Christmas.For New Year's Eve he gets New year' day off and the Monday. The office people are getting 2 --4 day vacations .Means less cleaning for Mary and me.
I've learnt a hard lesson, do not put of going to see the dentist, I had two broken molars that ended getting pulled and a tooth that almost needed a root canal, ended up with a sore mouth and a huge bruise on my cheek and bleeding that  stops and starts. Thank heavens for tea bags, the tannin in the tea helps clots to form.Makes me really crabby, spent Tuesday night sitting up trying to get the bleeding to stop.I still need sleep and I am not getting my knitting done.
The Yarn Harlot has a good idea with the gift ideas I like most of them, I think my family needs to read the ones about doing things for your knitter so she has time to knit. (Hint, Hint).
Still haven't found my MP3 player, found my earphones and my glasses. oh well still looking

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saturday, raining puppies

Gee Whiz, almost came home from my Sister's with the cutest mixed breed puppy, cross between a Terrier and a Chihuahua, Black with the brown eye markings , he cozied up to Mary and fell asleep on her. Not quite 8 weeks old. However, knowing Simba's fondness for small things that squeak, he would be kibble.Poor baby ,not to tell what the cats would do, Spazzy might play mother, but Archie would totally ignore it. Puppies chew on everything and I drather not go through that again.Simba is king (at least he thinks he is, but we know it's really Archie). Had a  very good visit with my sister Kitty, and had lunch there, Pasty, was really was made in a 8 by 8 inch pan not individual ones. No surprises in it, Meg went with us an can spot an piece of onion a mile away. That's why when I make something I know she will be eating, I cut them very fine, she never notices.
   Rob pulled the radio, cassette and cd player from the Suburban that Lee had at his place the radio and things are for Dani's Blazer, When she got from the Lee the previous owners took the radio and the speakers.Rob  knows how to put them back together, she will have sound now on that long drive to work everyday, 40 miles one way.
  Must say this, my van is back in working shape, the Good Lord was watching over us,the problem with the power steering was minor to what happen to the rear brakes, I felt like someone tapped me on the shoulder, when I talked to the Mechanic and had him take a look at the rear brakes, good thing I payed attention, when they pulled the back wheels off the brakes crumpled, no warning, I just had them checked 3 months before and they said they were fine. I had a vision of us going down the highway and having to stop fast and couldn't. Shudders. I think this will be my Christmas present Brakes aren't cheap. Just happy we are safe.
 I think I may have to do a cast of characters list here, DH-Chuck
                                                                                   DS-- Rob, Robi
                                                                                   Simba 13 year old cross German Shepard an Chow
                                                                                    Archie and Spazzy, our cats.
                                                                                    Meg - Adopted Daughter1,
                                                                                     Dani and Lilly, adopted Daughter 2 and her 
                                                                                      daughter, also, apartment renters.
                                                                                   Lee, family friend
                                                                                   Cathy , family friend
Well , for the most part , that's the people I write about. We live in south central Wisconsin, and right now it's cold as billy blue blazes, hubby is awake and so I am going to go bug him for awhile. TTFN

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday"s here ,an away we go

Okay, car is going to get fixed, the sun is shining and it's a wee bit nippy out there, Rob is driving the mini van and I am following in Hubby's car , this should prove to be interesting. I have strict warnings about how not to drive his "baby". Just have to remember to pick him up at four.It will mean I will be without a car for several days, ouch!!, I feel like a teenager grounded to the house, hey what did I do wrong, this time.?
   WE have our final band practice for the season, Christmas Music, I am trying to get my Bass Clarinet to work so I can do the low part in the Nut Cracker, one of my favorite pieces during this time of year. The concert will be at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home very soon.Oldest daughter gave us a scare  with feeling sick, she called yesterday and sounded so bad, I wanted to fly to Austin and take care of her. Today she called and sounded so much better, a change in her meds and a new antibiotic seemed to the trick.Well back to a little house work and then to the knitting will talk to you later,TTFN.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday eventide

Mary and I did the vacuuming at our job and now,my van has a definite problem, the power steering fluid is leaking like a sieve. One more thing to worry about , Telling Dani tonight that she must get off her duff and get her vehicle licensed and registered,  now. I am taking the van in to get it look at hopefully tomorrow, but will give our favorite mechanic a call in the morning. Still have to go clean some more this evening,helping hubby out. I drather be knitting.
   Knitting , I have a lot to get done in a small amount of time,I have some lovely Lion Brand Homespun , white with a gold thread through it, making a hat or possibly a purse, guess who didn't do a gauge swatch,oops. Some day I"ll learn, obviously not yet.Also some purple Coats and Clark, probably a slouch hat, and than their is Mary's Poncho,Well stopping for . TTFN

Still looking....

Okay , Sunday morning and I am in a funk. Seems I am losing things again besides my balance ,( Please Mister, Please return these things to me),So far missing besides my sense of humor and my Mp3 player is now my headphones and most of my sanity , I have things I want to get done before Christmas but need to do things like clean my house from stem to stern before Christmas, Things just seem too far over my ability to get things, come Monday Morning I am going to have to crack the whip. Gotta take a break and run Dani to work bbl.
Take care.

Friday, November 25, 2011


The camera cord has been returned, no site of my mp3 player. Mary found the camera cord under her bobbin lace pillow. Pictures soon.
  Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful considering I was up the night before with upset tummy. Rob's meatloaf came off with out a hitch , it was delicious, he says he has the recipe memorized but we will see the next time he goes to make it.The roast beef was a little tough , will be shredded for hot beef sandwiches.Ham came out good.Everyone was fed well. With enough leftovers to be creative with.
   Green Bay won the football game and naps were taken. I was blessed with having my kids taking care of the kitchen, Rob and Mary wiped dishes while Meg washed them. Meg is my unofficial adopted daughter. (Her mama might not be to happy about that.) Mary and I decided to brave the Black Friday sales , went in the afternoon to Half price Books and to Joanne Fabrics,traffic not too bad,it was busy in the Fabric store but we did get what we needed and left, saved about $132.00 spent around $26.00.Butterick patterns where .99cents
and the coupons helped. We are making  most of our presents this year.
  Well I am off, to try to do some knitting, not so much stealth but sort of, talk to you later, ducking out.

Monday, November 21, 2011

monday morning catchup

I have tons of laundry and a huge pile of dishes to do before any crafting (knitting , in my case) will happen. Feeling much better, guess the pills are working. Still have a lot to do Before Thanksgiving, Mary and I are going to try to make from scratch pie crust. This should be interesting. The formula is coming from Ree Drummond's "the Pioneer Woman Cooks" really like the book , have it from the library and I don't want to return it, but I will. Put it on my Christmas list. Hint!!
   Well not getting my desk cleared off or the grocery list or coupons found, so off I go, ducking on out will talk to you later.
   PS. Ransom note has been found for camera cord and Mp3 player, Waiting for further contact.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy day

Well the Breakfast With Santa, didn't happen like I would have liked, Saturday went well with the Rotary, But Sunday with Masons , normally I would of worked, but got down there and preceded to get sick. The new pills the Doctor put me on did a number on my stomach . I came home and went to bed, Mary came home with me, migraine there. According to Hubby we made around $1800.00 for the food pantry and the Veterans hospital, they have to split that.We had some extra food left over and the food pantry was happy to get that.Things are really tight .
   Mary and I making the majority of the Christmas presents we are giving this year, with some books thrown in. Won't tell you what we are making but it's using all of our crafting talents. It's getting late so I am ducking on out I'll talk to you soon.
PS, still looking for camera cable, must have absconded with my MP3 player.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Umm, What happen here?

