Thursday, April 12, 2012

A lot late, but what the hey

It has been a very busy time , since my last post. I've been in and out of the hospital and had a tooth pulled and we have been doing testing with Mary and than my hubby found out he had a "new" sister.
   Illinois's law makers released their adoption records and Bonnie found out that Ned was her father, How it started was a  strange phone message, left by Ed, Bonnie's hubby , he started out saying that this was not a telemarketer and that they didn't want anything, hmm, than he stated that Bonnie was adopted and they found out that Ned was her father, and that they had talked to John , hubby's older bother. That scared Bonnie from wanting anything to do with the family, but he was calling my hubby, Chuck, to find out how he felt about things, I called them back and said that Chuck and Janet weren't anything like John, and Chuck called Bonnie when he got home from work.

  We met Bonnie and Ed in Lake Geneva, about halfway, between there home and ours. She definitely is a member of the family from her Strawberry blond hair and blue eyes to the same type of humor and love of puns.We have been busy chatting with her and learning more about her. Janet is pleased and we aren't telling John.The pictures are of Chuck and Bonnie and Chuck , Mary and Bonnie, and Mary' finished Minnesota Blizzard Quilt. Hopefully more pictures will follow. I ma being paged by the dog, he needs to go out. So ducking out for now. Talk to you later.

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