Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday , quiet times

It's Sunday evening , it's been a beautiful day, cool and sunny, real autumn weather, our leaves are starting to turn , gorgeous reds, golds and oranges.
Yesterday we went to the Whistling winds Alpaca farm , it's 1.5 miles from here. Now I know where to go to get a alpaca fix. Such beautiful babies, all different colors. whites, brown's, gray's.and some other colors. They had rovings and skirting plus yarn. so soft.
Lots of shopping done we hit 6 stores yesterday, Farm and Fleet for kitty litter, good buy at 80 lbs. of Tidy cat for $10.00 Plus pecans, walnuts and cashews .Half -Price books, got a couple of movies(National Treasures one and two)Wisconsin Craft market for some knitting notions. Then to Sam's for groceries and again to Woodmans, and finally to The Frugal muse Bookstore. Cookbooks. very busy.
Mary has said she would take some pictures of the alpacas for me so that we can put their pictures on here. Going to knit. Talk to you later.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

a full day ahead

Saturday is finally here and I am going to enjoy it , Slight breeze ,partly sunny, high today around 58, can't beat that.
After we do the recycle , we will head out toward the alpaca farm days on Ryan road, then onto Madison to do much needed grocery shopping , a stop at Half Price Books ,which is across the way from Wisconsin Craft Market, yarn of course, just some for sock knitting, something in a quiet solid
Last night I was working a basic generic sock pattern, after and inch I managed to drop 6 stitches in a row and couldn't get them back on the needle properly, Frustrating at the least. Working on a small cream color baby blanket, and Mary's poncho. You know it would be a beautiful day to sit and knit outside, will see, Got to go will talk to you later.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday headache

Here it is early Friday morning and I can't sleep, had a bit of scare, I went to take my shower earlier and when I moved my right hand it seemed my eyes created movement in slow motion/ time elapse. In coming migraine, than the numbness in the arms and speech problems tried to talk to Mary about the show we were watching Alton Brown's Good Eats. Finally gave up and called it a night, then the pain hit. Haven't had a bad one like this in months, I think it was caused by the fluctuation in the weather, it has been going from hot to cool all week , right now it's 74 out but we are suppose to drop to the low sixties by morning , highs yesterday was in the mid- 80's.
Otherwise I feel pretty good for a change. The usual stuff is quiet now, (fibromalaysia) thank heavens.
Knitting ,I think that's what I 'll do in a bit , found a owl hat pattern on raverly , that I want to try and work on a baby blanket too.
Saturday is National Alpaca day, and our local alpaca farm is having a open house, Mary and I will be going , they have Suri alpacas, which we will be seeing up close. Hopefully we will have a good camera and I'll post some pictures. The local paper had a good article about the national alpaca farm days.
Must do grocery shopping this weekend we are getting low on things , like peanut butter and toilet paper, and macaroni noodles, to name a few things, also want to go the farmers market later today,also meat market. well I am going to try my hand at knitting we will see where it goes. Talk to you later.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

friday, garage sales days

We started out going to garage sales but by the third one Mary and I were feeling not so good Mary had gotten a headache and I just felt bad all over especially my back, not the bones, around the kidneys. Decided to go home and rest by 11:00am I knew something was wrong , my back ache horrible, I was nauseous, and in was having trouble breathing, Called DH and he came from work and took me to the University Hospital in Madison. Kidney infection, spent a couple of hours getting re hydrated and anti nausea medicines plus pain killers. Still not feeling to hot here Saturday afternoon. At least I know why things weren't going well for some time now.
I am going to try to knit some hats for the charity group I've joined. If I can keep my stomach from acting up. If isn't one thing it's another. Talk to you later

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Tired but happy, DH and I went looking for a new dining room table and chairs, WE found them at the Saint Vincents on Odana in Madison, they don't match each other, but it's a nice combination of old and new. Also found a dryer for the garage, seems like natural gas dryers are hard to find. I finds totaled less than 250.00 for the day , 1 table that has 4 leaves and 8 chairs and a dyer.
Now for a small report on the Sheep and wool festival, We were fortunate to have nice day, we left a little bit before 9 and got there about 10:30 , 5.00 Admission fee, got a half way decent parking space. found the restrooms and then proceeded to the vendor area , Lots more vendors then in the previous year.Some of our favorites, like Susan's Fiber, and Blackberry from Mount Horeb, Sally's Pallet from Mineral Point and lots more, also Ewetopia from Viroqua, . Mary bought some angora and some pretty blue roving to spin plus a cook book, I found the ultra small needles I have been looking for and got a good buy on some Cascade yarn.Stopped at Avol's bookstore, we won't go back.Came home tired but happy.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday windy

Woke up at 5 this morning only to hear that we have a wind advisory from 10:00am this morning to 7:00 pm this evening. windy it is, 70 mile gusts , feels like are own hurricane , only in the mid-west.Grey and gloomy feels like rain. My joints and head are aching like crazy, Don't think it had anything to do with the flu shots, the whole family got them this morning, through Hubby's company. DD got the mist. She is doing well in school keeping ahead of things.
We will be going to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson on Friday as it looks like rain in the forecast for Saturday, I am not fond of traipsing through the mud.DD looked up when the vendor markets open , seems to be 10:00 am so we will leave here about 9:00.
Had spaghetti for supper, had chicken last night, must think of something good for tomorrow, such picky eaters. Band tonight, I am not going Not feeling the best. Maybe some knitting to calm my body down, I can feel winter coming and it's going to be along one. Talk to you later Today is yesterdays tomorrow and tomorrow never comes.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday blues

Man what a day, I had to bug out of taking DH's lunch to him today. And anything else involving leaving the house. My body is acting up doesn't like the meds they put me on.
It is down right chilly here today, when hubby went to work it was 58 and now it maybe 59 if we are lucky, got my iron workers hoodie on now. helps take the chill out of the air. Suppose to warm up by Tuesday of next week.
Real good knitting weather ,may get at the things I need done.Mary's poncho Sarah's blanket and tons of other projects. Awhile go I mentioned that I was going to Organize my knitting needles, well I did, but my pal Archie decided to jump on the table I had them in a box on and knock them kit and caboodle off the table. Exasperation ! at least I was in sound mind when I rubber banded the pairs together, so at least I won't have find pairs again.
The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend, getting excited, there is so much we want to go and see, Mary is going with me, she wants to get some more roving. Me, I want to see what's new and get a few things . They are selling meat from non-fiber worthy sheep also. There are classes to take but they are so expensive , maybe I am a cheap skate.I like looking at all the booths, I am going to take a break, will be back later.

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