Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Night Remembering

Thursday night ,Chuck's mom passed away, things will be quiet here for the next week or so as we reflect on Geneva's life and remember her Saturday March 5 2011 as we lay her to rest with Ned.her husband who preceded her in Oct. 2001, Your free  from Alzheimer's and enjoying catching up with Ned and your dog Stomper. You will be sadly missed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, gloomy day

Wednesday afternoon, kitchen will be crowded soon. Rob is making Country Fried Steak with Biscuits, a first for him. His meat loaf experiment came off very well on Monday night, he made one with a recipe and another with his own ideas. both came off well, personally I like his version better. As with most since I didn't cook I got to clean up.
Mary is waiting for me to post pictures, (I need help with this) so here are picture of her quilt block and the roses Chuck got me for Valentine's day,

Excuse my messy kitchen, we are still in the process of cleaning things up.

The colors are fall and the patterns are maple leaves. We are placing Mary's quilt block above the entrance
 to the living room, with 2 sconces.

                                                                                      These are the Beautiful roses that hubby gave for
                                                                                           Valentines Day. Simply gorgeous. Now to
                                                                                            work on pictures of the earrings.Soon I

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day After

My Valentines day started just like any other day except for Chuck and I wishing each other Happy Valentines as he left for work. I got up went and started to pay bills and get groceries around 7:30 am, got Mary up for school and things where going ok. Than about 10:30 the doorbell rings and I am thinking there is only one person who rings the bell, my arch enemy, I am getting a little furious as I go to the door only to be met by my husband with a dozen roses in a vase. I wanted to cry he told me to go and change clothes we were going to have a day out. We had lunch at the Claddaugh Pub and there he gave me a beautiful pair of sterling silver emerald earrings on french wires with a Celtic circle of eternity and the Claddaugh symbol. (two hands holding a heart). Then we went and walked in West Town Mall, bought some dead sea salt, and had a good look around. I had a beautiful day with my very thoughtful husband. Pictures will be coming just as soon as I figure out where the cord is.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday morning Sun?

Welcome to Wisconsin, ouch, it's darn right nippy put this morning, lots to do.
They (the weathermen) are talking temps in the upper 20's today with a few snow flurries, with sun shine this morning and clouds this afternoon, Temp now is -7.

Mary finished her first quilt project , looks very nice and I'll be putting a picture on soon, has fall colours in it.She is going to go through G-mas fabric stash in the attic, maybe we will find some neat things. G-ma is a pack rat and I can't ask what's up there as she has Alzheimer's to the point where is aphasic(no speech). Very sad.
Today I am working on my desk area, I would post a picture but I am a little embarrassed, quite messy at this point finding things I forgot I lost.
Well ducking out for now will be back a little later

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sunny Tuesday morning

It's cold, three above zero, The sun is shining and it looks like it might be warm , but it isn't.
Got most things I planned on doing done yesterday, except for cleaning the downstairs bathroom I have putting that off for awhile.Knitting is a distinct possibility today, a few hours maybe. We do have some appointments later this afternoon and then work for a couple of hours after that.Random thoughts do not a paragraph make.
Archie is trying to bury his food dish, I ran out of kitty treats and I think he is upset with me.He just went to where I had put a new bag of food in the storage container and meowed looking like "OK so what's with having the old stuff in my dish" Sorry Master ,this humble servant won't do it again.
Mary is working on her shawl, it's being done with a Lace weight, Blue-Green Madeline Tosh Brand yarn. Being done on size 9 Addi Turbo's 40 inch circulars. Colorway , well I'll have to ask, I know that it is a merino blend superwash. Back to the salt mines. Ducking on out at least I'm not bouncing off the walls today.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday morning busy

Yes, the Packers won the Super Bowl!!, We can now lead normal lives again.
Have many things to do today, phone calls have made and appointments set up and posted on the calender by my desk.
Hoping to go to the Garden expo this coming weekend. Mary and I would like to go and see what's new, and possibly get some advice.
Things to do : laundry, dishes, clean the down stairs bathroom,making supper,fix the vacuum, coupon clipping. Things done:appointments made, about 7 of them, kitty litter box cleaned, cardboard removed from porch and recycled , pops can placed in large black bag and stashed in the garage, lunch made, living room picked up and menu's planned for week.Doesn't seem like much but with everything done there was 2 or more things associated with it.
Wouldn't be nice to have a maid or a house that cleaned itself ?
We are experiencing a few snow flurries, I am wondering when I am going to get a chance to sit down and knit with out being interrupted to finish something up.
I am at the point where I understand that bumper sticker "I knit so I won't kill someone" I am bouncing off the walls, well that's it for right now II am bouncing on out for awhile . Talk to you Later.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday afternoon -before the game

I am sitting here in my corner in the kitchen, the football game will be starting in about 4 1/2 hours, thinking what to take upstairs with me
so I can get away from the game , knitting paraphernalia, something to drink and eat and maybe a book or too. 3 hours doesn't seem like a long time ,but it is. When I watch the game I scream and yell, and my blood pressure shoots through the ceiling , so I am eliminating the game.
Yesterday I spent 3 hours in the Emergency room with mega migraine, my blood pressure was 169 over 99 not good. The pain went down and so did the b/p. Don't want it high again.
So it will be me vs. Mary's poncho. Mary is saying some Wolfen Rain dvd's. We will see. Going to get some lunch and got to work first see you later. Ducking on out ,Kris.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday night wind storm

Well it is official we have blizzard warnings, supposedly not as bad as south eastern Wisconsin and Chicago, but at least 8-10 inches of snow tonight, maybe sunshine tomorrow afternoon.
When Mary and I Came home from work tonight some of the roads where drifted almost close , I would hate to see what it's like out in the country.
The camera came this afternoon , the battery is charged , and Chuck tried it out , so now Mary and I can take it and use it, world be prepared we are going to post pictures very soon. It's very close to bedtime , I know 8:00 seems kinda whimpy , but we have a hard day, so I bid you a good night. Ducking on out, talk to you later.

Tuesday afternoon, waiting patiently?

Here it is Feb .1st . And what am I waiting patiently for, a new camera. Hubby order it from Amazon and called me this morning to be on the watch out for a package, gave me the routing number, and instructions to call the Post Office , because it was suppose to be on the truck today. It didn't come in the regular mail , called the post office and they said it might be on the speedy truck at 1:30 this afternoon, will see. What does this camera mean, it means at, least to me that I can start putting pictures on my drab little blog and show the world what my humble little corner of Wisconsin looks like.oh, yes and pictures of my knitting projects and Mary's crafting. She has made to head bands now , one for her and one for me, came right in time , because we just had 5 inches of snow last night and are expecting much more this evening and tomorrow . I can hear the wind picking up now, and I am not looking forward to going out in it this evening, we have to clean tonight, at least we don't have to leave town.
Progress on the Poncho has come to a halt , hurting hands and having an urge to do some much needed house cleaning has something to do with it. As of now I have cleaned out the refrigerator,and nothing to nasty was growing inside, I had a couple of spills of barbecue sauce, nasty sticky stuff.
Back to the knitting,I guess I had better get at it again now , I always feel calmer when I have been knitting, kind of need it now, Well best duck on out for awhile, talk to you later.

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