I know, I know I promised I would add pictures and keep up to date on what was happening at  chez Phipps.Life happened, and I got caught up and carried away with the way things were going.Plus some down time for being ill.
   Let's see where to begin, we have a new renter in the apartment who happens to have a ten year old daughter, who keeps both Mary and I on our toes.She is hyper active, and is constantly moving,  Mary and I are trying to get her to slow down and look at things, Mary has taken the time to teach her how to draw and I'm trying to teach her how to knit.She pays attention when someone is  watching what she does and explains why things need to be done that way.She doesn't enjoy reading which , I have a hard time accepting, at that age my kids loved to read anything they could. She finds it a chore. So Mary and I are looking for the "book" you know the one that made you actually take off and read till it's done, no luck so far. sigh!!
   I have been off the knitting for awhile because of the pains in my hands, I have a cyst in the right palm that acts up if I knit too much and now the left is having issues with the tendons, I have to keep them warm. I have some craft gloves that help, but they interfere with typing,sent Mary on a mission to locate the camera cord in her room, sounds like a hurricane going through. I hate to think what it will look like if she finds it. Waiting patiently, sort of.
  " Breakfast with Santa" is this weekend, for a few hours today I thought I may miss it, my bleeding problem  reared it's ugly head. Hopefully got it under control. We have a rainy weekend for it, it's the open house weekend for the Christmas season in Lodi and also the opening weekend of deer hunting season. The Rotary Club will be helping on Saturday and Sunday it's the Mason's.Tonight is the "Spaghetti Dinner" Chuck is busy working in the kitchen at the Masonic Temple, washing dishes and clearing tables , he has the first shift  tonight.     This time of year is real busy in our small town, Lefse is being made by the Lutheran Ladies,The Methodist are having a Craft and Fiber store, We are having horse drawn wagon rides , decorating cookies with Santa, and the downtown is open for Christmas. I have a little trouble with all the festivities as it's not Thanksgiving yet and the local radio stations are playing Christmas music, our "Breakfast with Santa" money goes to the local food pantry and The Veterans Hospital in Madison, to the volunteers for the patients needs.
No  cable yet, still waiting,  Hopefully will have pictures soon, Have some projects I need to do, Talk to you later , ducking on out.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday, sunny days ahead

 Brisk temperatures this morning leading into a glorious sunny day, Looks like the standard for this week , Charlie was saying possible into the mid to upper seventies by the end of the week and no rain till some time next week.Why do I talk about the weather , helps me remember things that happen and also helps me plan my week.
  This weekend was lovely, we missed the wedding due to my reoccurring stomach problems. It's something I have no control over.Leftovers from radiation therapy.Events for the rest of the week, Mary and I are going for a hike at Palfrey's Glen she wants to get some photos for her digital imagining class for school.I would like to go the Farmer's Market this Friday, and I am going to ask sweetly if my Dearest Husband in all the world will go with me.(he reads my blog) Saturday I have Sam's club shopping to do, we go through Peanut Butter like crazy, and I need to pick up the Peter Pan 6 lb. can at least 4 of them. We do have a Costco nearby, but I have never been inside,maybe some day.Also paper towels , dog treats, laundry detergent and the like.
    Knitting has slowed down to a crawl, I just see too much to get done, and put the knitting aside ,well no longer,I will set aside a few hours every day to knit. It calms my nerves and I feel productive when I can see growth in something I've done.With housework I can do it all day and still have to repeat it the next day.Well I am going to leave off here, It's nearly time to fix lunch for everyone I will take time to knit today, I will, I will < I will. Ducking on out.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday windy and wild

Doing some work outside, I heard a noise akin to a fizzled Fire cracker, you know the sound, like a fire cracker that want dud half way through. What was the source of the sound, the nearby walnut tree. The nuts were falling 2 to 3 at a time not with a gentle plop but a more intense thud. That got the attention of the neighborhood squirrel posse, They have been busy at the next door neighbor's hickory nut tree have a regular feast there, leaving the evidense  all over the sidewalks. Now they are bounding across the street and retrieving the green hulled walnuts back to my yard planting them there for futher treasure hunting during the winter, I am not sure how many walnut tree saplings I pulled up this year but there where a few.
 Charlie Shortino , predicted that the winds would pick up at 1:00 this afternoon and sure enough they did, not a gentle fall breeze but winds strong enough to knock the dead wood out of the neighbors very old maple tree again into my yard, not just your average branches, more along the lines of a fat "pound of love " baby yarn from lion brand or something akin to that. It's going to make a interesting night. We will see the damages in the morning.
  We have found  renters for the apartment. Thank heavens, good news ,  some sad too, there goes my hope for a yarn studio. We have known these young people since my Ds was in highschool and they have saved us at "Breakfast with Santa, many times  by pitching in and helping.Their daughter mentioned the fact now they wouldn't have far to go this year to help us.
  Dani is painting the apartment and doing some other cleaning they should moved in by October 15. More victims to teach knitting too brohahaha. Okay things are getting silly and I need to fix some supper I'll talk to you later.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, quiet week, perhaps

The parade in Wisconsin Dells, was quite nice. The weather was co-operating with gray skies and a light drizzle. When the band had played and was packed up to go home did it decide to rain harder. So what is in store "The Soon to be Famous" , Christmas music, Tuesday night will be a trial run of  our Christmas concert.
   Mary is recuperating from dental surgery quite nicely, we allowed her to take things at her own pace , just reminding her occasionally to eat something. She is back in school and at week four her grades are good. She is taking a digital imagining class , maybe I can convince her to help me get some more pictures  on the blog.
  My friend from Alabama is going to be getting some fingerless Mitts in Notre Dame colors, and maybe a little something extra, I still have a box of books I need to send. it's her Birthday and her guy is giving her a very nice present a trip to the "big easy" and then on to Panama city for a Motor cycle  rally.Well I am off to do some knitting and see what other mischief I can get into. TTFN

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, ouch!!

This morning was a tough one. Started with trying to get Mary out of bed, she has a trip to the oral surgeon this morning to have 4 teeth pulled (3 wisdom , 1 12 year molar). I haven't had any problems getting her lately, usually I knock on her bedroom door and wake her up and tell her "I want to hear your feet hit the floor" as long as she is standing up she stays awake. This morning I was in a bit of a hurry so I just yelled upstairs as I did before, she says she didn't remember me yelling, even though she answered me. We weren't late, for some reason I kept asking her , are you you ready yet. That did it.
  She is home now, resting and is sound a sleep. Best thing thing for now.First thing she wanted when she awoke, was a large drink of water.
  We had a busy weekend , Saturday we went to the Sheep and Wool Festival, I am now the proud owner of a spindle and a signed copy of Catherine Friend's book "Sheepish", I kinda screamed 'I just finished reading that' I think Mary wanted to hide , oh well,I tend to embarrass my kids, on occasion, I get too excited.Onward,
We saw so many spinning wheels , looms and all the wool and roving you would want.I didn't want to leave.
We had plans to go to  a memorial service, at Circle Sanctuary, it was very peaceful, and very moving.Came home and wanted to sleep,
This weekend is a parade at  Wisconsin Dells, (not for Mary),next week Rob is going to see the Rheumatologist, he changed majors at school to IT, . Sometime here Hubby and Son are going to clean out the shop, I think we could have a impromptu garage sale as this weekend is Lodi fall garage sale days.If we wanted to work on the garage. Well Very Tired and I am going to Duck on out,TTFN

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Already ?

