Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday windy and wild

Doing some work outside, I heard a noise akin to a fizzled Fire cracker, you know the sound, like a fire cracker that want dud half way through. What was the source of the sound, the nearby walnut tree. The nuts were falling 2 to 3 at a time not with a gentle plop but a more intense thud. That got the attention of the neighborhood squirrel posse, They have been busy at the next door neighbor's hickory nut tree have a regular feast there, leaving the evidense  all over the sidewalks. Now they are bounding across the street and retrieving the green hulled walnuts back to my yard planting them there for futher treasure hunting during the winter, I am not sure how many walnut tree saplings I pulled up this year but there where a few.
 Charlie Shortino , predicted that the winds would pick up at 1:00 this afternoon and sure enough they did, not a gentle fall breeze but winds strong enough to knock the dead wood out of the neighbors very old maple tree again into my yard, not just your average branches, more along the lines of a fat "pound of love " baby yarn from lion brand or something akin to that. It's going to make a interesting night. We will see the damages in the morning.
  We have found  renters for the apartment. Thank heavens, good news ,  some sad too, there goes my hope for a yarn studio. We have known these young people since my Ds was in highschool and they have saved us at "Breakfast with Santa, many times  by pitching in and helping.Their daughter mentioned the fact now they wouldn't have far to go this year to help us.
  Dani is painting the apartment and doing some other cleaning they should moved in by October 15. More victims to teach knitting too brohahaha. Okay things are getting silly and I need to fix some supper I'll talk to you later.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, quiet week, perhaps

The parade in Wisconsin Dells, was quite nice. The weather was co-operating with gray skies and a light drizzle. When the band had played and was packed up to go home did it decide to rain harder. So what is in store "The Soon to be Famous" , Christmas music, Tuesday night will be a trial run of  our Christmas concert.
   Mary is recuperating from dental surgery quite nicely, we allowed her to take things at her own pace , just reminding her occasionally to eat something. She is back in school and at week four her grades are good. She is taking a digital imagining class , maybe I can convince her to help me get some more pictures  on the blog.
  My friend from Alabama is going to be getting some fingerless Mitts in Notre Dame colors, and maybe a little something extra, I still have a box of books I need to send. it's her Birthday and her guy is giving her a very nice present a trip to the "big easy" and then on to Panama city for a Motor cycle  rally.Well I am off to do some knitting and see what other mischief I can get into. TTFN

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, ouch!!

This morning was a tough one. Started with trying to get Mary out of bed, she has a trip to the oral surgeon this morning to have 4 teeth pulled (3 wisdom , 1 12 year molar). I haven't had any problems getting her lately, usually I knock on her bedroom door and wake her up and tell her "I want to hear your feet hit the floor" as long as she is standing up she stays awake. This morning I was in a bit of a hurry so I just yelled upstairs as I did before, she says she didn't remember me yelling, even though she answered me. We weren't late, for some reason I kept asking her , are you you ready yet. That did it.
  She is home now, resting and is sound a sleep. Best thing thing for now.First thing she wanted when she awoke, was a large drink of water.
  We had a busy weekend , Saturday we went to the Sheep and Wool Festival, I am now the proud owner of a spindle and a signed copy of Catherine Friend's book "Sheepish", I kinda screamed 'I just finished reading that' I think Mary wanted to hide , oh well,I tend to embarrass my kids, on occasion, I get too excited.Onward,
We saw so many spinning wheels , looms and all the wool and roving you would want.I didn't want to leave.
We had plans to go to  a memorial service, at Circle Sanctuary, it was very peaceful, and very moving.Came home and wanted to sleep,
This weekend is a parade at  Wisconsin Dells, (not for Mary),next week Rob is going to see the Rheumatologist, he changed majors at school to IT, . Sometime here Hubby and Son are going to clean out the shop, I think we could have a impromptu garage sale as this weekend is Lodi fall garage sale days.If we wanted to work on the garage. Well Very Tired and I am going to Duck on out,TTFN

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