Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things I forgot!!

Mother's day was nice Mary took me to Lucy's for a Prime Rib dinner and we went to some craft and bookstores. For my 55 birthday my hubby gave me a set of 14 inch rosewood knitting needles and 13 skeins of amazing Yarn in the colorway Mauna Loa , this yarn is made by Lion Brand.I have a nice sweater pattern picked out to use it with, just as soon as soon as I finish the Baby blanket, since Mary's birthday is the 3rd and mine is the 7th , we went to the Cladaugh Pub for lunch and dessert .

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 th It's a very hot Tuesday.

Yes, I have been away for awhile, I got caught up doing other things and am a recovering Facebook junkie, for shame, better now, I hope. The last two months have had their share of excitement. Mary had testing done and we have discovered she has a problem, nothing that will cause physical pain or sickness but problems with communicating with others. It's a work in progress , Chuck and I had problems with a friend's brother and sister-in-law, the friend is in assisted living,  her sister-in-law doesn't want her to have contact with us , says we cause problems.The brother finally put his foot down and things are getting better.(HenPecked).
   Mary's birthday present is arriving today and Mary and her brother Rob, are waiting impatiently for the UPS driver to pull into the driveway, Rob and Mary will be building Mary's computer. The reasoning behind building one or buying a complete system is the ability to expand and not having to use brand specific parts.Rob was up early setting up the assembly area in the workshop and turning on the air conditioning in the shop. It's quite warm today 90 degrees Fahrenheit , humid as all get out.
 Mary is now 18 , has her driving permit and has had her first lesson, according to dad it went well, Mary on the other hand ....., she will be ready to vote come September. She is working on a friends birthday presents, hand made of course,doing a bit of depression lace on a piece she is doing. I'll be able to tell you more after July.
  I am working on a baby blanket, have 23 inches to go 13 done, got till the end of the month to finish it, crossing fingers and toes I'll get it done, pattern is a broken rib stitch, with 3 strands of Bernat's Baby sport in a light pink, gauge is 4stitches to one inches across and 6 rows to an inch , 138 rows left, approx. 17,560 stitches. groan, shouldn't have done the math.

I am waiting for the repairman to get here as my gas oven is on the fritz, the stove top works fine.When you want something it takes forever.Soon very soon. the pictures are from top to bottom, A jack-in the -pulpit, a rose from the bush I have and some carnations that Meghan planted. I need to share the Clemantis and the others soon. Ducking on out for now.

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