Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday thunderstorms

It's lightly raining , earlier we had rolling thunder and lightening, Charlie Shortino gave us the weather this morning that we had storms coming in on and off today and tomorrow. Charlie is my favorite weather person, he is on Channel 15, NBC, at 4:30AM every morning. Been watching him for a long time now.
   It appears to be a quiet day, so far no hassles, I know it's 8:00am , so nothing much can happen, but you never know.My plans for the day involve cleaning and defrosting the freezer and refrigerator. I need to do some serious grocery shopping on Friday, afternoon , so this needs to be done and it's garbage day so out it goes!
   After that will be some knitting, socks and dish cloths, hats and mittens and one long overdue poncho, that is if I am left alone for awhile. stopping for the morning ,need some breakfast, talk to you later ducking on out now.

Friday, July 08, 2011

July 6 th and the 8th

Today started out with the urge to stay in bed, if it wasn't for the fact that we were dangerously low on a few necessity's I would of stayed there longer. Toilet tissue and peanut butter are two things that we never want to run out of, wouldn't be pleasant, let me tell you.So to make a long story short, Mary I went into Madison to do some shopping, getting Mary going in the morning is akin to pulling teeth with a pair of tweezers, just ain't gonna happen without the well meaning bribe, "I am going into Madison and stopping at the Frugal Muse" got her up and moving. The Frugal Muse is one of the favorite used book stores we frequent, in fact the one on Sherman Ave. is one of my favorite book stores , it has that bookstore feel, although things are perfectly marked, it invites you to look and it has that "relaxed" feel to it.
   The knitting book department is lacking though, used knitting books are found at Half-Price bookstores, they seem to have a surplus of new ones also.I am on the lookout for Barbara Walker and Elizabeth Zimmerman books and Alton Brown's cookbooks.Also a large book on knitting ,but the name escapes me, I know it was in high demand a few years ago, it's out- of- print, and it was on Ebay for close to $400.00 at one time. It's like the principles of knitting or something like that.
  Today is Friday, not sure what happen to my post , but I found it and am adding to it, DH started  his week of vacation at 3:01  this afternoon. Not sure what is going to happen, or where we will be going, I am thinking mostly day trips.On another note it is Lodi Fair time and it's a noisy madhouse on our usually quiet block. The fair is just up the block, and parking is at a premium , there is music for the next three nights with a demolition derby on Saturday night, don't try to sleep till after midnight. The Police presents is intensified at this time, due to underage attempts at drinking, last year, one of our deputies was arresting a person of interest who resisted and the Deputy was hurt bad enough he was on medical leave for 6 months. Some peoples kids!!
   I need to do some cooking , so I'll duck on out and get back to you later.

Monday, July 04, 2011

July 4th, Freedom Day

Thank Heavens we live in a country with a Constitution of Freedom.Some people don't realize how blessed we are.!!

    On another note the up stair's apartment is cleaned and will be totally empty tonight. We washed walls and floors  this week, Whoop-s sill have to vacuum out the kitchen drawers. The cats were taken to the Humane Society, all the shelters around are in the mist of "kitten season" they have a better chance of getting adopted, because they are spayed and declawed.

  Mary has finished tying her quilt, she has to sew the binding down and then it goes out in the mail along with some bobbin lace book marks , the lace shawl is having a timeout ,I have to review YO's I seem to being having trouble with them. Feel silly about that after all the knitting I have done.
   Mary says that she wants to learn how to knit socks. I use dp needles, so we will see what ay she chooses.
Also the colors we will be unique to her , can't wait to see.
   Next Saturday is Knit Cro group on Thursday and Bobbin Lace on Saturday , DH has vacation the week of July 11-15, Surprises abound, we'll see what happens, day trips  believe.
  Fixing Chicken Alfredo for supper with garlic bread and a lettuce salad. Ice Cream for dessert.Smells good in here, (my office is in the Kitchen) trying some Emeril's Italian seasoning on chicken breast I am cooking for the Alfredo. Well got to go clean , hopefully will talk to you later. Ducking on out for now.

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