Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday already?

Yes, it's been awhile since my last post and I am sorry about that. No excuse really. So shall we try try to get caught up with the goings on at the Phipps house.Lets' see In June Dani decided to move to Louisana, she left officially July11. and Meg and Rob have moved upstairs to the apartment. (Things are going well, the apartment looks gorgeous under Meg's hand.) Lilly is staying with grandparents for a month while Dani gets settle in Louisana.
   That means two things our house is quieter and Mary and I have a craft room.We have started putting things in the room, today was spent getting chairs, lamps and a cutting mat for sewing and quilting.We have table and sewing machine, one chair, a single bed , dresser and some cubes for storage.New curtains need to be put up and we are gathering all the craft supplies from around the house, I have more yarn than I thought, although the Sheep and Wool festival is coming up in September , I won't be getting much more until some of this is made into things .We still need a bookcase for our craft books , both Mary and I have quite a few. We have been able to get most of the furnishing from St. Vincents de Paul, and lots of coupons for places, like Joanne Fabrics and Wisconsin Craft Market, so things like the cutting mat was half priced. The lamps were $7.00and the glider rocker, I want to use for my knitting chair was $15.00, I got a good buy on thermal curtains lined. for $9.00 a panel.from Shopko.The other chairs and table and the sewing machine where things we had already.
  Other news , I am a greatgrand aunt again to a little girl named Kameron Jillany Crase, Jacob and Mckenzie second child. Born on July 5, 2012.My sister, Kathleen, (Kitty) is a happy great grand ma.
I have been working on a light pink baby blanket which I need to finish up.
  WE have had more than our share of hot weather , drought conditions, pretty bad, The weather broke last night with a huge thunderstorm, and it rained all night, which we needed. Our front yard has patches of green grass among the dead patches. Hopefully we will have more rain and things will green up again, I pitty the farmers in the area, Overheard at the local library "the corn isn't even good enough for silage', that's pretty bad.Well pictures will follow soon so I'll duck on out for tonight talk to you soon. Kris

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