Can't believe it is Wednesday, schools starts here tomorrow, both DD's online high school and the local school system. Fall colours are in the local trees, and the last ditch effort at high temps, Charlie Shortino ,( my favorite weatherman) said that we are expecting 90 degree weather for the beginning of school. DD is happy that she doesn't have to leave the house, while the other kids will be sweltering in the school.
   Today is craft day, DD is busy painting and drilling holes, she making a key holder for me, a simple project,but with her embellishments , I keep misplacing my keys so this is her solution. Now, I need something so I don't loose my glasses (at present they are perched on top of my head). Heaven only knows where they will be by the end of the day!
  DD and I have decided to see how many things we can get done by the end of September, we would like to sell some things at the farmer's market, I am thinking dish clothes , pot holders, and fingerless mitts.She is doing Bobbin Lace book marks , dish clothes, and some quilted things.The Sheep and Wool festival is Sept. 9-11, and we will be attending.I think DD likes to go now more , than in the past, because she can actually do some of the crafts, and know what people are talking about.At seventeen I wanted to be a Nurse working In the ER , Mary wants to have her own craft store, handmade things only, things made with a sewing machine accepted.There goes something off the counter, Archie made a daring leap off, I wonder what's going on.?
  Ah , there is the reason, Archie has located that blasted mouse that has decided to make his home under the kitchen stove. The only critter that has the Cats upset.Living in an old farm keeps them challenged and occasionally I receive a "gift". Well leaving off here, time to make DH's lunsh and run it over to him. TTFN.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Later

Reading the last post, gave me a chance to wonder if I actually knew what I was saying, I am quite tired and to me , as I reread the last post part of it didn't make any sense, again with the babbling, sounding a wee bit , like Yoda, . That's it I am going to take a shower and go to sleep, (have to get up early to grocery shop)doesn't sound serious, but I want to be back from Madison before 10:30 am, if I can help it. Ducking on out,

Sunday, quiet

Yesterday was a busy day, the Soon to be Famous band played a concert for the Maple Bluff Assisted Living Home between Sauk City and Baraboo. We had a good turn out for the band, I would say about 20 or so and the residents enjoyed the music as well as some of the neighbors. We provided the dessert ( I made 5 pans of  bars) and they gave us lunch. I think that was a good trade-off .
   Back at Phipps Central, things are quiet, DH is out on the front porch on his computer , enjoying the breeze and nice temperature, working on his story and some other projects. DS is doing homework and DD is starting to drive dear old mom looney.She wants something warm to eat, her way Of saying "her Casserole" Maybe for supper. I am so close to finishing her poncho, I lack energy at the present and even a short nap hasn't helped much.Still have to go in ado some cleaning tonight , then maybe relax and finish some knitting . I have pictures to post getting them on here is the thing will do soon. I am getting my self a bite to eat before we go. TTFN.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And I hear a chain saw!

Well yes, the neighbors are trimming a huge tree, The tree service truck is in their yard , We have many large trees in our block , some could do serious damage if a limb fell, or if they were to topple during a storm. There is a variety of Hickory, Walnut, Maple, Red Maple Pine, Apple , Purple Ash, and a Tulip Tree on our block. Some are quite old, our two trees in the front are babies compared some of the senior trees here, we have 2 Purple Ashes, around 20 years or more old.
    Summer is winding down , school starts September 1 and I think DD is ready for it to begin , I have pretty much bored to her to tears. She is antsy, My main theme for the last two weeks was cleaning her room, I threaten to put a bio-hazard sign on her bedroom door, She just smiled , well then came the threat  to take her laptop, that got some reaction, she said she'd read her books , countered with the ability to shut the power off to her room. She finally got busy and was amazed by  the 2 bags of garbage she carried out. Personally I though there would be more. She is not finished yet , who knows what will come out of her room, I was pretty sure she had a secret science experiment  growing in there and she was feeding it peanut butter sandwiches. but I haven't seen a sign of anything when I open the door all appeared to be quiet. Hmmm  
    DH has given her , Her next quilting project a king size "Dragon Quilt", she is deciding if it will be pieced or applique, It will keep her busy,
I am backing knitting again, doing some Christmas projects and some other things we need around the house.
Have to run to the grocery store , so I'll sign off for now, ducking on out , be back later.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday , a stay at home day,

This is the first day this week where we haven't been to the Clinic, for DS, he managed to get his sugar down so no need of insulin shots, Thank Heavens. My MOM antenna is still working.  I think no matter what age your child is , you can sense something isn't quite right, no matter what the distance.

   Got news that the company DH works for is giving Flu shots September 12, we will be standing in that line, got them last year and no one was ill with the nasty bugs going around.
   This weekend is Susie's the Duck days, we will be playing in the parade as part of "The Soon To Be Famous Lodi Band" and then maybe gone for the rest of the day, DH's Vacation started at 3:00pm  cst. today, At present he is relaxing watching "Star Trek Voyager" He likes the episodes with the "Q"  character in them. Qyite times for awhile.
   Back to the knitting now, I'll talk to you later,ducking on out.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday , rain

Well it's dark and threatening out, threatening what? Rain, yahoo!! it's a lot cooler than last week , which makes me exceedingly happy and have perhaps enough energy to actually get things accomplished.
   Scary note , DS was commenting to me on his increased input and out put of water and other beverages, his insatiable thirst, and sudden weight loss, out came the diabetic meter and sure enough his sugar is very high, called Clinic got him and now the wait for the outcome of the tests. I am hoping it's not his thyroid , but am afraid he has Diabetes, so it is a wait and see game.
   We made a mad dash today ,(after the Clinic), into Madison, to the Best Buy store to get said son a new computer, he wanted a Gateway, but came home with a Dell, the one he had in mind wasn't available in either store in Madison. He has been busy transferring files to the new one-----Breaking News---- it is official, DS has Diabetes,  Doctor called. He needs to be seen first thing in the morning, since it's been going for  over two weeks, he doesn't need to be seen in the E.R. tonight we are to push the water and he has to eat a banana, (electrolytes) and take a pill. He will be getting insulin in the morning, and the Nurse's at the Clinic will be giving him instructions , and a meter and such. I will be there , because he  asked, ( would be anyway I am  MOM).
   Having trouble settling down to knit anything, well DH gave some gloves for my hands( thergonomics) helps with the tendonitis , no arthritis, Have been doing a few dish clothes, and started a sock, basic dark grey, Yarn Harlot simple pattern. At the Farmer's Market last Friday Mary and I found a new source of Wool Yarn and Roving, she also sells Lamb meat products.Yorkshire Rose farm from Rio, Wi. Hope to see them this Friday. Well got to get moving, talk to you later, ducking on out.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tuesday, I'm up already!!

