Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Already ?

Can't believe it is Wednesday, schools starts here tomorrow, both DD's online high school and the local school system. Fall colours are in the local trees, and the last ditch effort at high temps, Charlie Shortino ,( my favorite weatherman) said that we are expecting 90 degree weather for the beginning of school. DD is happy that she doesn't have to leave the house, while the other kids will be sweltering in the school.
   Today is craft day, DD is busy painting and drilling holes, she making a key holder for me, a simple project,but with her embellishments , I keep misplacing my keys so this is her solution. Now, I need something so I don't loose my glasses (at present they are perched on top of my head). Heaven only knows where they will be by the end of the day!
  DD and I have decided to see how many things we can get done by the end of September, we would like to sell some things at the farmer's market, I am thinking dish clothes , pot holders, and fingerless mitts.She is doing Bobbin Lace book marks , dish clothes, and some quilted things.The Sheep and Wool festival is Sept. 9-11, and we will be attending.I think DD likes to go now more , than in the past, because she can actually do some of the crafts, and know what people are talking about.At seventeen I wanted to be a Nurse working In the ER , Mary wants to have her own craft store, handmade things only, things made with a sewing machine accepted.There goes something off the counter, Archie made a daring leap off, I wonder what's going on.?
  Ah , there is the reason, Archie has located that blasted mouse that has decided to make his home under the kitchen stove. The only critter that has the Cats upset.Living in an old farm keeps them challenged and occasionally I receive a "gift". Well leaving off here, time to make DH's lunsh and run it over to him. TTFN.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Later

Reading the last post, gave me a chance to wonder if I actually knew what I was saying, I am quite tired and to me , as I reread the last post part of it didn't make any sense, again with the babbling, sounding a wee bit , like Yoda, . That's it I am going to take a shower and go to sleep, (have to get up early to grocery shop)doesn't sound serious, but I want to be back from Madison before 10:30 am, if I can help it. Ducking on out,

Sunday, quiet

Yesterday was a busy day, the Soon to be Famous band played a concert for the Maple Bluff Assisted Living Home between Sauk City and Baraboo. We had a good turn out for the band, I would say about 20 or so and the residents enjoyed the music as well as some of the neighbors. We provided the dessert ( I made 5 pans of  bars) and they gave us lunch. I think that was a good trade-off .
   Back at Phipps Central, things are quiet, DH is out on the front porch on his computer , enjoying the breeze and nice temperature, working on his story and some other projects. DS is doing homework and DD is starting to drive dear old mom looney.She wants something warm to eat, her way Of saying "her Casserole" Maybe for supper. I am so close to finishing her poncho, I lack energy at the present and even a short nap hasn't helped much.Still have to go in ado some cleaning tonight , then maybe relax and finish some knitting . I have pictures to post getting them on here is the thing will do soon. I am getting my self a bite to eat before we go. TTFN.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And I hear a chain saw!

Well yes, the neighbors are trimming a huge tree, The tree service truck is in their yard , We have many large trees in our block , some could do serious damage if a limb fell, or if they were to topple during a storm. There is a variety of Hickory, Walnut, Maple, Red Maple Pine, Apple , Purple Ash, and a Tulip Tree on our block. Some are quite old, our two trees in the front are babies compared some of the senior trees here, we have 2 Purple Ashes, around 20 years or more old.
    Summer is winding down , school starts September 1 and I think DD is ready for it to begin , I have pretty much bored to her to tears. She is antsy, My main theme for the last two weeks was cleaning her room, I threaten to put a bio-hazard sign on her bedroom door, She just smiled , well then came the threat  to take her laptop, that got some reaction, she said she'd read her books , countered with the ability to shut the power off to her room. She finally got busy and was amazed by  the 2 bags of garbage she carried out. Personally I though there would be more. She is not finished yet , who knows what will come out of her room, I was pretty sure she had a secret science experiment  growing in there and she was feeding it peanut butter sandwiches. but I haven't seen a sign of anything when I open the door all appeared to be quiet. Hmmm  
    DH has given her , Her next quilting project a king size "Dragon Quilt", she is deciding if it will be pieced or applique, It will keep her busy,
I am backing knitting again, doing some Christmas projects and some other things we need around the house.
Have to run to the grocery store , so I'll sign off for now, ducking on out , be back later.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday , a stay at home day,

