Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another June Sunday

A beautiful Sunday afternoon, somewhat warm and a tad bit on the humid side. Compared to what the the last week was weather wise this was a blessing. We have has our share of thunderstorms and high winds, with nasty high temps and unbearable humidity. Next week promises a welcome relief. About time.
I am a great-great aunt to Jared Jeffery born on Father's day. My sister says he is 6 weeks premature, but holding his own. Maybe I can focus on knitting something for him. I have boy colors. I am also working on Mary's poncho, I rip it out and started with a fresh skein of yarn, Looking much better now. I have enough projects going on to keep me out of trouble for awhile.
Took to cleaning the dining room on Friday, declaring that I would have it finished by the next friday(July 2) I managed to discover some hidden object a picture that belongs to Cathy, that Grandma said she lost, and a bag of Sugar and Cream yarn. Mary went through her Children's books and we passed some on to the next door neighbors. Have some things that need to go charity on Monday, a trip to Sauk to St. Vincents.Hopefully I'll have the job done by Wednesday.
Tuesday I see Doc F. for the cough, the stuff Doc S. prescribed seems to be doing a better job the Doc. F's .Will see the hematologist on July 7. Take it from there.
Chuck has vacation time coming up around the 2nd week in July. a much needed rest for him.
He has been working 7 day weeks for almost a year now.
Nick , my youngest nephew (at 49) is finally married, Her name is Valerie , and she is a keeper. Hopefully she'll keep him on the straight and narrow.He said that not only was he a husband now, he was a father and a grand father too. I wonder can I claim the children as great nieces. and nephews..
Well folks that's all for now

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13,2010

Reread the tirade I let loose on May 15, things have changed some , Found out my heart is OK, the heart valve is working properly. I am getting some help, finally. The cough I have is finally being dealt with, with a visit on Wednesday the 16, with the pulmonary department at the hospital. then in July we will be seeing the hematologist oncology, on the call back list. Doc says there is a good chance it is not cancer(no white cells involved).When things went bad they did in a hurry..
So this week is international knit in public week, should do something , doing just plain garter stitch dish clothes, something easy, got the catalog for Wisconsin sheep and wool festival, interesting! It's in Sept so got plenty of time to see how things work out.

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