Woke up at 3:00 am , we have a cat in heat and I feel bad for her, it will soon be over , but please Spazzy , SHUT UP!!!!!, I am starting to knit a pair of Yarn Harlot's simple socks, from her book Knitting Rules?,at this point it's on one needle awaiting to be divided up on the other 3, plain dark gray sock, 2 inches of ribbing than stockinette. I am using this as angry management, having difficulties getting one member of my family out of bed , I woke said person at 10:00am and repeated it till 2:30 when I burst through their bedroom door with threats of impending doom. The look I received was classic, stunned , than "I am having problems getting out of bed"!mmhmm Gee I figured that one out. Teenagers!!
  Hot and Humid, today, we have had more than our fair share of extreme summer weather,Should be getting some thunderstorms soon can't wait. Susie Days are Aug,12, 13 and 14. The Duck will be all over our fair city I hope it's cool, that costume seems to be plenty hot. Fireman festival in Arlington this weekend , we will be playing in both Parades! Ducking on out to put my head on ice. Talk to you later

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday thunderstorms

It's lightly raining , earlier we had rolling thunder and lightening, Charlie Shortino gave us the weather this morning that we had storms coming in on and off today and tomorrow. Charlie is my favorite weather person, he is on Channel 15, NBC, at 4:30AM every morning. Been watching him for a long time now.
   It appears to be a quiet day, so far no hassles, I know it's 8:00am , so nothing much can happen, but you never know.My plans for the day involve cleaning and defrosting the freezer and refrigerator. I need to do some serious grocery shopping on Friday, afternoon , so this needs to be done and it's garbage day so out it goes!
   After that will be some knitting, socks and dish cloths, hats and mittens and one long overdue poncho, that is if I am left alone for awhile. stopping for the morning ,need some breakfast, talk to you later ducking on out now.

Friday, July 08, 2011

July 6 th and the 8th

Today started out with the urge to stay in bed, if it wasn't for the fact that we were dangerously low on a few necessity's I would of stayed there longer. Toilet tissue and peanut butter are two things that we never want to run out of, wouldn't be pleasant, let me tell you.So to make a long story short, Mary I went into Madison to do some shopping, getting Mary going in the morning is akin to pulling teeth with a pair of tweezers, just ain't gonna happen without the well meaning bribe, "I am going into Madison and stopping at the Frugal Muse" got her up and moving. The Frugal Muse is one of the favorite used book stores we frequent, in fact the one on Sherman Ave. is one of my favorite book stores , it has that bookstore feel, although things are perfectly marked, it invites you to look and it has that "relaxed" feel to it.
   The knitting book department is lacking though, used knitting books are found at Half-Price bookstores, they seem to have a surplus of new ones also.I am on the lookout for Barbara Walker and Elizabeth Zimmerman books and Alton Brown's cookbooks.Also a large book on knitting ,but the name escapes me, I know it was in high demand a few years ago, it's out- of- print, and it was on Ebay for close to $400.00 at one time. It's like the principles of knitting or something like that.
  Today is Friday, not sure what happen to my post , but I found it and am adding to it, DH started  his week of vacation at 3:01  this afternoon. Not sure what is going to happen, or where we will be going, I am thinking mostly day trips.On another note it is Lodi Fair time and it's a noisy madhouse on our usually quiet block. The fair is just up the block, and parking is at a premium , there is music for the next three nights with a demolition derby on Saturday night, don't try to sleep till after midnight. The Police presents is intensified at this time, due to underage attempts at drinking, last year, one of our deputies was arresting a person of interest who resisted and the Deputy was hurt bad enough he was on medical leave for 6 months. Some peoples kids!!
   I need to do some cooking , so I'll duck on out and get back to you later.

Monday, July 04, 2011

July 4th, Freedom Day

Thank Heavens we live in a country with a Constitution of Freedom.Some people don't realize how blessed we are.!!

    On another note the up stair's apartment is cleaned and will be totally empty tonight. We washed walls and floors  this week, Whoop-s sill have to vacuum out the kitchen drawers. The cats were taken to the Humane Society, all the shelters around are in the mist of "kitten season" they have a better chance of getting adopted, because they are spayed and declawed.

  Mary has finished tying her quilt, she has to sew the binding down and then it goes out in the mail along with some bobbin lace book marks , the lace shawl is having a timeout ,I have to review YO's I seem to being having trouble with them. Feel silly about that after all the knitting I have done.
   Mary says that she wants to learn how to knit socks. I use dp needles, so we will see what ay she chooses.
Also the colors we will be unique to her , can't wait to see.
   Next Saturday is Knit Cro group on Thursday and Bobbin Lace on Saturday , DH has vacation the week of July 11-15, Surprises abound, we'll see what happens, day trips  believe.
  Fixing Chicken Alfredo for supper with garlic bread and a lettuce salad. Ice Cream for dessert.Smells good in here, (my office is in the Kitchen) trying some Emeril's Italian seasoning on chicken breast I am cooking for the Alfredo. Well got to go clean , hopefully will talk to you later. Ducking on out for now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

Yes , it's Flag Day here in the U.S.of A. and in Canada it's Stephanie Pearl Mcphee's birthday, Two things I hold important, freedom and knitting, A little goofy here not much sleep and immense pain.

Darling daughter (actually grumpy) this day is helping at the Park with the little ones Library program , they are having visitors from the Vilas Zoo Located in Madison.Kristine is having her help move tables and such, She walked down and should be home in a couple of hours. We then have band practice tonight, will see how that goes. Right the time I am going to go knit for a while and rest, see you all later.!

Tuesday, I'm up already!!

3:45 am , It's been a painful night,Every joint seems to be flaring at the same time , and I woke up crying, something I don't do very often.Got up and came downstairs, hubby needs his rest and I'm not helping when I feel painful. A warm shower will help along with something to reduce swelling, my hands are stiff and sore, doing piano exercises seem to help loosen them up.

    The birds are awake and singing, and although the sun hasn't started on it's daily path, it promises to be beautiful, light breeze and not so hot.I have the windows open and the breeze is slight, . Spazzy cat has been checking to see if G-ma is ok , (hey , no grand children , I have Grand kitties).Also to let me know that it's okay for me to give her some treats without my son noticing it. Our old man Archie is asleep in my chair in the living room.he will come running if he hears me getting the treat bag out for Spazzy.

    Meg , brought flowers , and has planted them in one of Geneva's old planters , brings some life to our outside , we put the planter in  between the garage doors , looks quite spiffy .I have some pictures that I'll have Mary down load today, Pictures of the quilt she is putting the final touches on , and some of our other projects. Plus Meg"s flowers.

I think I'll try to rest, So I'll pop in later with an update, Ducking on out for now , talk to you later.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday , film at eleven

Chilly, damp, after last week that's just find with me. Few showers , and then  partly sunny this afternoon.
  Today will be craft and a nap day. Just not feeling so hot. Lots of knitting on the horizon, Want to just sit and knit. Mary has brought her quilt home to tie and finishing the binding, she is working on her bobbin lace.I know this is a short note but right now it's the best I can do. Ducking on out, talk to you later.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday, chilly

It's the last day of homework for Mary, things have to be turned in by 11:00pm . Then she can sleep in she has all her finals in already, she would have next week to do them but she finished them off early. Neat thing about on-line high school.
   The weather here in Wisconsin is on the sunny but cool side, woke up this morning to see frost on the shingles on the porch roof, you know that's got to be cold. Everything is green and growing , flowers blooming my Lilacs are beautiful.
   Mary and I are going to go to the Frugal muse Bookstore on the North side of Madison as a treat for end of school year.This year went amazingly fast.
   So that means I'll have someone to keep me company when we finish cleaning the garage apartment. then we need to paint it.So much to do.We have just a few pieces of furniture to remove and then the cats . well I 'm experiencing a headache , so I'll duck out and rest and talk to you later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday , quiet day

It's about 9:00am and I am getting ready to do a batch of dishes before , running Mary to Quilting. I think a little knitting is in order this morning, plus some minor laundry. It's cloudy and moving steadily toward the low 70's today.
   Trying to get the plot for the flowers along the driveway cleaned out, stones and lots of dandelions , The Tulips are done and the Lilacs are almost fully open, waiting for the Lily of the Valley to bloom. G-ma's Bleeding Heart is doing well , I'll go out and take some pictures today and post them later.Mary wants  to plant some herbs, finding the right spot will take some doing.
    I pity the Schwarzenegger Family, just leave them alone, jeez, it's theirs business not ours.
Mary's at Quilting , we saw a crane on the way out and some turkeys eating in a field, when we went to the Bobbin Lace Guild,we had to stop on the Highway to let a family of Geese Cross the road the goslings were adorable , still had their down.
   Well another busy day, best get out and get things done, Ducking on out talk to you later.

