Monday, September 08, 2008

september sighs

Where has the time gone? Here it is already September and school has started and the Sheep and Wool festival was last weekend. Mary has gotten taller and is enjoying going to school from home, She is attending IQ Academy out of Waukesha and is doing very good in algebra. Hubby is putting long hours in at his job, and I am helping out by doing the cleaning job with Mary. Give him a break.

Oh yes, we now have a functioning hot tub, situated on the front porch.Still struggling on the knitting projects, We have some more pictures to post . Picked up some lovely wool yarn, I think I am going to make a carry all with it. Mary bought a new spindle and some alpaca fleece to spin , so soft. I also got a new book, knitting who done it, call 'Cast on, Bets off by Jack Olesker' , pretty good as usual I finished it in one sitting, Mary is forever showing me something new on the computer.
Pictures are of Spazzy, the grey cat and Archimedes Luna Diana Jiji Yuya , the orange cat who we call Archie for short, and Simba, our lovable mutt.
More to follow, hopefully soon. (while still needing Mary to watch over my shoulder and state the obvious when posting pictures.)

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