This is the first day this week where we haven't been to the Clinic, for DS, he managed to get his sugar down so no need of insulin shots, Thank Heavens. My MOM antenna is still working.  I think no matter what age your child is , you can sense something isn't quite right, no matter what the distance.

   Got news that the company DH works for is giving Flu shots September 12, we will be standing in that line, got them last year and no one was ill with the nasty bugs going around.
   This weekend is Susie's the Duck days, we will be playing in the parade as part of "The Soon To Be Famous Lodi Band" and then maybe gone for the rest of the day, DH's Vacation started at 3:00pm  cst. today, At present he is relaxing watching "Star Trek Voyager" He likes the episodes with the "Q"  character in them. Qyite times for awhile.
   Back to the knitting now, I'll talk to you later,ducking on out.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday , rain

Well it's dark and threatening out, threatening what? Rain, yahoo!! it's a lot cooler than last week , which makes me exceedingly happy and have perhaps enough energy to actually get things accomplished.
   Scary note , DS was commenting to me on his increased input and out put of water and other beverages, his insatiable thirst, and sudden weight loss, out came the diabetic meter and sure enough his sugar is very high, called Clinic got him and now the wait for the outcome of the tests. I am hoping it's not his thyroid , but am afraid he has Diabetes, so it is a wait and see game.
   We made a mad dash today ,(after the Clinic), into Madison, to the Best Buy store to get said son a new computer, he wanted a Gateway, but came home with a Dell, the one he had in mind wasn't available in either store in Madison. He has been busy transferring files to the new one-----Breaking News---- it is official, DS has Diabetes,  Doctor called. He needs to be seen first thing in the morning, since it's been going for  over two weeks, he doesn't need to be seen in the E.R. tonight we are to push the water and he has to eat a banana, (electrolytes) and take a pill. He will be getting insulin in the morning, and the Nurse's at the Clinic will be giving him instructions , and a meter and such. I will be there , because he  asked, ( would be anyway I am  MOM).
   Having trouble settling down to knit anything, well DH gave some gloves for my hands( thergonomics) helps with the tendonitis , no arthritis, Have been doing a few dish clothes, and started a sock, basic dark grey, Yarn Harlot simple pattern. At the Farmer's Market last Friday Mary and I found a new source of Wool Yarn and Roving, she also sells Lamb meat products.Yorkshire Rose farm from Rio, Wi. Hope to see them this Friday. Well got to get moving, talk to you later, ducking on out.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tuesday, I'm up already!!

Woke up at 3:00 am , we have a cat in heat and I feel bad for her, it will soon be over , but please Spazzy , SHUT UP!!!!!, I am starting to knit a pair of Yarn Harlot's simple socks, from her book Knitting Rules?,at this point it's on one needle awaiting to be divided up on the other 3, plain dark gray sock, 2 inches of ribbing than stockinette. I am using this as angry management, having difficulties getting one member of my family out of bed , I woke said person at 10:00am and repeated it till 2:30 when I burst through their bedroom door with threats of impending doom. The look I received was classic, stunned , than "I am having problems getting out of bed"!mmhmm Gee I figured that one out. Teenagers!!
  Hot and Humid, today, we have had more than our fair share of extreme summer weather,Should be getting some thunderstorms soon can't wait. Susie Days are Aug,12, 13 and 14. The Duck will be all over our fair city I hope it's cool, that costume seems to be plenty hot. Fireman festival in Arlington this weekend , we will be playing in both Parades! Ducking on out to put my head on ice. Talk to you later

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