Monday, May 16, 2011

middle of may

What can  I say , it's busy here at the house, cleaning, end of year school work, more cleaning lots of yard work
Mary's Blacksmithing class, Bobbin Lace guild last  Saturday and back to quilting on Thursdays, she has the top to the "Minnesota Blizzard Quilt"just about done. The bobbin lace seems to be doing well.The knitting not so good but it looks like that's what I'll be doing for the rest of the day, too much yard work yesterday and my muscles are hurting,Happens when you have Fibro Malaysia yes I know misspelled I'll worry about it later, my back is stiff and sore with nerves flaring up all over. O h well I'll hit the ice packs and the heating pad, later on
lots of fluids, to prevent dehydration.
    Weather wise it's beautiful , 60's  with a light breeze. well being a waa a ducking on out talk to you later.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garage Sales

Mary and I got a good start this morning we had planned out our route and was up early to get going on it, The weather had other plans, wet , slightly windy and down right cold,Some sales didn't open as scheduled, due to the weather we did make to quite a few though, There is 105 listed in the area ,this year it seems most will be on Friday and Saturday, I picked up four teapots of various sizes, some hickory nut meats, a tupperware measuring cup with lid , a pastry sheet some tee shirts and some hooded sweatshirts, and books, a few ice packs also.
  The drama continues, some people have to learn to let go of their pride and accept help.
 unfortunately I have enough anger for a couple of armies. when you tell someone they can have something and they sneak things and give defiant looks. It sure doesn't help. Enough for tonight. ducking on out , talk to you later

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bang,bang ,bang is that my head, oh it's the next door neighbor getting a new roof

Long title, buts that' what is happening today, our back yard neighbor is getting a new roof put on their home,seems the previous owners let things slide in a major way,we will be having a young couple moving in there as soon as it is fit for habitation again.
   We will be adopting Cathy's cats at least one of them, Sneezers is older and has no claws what so ever.(who in there right mind would do this to a cat) she seems to get along with everyone, introducing her to our clan will take some work Archie has been staring at her through the door like OH Boy someone to terrorize ! I am praying that's not the case. Babbitt isn't real people friendly, she hisses at hubby but talks to me and rubs up against me,( I think she knows who is in charge of food and kitty litter, better make nice with her.) The cleaning will commence in the for mentioned apartment Later today , or more likely tomorrow. I am having a a stress relief  headache, those are the ones that come after  a period of constant stress is resolved and you can relax again seems like it shouldn't happen but the poison released in to the system from when the muscles relax does it to you. Food isn't my friend today.
   Mary's taking a break from school work and playing a computer game, she tends to like those that requires serious thinking as to creating a world and populating it andgetting into the details of making it work.I drather read a book or knit. Just read somewhere , that people who listen to up beat or peppy music and watch upbeat movies and TV tend to solve things easier, than those who tend to not.hmmm. 
  Well, tomorrow starts the beginning of the yard sale season , Lodi is having it's Spring City Wide Garage sales. Treasures abound , I'll let you know what booty we find. Also the first farmer's Market too!  Best duck on out and drink my tea, talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy Days get me down

Well it's Tuesday, and the eviction has happen, she is gone for now, can't find her phone or her teeth, I looked for them and didn't find anything other than a stinking revolting mess.Looks like a lot of hard work ahead to get it half presentable.Grrrr!! Pouring rain now,
    I haven't being doing any crafting and at this point it will be awhile. I'll talk to you later,ducking on out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What do you mean"SNOW"?

Ah come on now , we have enough of this winter stuff , how about some more warmth and sunshine, Warm rain not so bad but snow, please reconsider.
   Tuesday morning and I still have a bit of a migraine I want to sleep so bad, I may bug out and take a nap.As of this moment Mary is at the Dining room Table doing school work, and the snow is coming down at a pretty fast clip, starting to stick now. Easter egg hunt is this weekend , maybe, I haven't seen flyers up or anything in the local paper. Hubby gave it up after almost 20 years of doing the work for it(family effort) so I am a little concern if this things aren't being done.
    Short and mixed up, thoughts are random hurts to think, man, this headache stuff is for the birds and who ever wants it. I'll be back later.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday

The wind is blowing , and it's nippy out but the sun is shining I am happy about that, the week ahead isn't very promising but will wait and see.
   We managed to get rid of 2 old refrigerators, a freezer, a stove , and a wash machine this morning that was taking space in our garage , a gentleman stopped by the house yesterday looking at the stove and refrigerator that was sitting by the dumpster in our driveway,(major throwing away happening here) and asked if he could take them, sure why not , I asked what he was going to use them for and he said scrap, Ok that's all they are good for and told him I have a few other things he could have. He came and took them away this morning, normally the person who does this for us, charges us something to take stuff away, this gentleman did not so we were both blessed. The garage is getting cleaner and I like the feel of not so much clutter, who knows maybe we will be able to get a car parked in there one day soon.
   Thursday was a windy rainy day, I went to Portage to go to Court to finish up the Eviction proceeding for my arch Nemesis . I had to get a Writ so the Sheriff can escort her off the property, hopefully things will be done by Thursday April 28,2011. Things hopefully will start to be normal again, not so much tension in the house , at this point I have a 10+ MIGRAINE. Those happy, sad face scales don't seem to do my headache pain justice , I want to do more than have tears run down my face.
   Mary's Bobbin Lace has taken off , she is doing quite well, her mentor is pleased at her speed on picking this up.She has gotten further along on her Lace shawl and her quilt is holding steady. On the other hand things have come to a stand still for me, no progress on anything , head hurts too much , I just want to sleep,
This week should be better, At least that's what I am hoping. Easter is this coming weekend and I think we are going out the Claddaugh Pub for Easter Brunch. Sounds good to me.!
   Stopping now to fix snack for hubby, he and Mary are playing Frisbee on the PS3. Mary is beating him. She is good at it. Ducking on out  Talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesay, oh what a beautiful day!!

Doing some much needed cleaning, wiping down the walls cleaning the front door and trying to wash the screen door window, so not working.I can't get the window off the screen, it used to work but isn't now. Grrr! got the vacuum to work the belt slipped. thank heavens it didn't break.Makes me feel better to see things cleaned and shining, the sun helps too. DD isn't fond of bright sunlight , but I need it to get going.
    Tomorrow we are meeting Becky at the Culver's in Spring Green. Then on Thursday , a trip to Portage and Mary has quilting at Terri's. Unfortunately  the weatherman is predicting back in the 40's for a 4-5 day stretch I really don't like that, I am happy Spring is here and I can have the windows open and such.
    No knitting here for a little while till I get a handle on this housework. I will be ducking out to terrorize the dog , with the vacuum . Poor thing! Talk to you Later.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday, storms on the way?

Okay, so where is the rain,? oh , Later you say. Will see. Friday means grocery shopping and bill paying , the earlier the better.I'll be in Madison by 8:00am, hitting Sam's and the Woodman's grocery store, then home to the Lodi Sausage Co. ,for some decent ground chuck, I made the mistake of buying some hamburger from the local grocery store and thought I was getting a good deal, "Let the Buyer be Ware" comes to mind and also "If it looks to good to be true, it probably is ,rotten" In this case the meat was stringy and hubby had a hard time eating it and the dog wasn't thrilled with it either.So I will apologize to our butcher and tell him I will not let a "better deal" lead me astray , again.
   I finished the main body of the first baby blanket I am knitting, and have started the edging on it. Working on Mary's Poncho and Dish clothes. Keeping my hands busy.
    Mary had her first Bobbin Lace lessons with Verna last Saturday. The lesson lasted 3 1/2 hours, Mary picked it up quite easily, we are going to Fort Atkinson this Saturday for a Lacers Guild meeting. I can sit in the corner and knit while they make lace. Mary was gifted with a lace making pillow and some bobbins, this pillow has a history, I believe it was owned by Verla's mother and she wanted Verla to pass it down to a "Young person" and Verla Picked Mary. Mary found Verla on Madison Free Cycle, we put a request in for lace making supplies . Verla says she usually just glances through the site when she saw Mary's request she flipped, when Mary replied to her post, and she found out how old Mary was , she was ecstatic , she call her bobbin lace people and said she had a new pupil , Mary had her first lesson with Verla's niece who is a Sophomore in college,majoring in Ceramics arts.
     Next week  is busy,  Wednesday we  will be seeing Becky, about 11:00am and have lunch in Spring Green at Culver's , Beck has some pictures and such for me, she has going through her mom dad's things and found somethings that she thought I might like to have. I lived with my sister, her mom, for 4 years after our parents died. She was my guardian, till I hit 18. Then we have an appointment in Prairie du Sac. Thursday we have to be in Portage at 9:30am. Enough said about that.
     Well I know I haven't been keeping up like I should,blame Facebook,I got hooked on a game,  Well I finally got a handle on that and hopefully will be back to normal.Will be ducking on out. Talk to you later I promise.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rain, rain

Yes it's pouring out, thunder boomers have been heard on and off. It has been a steady downpour for a good long while. Most of the snow has melted now we are worried about flooding in certain areas around this part of Wisconsin, near Baraboo and the Lake Delton area. I can still remember seeing the sight of those homes going into Lake Delton, just sliding off in to the river, not a pretty sight.
   Seems we have allergy and cold season here. Not sure what it is, I thought it was a spring time cold, Rob and Chuck and I have been afflicted by. Mary seems to have been spared.Chicken soup season. and wouldn't you know it the temp is dropping, snow and ice,Mary and I have to go clean this afternoon, and I have to get some groceries, I hope the car well be dried out by then, Guess who forgot to close her window last night, and the rain started before I was fully awake this morning, I was out there at 6:00 am putting towels in the van 's drivers seat. Thinking warm thoughts that it will be dried before we leave this afternoon, Hey it won't hurt,
   The wind picked up for awhile sounded like a jet going overhead. Well let's see I am going to grab a hot chocolate and a sandwich and get ready to go, So I will be ducking on out for awhile, talk to you later.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday early afternoon

For some reason my cold came back with a vengeance this morning. I took Alka-Seltzer Flu as this has generic Tylenol in it, which I am allowed. Seems to have helped, no lowing nose or coughing for awhile now.The house is strangely quiet for a Saturday afternoon. Rob and Chuck are resting and Mary is doing schoolwork, Me, well I'll be back to knitting when I finish this post. It's cool out about 48 F and sunny, a nice day. Considering doing some yard work before the next snow gets here, sometime next week. Ah the joys of Spring in Wisconsin.
   Checked out when the Sheep and Wool Festival is September 8-10 at the same time as the Quilting Expo in Madison.Crazy time, Mary is working on a Quilt for a friend of hers she is doing The"Minnesota Blizzard" design looks gorgeous.Also she is knitting a shawl, a pattern from Alison Hyde's book "Wrapped in Comfort".
Craft wise we are busy people. I need to get a few pictures on here , wonder what will be next. Well I am ducking out for awhile , talk to you later.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Pat's Day

Well it's St. Patrick's day and I have manages to get rid of our Organ and music to go with it, cleans out the corner of the dining room, if I could persuade hubby to hook up the dish washer there would be even more room in the dining room, (the new dish washer resides in the dining room,can't really use it there.)
The gentleman who picked up the Organ was prepared for it , I was afraid that he might bring a van, but came with a trailer and a flat dolly, and extra help. He was very pleasant and made using free cycle a pleasant experience.He wants to teach his self the Organ, his children are musical. Happy that it goes to a good home.
Mary and I will be going into Prairie du Sac, later this afternoon for a couple of appointments hope to be back by 6:30 pm, makes a full day for me. Saw the specialist today, he told me everything was normal, he expected to see some blood now and than , caused by the radiation treatments I had nearly 13 years ago .Given the same spiel , no heavy lifting (over 25lbs), take breaks if I am doing mopping or prolonged vacuuming. Rest when needed I thought this kind of thing was over ,guess not , he said to expect this for the rest of my life. Hmmm.
I am working on baby blankets for Brooke's son Zachery Tyler and Jacob's son Jared (my sister Kitty's grandchildren)My great-great-grand nephews, I think. Zachery's is being done in Plymouth's yarns Dreamland yarn in a light blue, Jared's is being done in Bernat's Softee baby in blue and white , hopefully they will get them by Easter.
I know , where's Mary's poncho ? still working on it. Well best duck on out and get to the knitting, talk to you later.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, what next?

Hubby received his bonus today, he asked me what I would like a new energy  saving washer and dryer or a new kitchen floor. It's hard to choose. I really need a new floor, and the washer and dryer although old still function fine. But energy efficient hard decision, How about some new needles and yarn storage , a ball winder, upstairs floor in the hall , doors on two of the rooms , and railing for the steps upstairs, my dish washer put in and and a new garbage disposal ? I know, I dream big,but a gal gotta do something, lol. Will see what happens, muat rest head is ready to explode. Short and sweet,unlike me short and crabby.Talk to you later ducking on out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday sunny , why now?

OUCH, well that's a new start to the day, Charlie horse cramps in both legs. Not pleasant, I have been walking Simba since Sunday, had to give it up yesterday cause of the new snow we received, it should be gone tonight.Head issues is not new news, But the migraine is in the 10+ catagory, really get off the computer, hmm it could make my head hurt more, nah, today is a Chinese food day, have headache will eat.Computer , well it gives me chance to be silly a bit and that helps.
 I am so ready for spring, finally thought it was coming fast, till waking up yesterday with it snowing huge , heavy wet flakes, of white.  Now the sun is shining. and the glare off the snow hurts, hopefully we will be back to the lovely mud color soon, Spring means mud, heard cranes talking to each other this morning, and saw Geese flying North, Rob said he saw his first Robin of the year, All good news , 10 days till official arrival of Spring.
On the knitting front , had to rip out three starts for a simple dish cloth pattern, should of been a heads up,that head pain was on it's way, Finally got it going making sure to use markers like the pattern suggested, I was searching frantically last night for my small marker box, finally found it, when Hubby ask what the problem was.Still looking longingly at Mary's poncho. It won't take long to finish it, if I would just get at it. Back to Hubby I said I was missing a small box of stitch markers and he looked at me like I had lost it, well maybe I had, I took everything out of my knitting bag and a couple of other project bags and finally found it in my purse. Don't ask me how it got there, I don't remember putting it there. I have a pair of Irish Lepercauns living here and you just don't know where things will land. The wee folk mess with me during this time of year,  as long as I don't hear a Banshee and see the black coach things are fine.Ducking on out to fix lunch for Hubby . Talk to you later.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday Late afternoon

Well things are quiet here, everyone is resting but me, Grandma's funeral is over and a gathering is plan for tonight with the kin from Arkansas and Chuck's sister Janet from Washington State. We are getting together to share memories and eat, to me it's like a Irish wake sort of thing, except a little milder.It's been a long week, and I am relieved it's over. Will things be normal? In this house , not likely. We are cleaning out the garage and the old kitchen, Plus I've started some spring cleaning. OK  so that should be a new paragraph ,oops.
Mary and I are planning on getting our ends trimmed and starting to do some walking, with this will come a gradual change in our diet. We will be getting healthier, Ash Wednesday is also upon us, What will I give up for Lent, I know it's a Catholic thing but it doesn't hurt anyone, I am going to give up Soda pop, I love my Dr.Pepper and if I can do 40 days without it I can give it up for good, better for me.
As for the knitting still working on Mary's poncho ,also  working on dish cloths for the Farmer's Market that opens soon, 1 down many more to go. Will ducking on out for awhile promise it won't be as long.
Talk to you later.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Night Remembering

Thursday night ,Chuck's mom passed away, things will be quiet here for the next week or so as we reflect on Geneva's life and remember her Saturday March 5 2011 as we lay her to rest with Ned.her husband who preceded her in Oct. 2001, Your free  from Alzheimer's and enjoying catching up with Ned and your dog Stomper. You will be sadly missed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, gloomy day

Wednesday afternoon, kitchen will be crowded soon. Rob is making Country Fried Steak with Biscuits, a first for him. His meat loaf experiment came off very well on Monday night, he made one with a recipe and another with his own ideas. both came off well, personally I like his version better. As with most since I didn't cook I got to clean up.
Mary is waiting for me to post pictures, (I need help with this) so here are picture of her quilt block and the roses Chuck got me for Valentine's day,

Excuse my messy kitchen, we are still in the process of cleaning things up.

The colors are fall and the patterns are maple leaves. We are placing Mary's quilt block above the entrance
 to the living room, with 2 sconces.

                                                                                      These are the Beautiful roses that hubby gave for
                                                                                           Valentines Day. Simply gorgeous. Now to
                                                                                            work on pictures of the earrings.Soon I

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day After

My Valentines day started just like any other day except for Chuck and I wishing each other Happy Valentines as he left for work. I got up went and started to pay bills and get groceries around 7:30 am, got Mary up for school and things where going ok. Than about 10:30 the doorbell rings and I am thinking there is only one person who rings the bell, my arch enemy, I am getting a little furious as I go to the door only to be met by my husband with a dozen roses in a vase. I wanted to cry he told me to go and change clothes we were going to have a day out. We had lunch at the Claddaugh Pub and there he gave me a beautiful pair of sterling silver emerald earrings on french wires with a Celtic circle of eternity and the Claddaugh symbol. (two hands holding a heart). Then we went and walked in West Town Mall, bought some dead sea salt, and had a good look around. I had a beautiful day with my very thoughtful husband. Pictures will be coming just as soon as I figure out where the cord is.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday morning Sun?

Welcome to Wisconsin, ouch, it's darn right nippy put this morning, lots to do.
They (the weathermen) are talking temps in the upper 20's today with a few snow flurries, with sun shine this morning and clouds this afternoon, Temp now is -7.

Mary finished her first quilt project , looks very nice and I'll be putting a picture on soon, has fall colours in it.She is going to go through G-mas fabric stash in the attic, maybe we will find some neat things. G-ma is a pack rat and I can't ask what's up there as she has Alzheimer's to the point where is aphasic(no speech). Very sad.
Today I am working on my desk area, I would post a picture but I am a little embarrassed, quite messy at this point finding things I forgot I lost.
Well ducking out for now will be back a little later

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sunny Tuesday morning

It's cold, three above zero, The sun is shining and it looks like it might be warm , but it isn't.
Got most things I planned on doing done yesterday, except for cleaning the downstairs bathroom I have putting that off for awhile.Knitting is a distinct possibility today, a few hours maybe. We do have some appointments later this afternoon and then work for a couple of hours after that.Random thoughts do not a paragraph make.
Archie is trying to bury his food dish, I ran out of kitty treats and I think he is upset with me.He just went to where I had put a new bag of food in the storage container and meowed looking like "OK so what's with having the old stuff in my dish" Sorry Master ,this humble servant won't do it again.
Mary is working on her shawl, it's being done with a Lace weight, Blue-Green Madeline Tosh Brand yarn. Being done on size 9 Addi Turbo's 40 inch circulars. Colorway , well I'll have to ask, I know that it is a merino blend superwash. Back to the salt mines. Ducking on out at least I'm not bouncing off the walls today.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday morning busy

Yes, the Packers won the Super Bowl!!, We can now lead normal lives again.
Have many things to do today, phone calls have made and appointments set up and posted on the calender by my desk.
Hoping to go to the Garden expo this coming weekend. Mary and I would like to go and see what's new, and possibly get some advice.
Things to do : laundry, dishes, clean the down stairs bathroom,making supper,fix the vacuum, coupon clipping. Things done:appointments made, about 7 of them, kitty litter box cleaned, cardboard removed from porch and recycled , pops can placed in large black bag and stashed in the garage, lunch made, living room picked up and menu's planned for week.Doesn't seem like much but with everything done there was 2 or more things associated with it.
Wouldn't be nice to have a maid or a house that cleaned itself ?
We are experiencing a few snow flurries, I am wondering when I am going to get a chance to sit down and knit with out being interrupted to finish something up.
I am at the point where I understand that bumper sticker "I knit so I won't kill someone" I am bouncing off the walls, well that's it for right now II am bouncing on out for awhile . Talk to you Later.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday afternoon -before the game

I am sitting here in my corner in the kitchen, the football game will be starting in about 4 1/2 hours, thinking what to take upstairs with me
so I can get away from the game , knitting paraphernalia, something to drink and eat and maybe a book or too. 3 hours doesn't seem like a long time ,but it is. When I watch the game I scream and yell, and my blood pressure shoots through the ceiling , so I am eliminating the game.
Yesterday I spent 3 hours in the Emergency room with mega migraine, my blood pressure was 169 over 99 not good. The pain went down and so did the b/p. Don't want it high again.
So it will be me vs. Mary's poncho. Mary is saying some Wolfen Rain dvd's. We will see. Going to get some lunch and got to work first see you later. Ducking on out ,Kris.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday night wind storm

Well it is official we have blizzard warnings, supposedly not as bad as south eastern Wisconsin and Chicago, but at least 8-10 inches of snow tonight, maybe sunshine tomorrow afternoon.
When Mary and I Came home from work tonight some of the roads where drifted almost close , I would hate to see what it's like out in the country.
The camera came this afternoon , the battery is charged , and Chuck tried it out , so now Mary and I can take it and use it, world be prepared we are going to post pictures very soon. It's very close to bedtime , I know 8:00 seems kinda whimpy , but we have a hard day, so I bid you a good night. Ducking on out, talk to you later.

Tuesday afternoon, waiting patiently?

Here it is Feb .1st . And what am I waiting patiently for, a new camera. Hubby order it from Amazon and called me this morning to be on the watch out for a package, gave me the routing number, and instructions to call the Post Office , because it was suppose to be on the truck today. It didn't come in the regular mail , called the post office and they said it might be on the speedy truck at 1:30 this afternoon, will see. What does this camera mean, it means at, least to me that I can start putting pictures on my drab little blog and show the world what my humble little corner of Wisconsin looks like.oh, yes and pictures of my knitting projects and Mary's crafting. She has made to head bands now , one for her and one for me, came right in time , because we just had 5 inches of snow last night and are expecting much more this evening and tomorrow . I can hear the wind picking up now, and I am not looking forward to going out in it this evening, we have to clean tonight, at least we don't have to leave town.
Progress on the Poncho has come to a halt , hurting hands and having an urge to do some much needed house cleaning has something to do with it. As of now I have cleaned out the refrigerator,and nothing to nasty was growing inside, I had a couple of spills of barbecue sauce, nasty sticky stuff.
Back to the knitting,I guess I had better get at it again now , I always feel calmer when I have been knitting, kind of need it now, Well best duck on out for awhile, talk to you later.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday night, after work

Cough , cough , sniffle, Everyone home ill today,still have to work though.
Found somethings I have been looking for , for about 4 years, some tin serving trays, the kind you would have used in the Army, got them at a garage sale 4 summers ago, found on them on the top shelve in the garage in a tub I was getting down for Mary to use. You never know where things will pop up around here.
Mary is still working on my headband, her quilting class got called do to not being able to get up the instructors drive way this morning.Terri called and said it wasn't cleared , it had snowed over night and was slippery.In two weeks then.
Doing laundry, sounds like some of it is done brb. ok lets see what else. Plenty of house work to do before any knitting is getting done, that just isn't right, but we need some dishes and clean towels.
so much to do , so little time to knit. Best stop complaining and get to it, the I can sit and do the knitting, best duck on out and get it done. talk to you later.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday afternoon, no delight.

Stupid songs running through my brain, I hear "sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight", sooo old.
My lapsitter has arrived ,Archie, has determined this is " time to pet the cat " and
get covered in cat hair. Doesn't matter how often I brush him he still sheds. (If you ever get any knitted items from me a little bit of Archie will be there too.) My legs are starting to fall asleep.
Mary rescued me, says he is purring like a motor boat. No knitting currently going on, Mary is knitting me a head band for outside, and I am still working on her poncho. I am going to ask Chuck if I can borrow his camera and post some pictures of what Our fair city looks like in the gray and gloomy winters light. Might try to capture some of the wild life around here. Such as the "Wooly Bear." Known as Robi, and a few other locals.The snow lion known as Simba, BRB gotta make some supper here,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday late afternoon

"No rest for the wicked."Not that I've done some thing wrong , but it seems I get really crabby when I am going to have a cold and I really don't want to many people around, hubby was super sweet in that when he called at 9:00am I sounded bad enough he came home from work and brought me breakfast, yes , he spoils me.
Nothing on the knitting front, just too tired and constantly blowing the nose dosen't lead to a good atmosphere for knitting, it is 5:00pm and I am going to get some chicken soup and go to bed , Ducking on out till tomorrow talk to you later. Kris

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday night, achoos

Still sneezing away here , nice and toasty sitting in my chair with my lap robe and a warm computer and a happy cat. If we had a fire place it would make a cozy picture cat curled up on the love boy , dog on his pillow both snoozing away hubby in his chair watching tv and drinking his diet orange crush, (should be hot chocolate). Me with my knitting and laptop computer. kids upstairs , one doing home work the other cleaning her room.
Mary has about 20 inches done on her scarf, pretty good, she is using Lion Brand's Jiffy thick and quick, color Claret, using a plain garter stitch. For someone who has been knitting less than a week she is doing very well.
She has a mentor for bobbin lace. She belongs to the Badger lace guild and a larger organization.She is looking to get Mary some help in getting supplies and such.
Than Mary's back to her quilting next week, busy kid. AH yes we forgot the library on Monday's.
Well back to the poncho.... best duck on out for awhile, talk to you later

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, cozy under my blanket

Woke up this morning with a upset hubby, it's not the first time won't be the last, something I forgot to do yesterday .When he called at his usual time this morning he sounded sick, like his cold finally bit hard, we will see if he comes home early. Poor guy!,
Mary found someone In Monona to help with the bobbin lace, person says she has been doing it for 18 years. Yea!! on that.
It's a grey and gloomy day, makes you want to honker down with a larger pot of tea and a good book and do some knitting. Being a MOM on the warpath today , told Mary it's about time to clean your room. Have to do the same with Rob. So those two will be upset with me today. I am ducking out for awhile hopt to talk to you soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Evening Pain

It's been 2 weeks since I last posted, things have been running pretty normal, or as normal for us.
We all have had our fair share of the "creeping crud" these last few weeks, Chuck has a nasty cold, Rob is having tummy trouble, Mary has had more than her fair share of Migraines and today I woke up with a nasty migraine and a severe case of gout in my left leg. So we are all kind of Grumpy , thank heavens for Spell Check,.
Mary is done with school for the semester she has a week off since she has done her finals already. Letting a teenager be a teenager, she wants to go to the craft store and to the used book stores, she is looking for a bobbin lace making pillow, and thread . and just some good books to read. She completed her Tolkien collection at Christmas.
I am still working on Mary's poncho and a making some dish cloths, need some, Mary wants to have a table at the Local Farmer's Market which open at the end of April, her goal is to sell $20.00 worth of things she has made herself, also maybe some flowers or vegetables that we have grown. We have a awning that we can use, and a table. So all we need is product. I believe the fee is like $3.00 for the day to set up a table. Good deal.
Packer news; look likes we will be playing the Chicago Bears next week, another step toward the super bowl.
Snow tomorrow, like we need anymore, I am ready for Spring , thank heavens for seed catalogs
expecting below zero wind chills this coming week. Ug!! What can I say.
Back to the knitting , best duck out and get something for pain relief, talk to you later.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Yea it's Sunday!!

Well the Packers won a place in the play offs, they beat the Chicago Bears. That is good news for now.
Mary and I have been working on the purl stitch took her a little longer to catch on but she finally took off , now she has mastered both the purl and the knit stitch,and the stockinette stitch also.
She is taking a break and playing WOW now. I am going to work on her poncho for awhile I told it's fun to sit and knit with friends. She wants me to call Susan from Susan's fiber for a spinning lesson and to call Terri Echer for quilting, she is going to be quite busy for awhile, she has decided to she wants to run a store where only hand made things are sold, she is interested in doing things the old fashion way by hand, not machine made, that's where the knitting and spinning and quilting comes in, she saw the quality of things be made and also the price they are going for, she wants to know how do to the things just in case we need to fall back on these things, we are planing on planting a garden this year and canning and freezing our food this year.Maybe buying a side of beef and pork and some chickens. Will see. Well ducking on out , I'll talk to you later.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year Day

What a day, got up early for a Saturday,Chuck had it off. Cold and windy,Rob said it was a good thing it wasn' t snowing because we would have blizzard conditions.
I ended up going to the store only to find out it close 5 minutes, before I got there.Aggravating to say the least.Meg shocked Rob with her new scarf I made her and got a jolt off the refrigerator. I kinda feel sorry for her, she is allergic to softners.
Watching repeats of the worst cooks in America.Still can't believe people can't cook. It requires a little patience and the ability to pay attention.
Mary and I had our first knitting lessons, she is a natural I basically,showed her once and she took off, her first project is a book mark.She is using the two tail cast on, and I showed her the cast off after she asked how to prevent from unraveling. maybe I finally have a knitter in the family. Well I am tired and think I need to go to bed. Ducking out talk to you later.

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