Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quiet time

Saturday afternoon and the house is quiet except for the dryer running,. Everyone is doing their own thing, DH is taking a nap, DD is working on her computer in her room and so is DS, most likely playing World of WarCraft, When I get done here I'll be back knitting DD's poncho, then on to doing the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon N0.1 book. Taking a break from size 15 needles used on DD's poncho the size 6 on the kimono. I seem to like the smaller needles better.
The weather has been hot and humid, we are having more thunderstorms lately with a large amount of rain, the "pond" in the back yard has appeared again and is bigger than usually after a heavy rain.The creek across the street has flooded in several places. Lucky for us that we live on top of a small hill, our basement is safe. Well must change loads from washer to dryer, and then some lunch, bbl.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday taking it easy

The last couple of days have had me very tired. Asthma , well that's the verdict. The reason behind the coughing. Feel very wore out. The haptoglobin problem has been cleared up too.A left over from the radiation and chemotherapy I had almost 12 years ago. I can't left anything over 40lbs for very long Causes bleeding from the bladder. I feel like a old lady.cough ,cough,.
I thought Canada was a safe and trusting place. Here one of the Yarn Harlots friends in crime Denny was robbed all things electronic, computers ,Ipods, cameras. Only her son's computer was spared and that was because he had it wrapped up in his bedding . That's got to feel frustrating.
My dryer is official hooked up and working ,yes!!!! no more squealing.It has all these fancy features, no knobs just touch pads.
Hopefully I will get some knitting done soon,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday night and the old dryer is squealing, ahh ! can't wait to get the new one hooked up, man , I can't seem to get motivated to knit. I am so tired can't , I am going to bed early a shower and nighty night.

Friday, July 16, 2010


O.K. it's Friday, The weekend is here , what to do, clean some more maybe, knit possible, bake Mary says she wants to do some peanut butter cookies and make a white cake from scratch along with chocolate frosting. I would like to do something even if is walking around the mall with the family.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday cleaning

Tuesday ,cleaning the laundry room ,nasty mess so far I have hauled out 9 city of lodi bags of garbage and junk. Lots of lint flying around , should of wore a mask, oh such fun , you may wonder why I am going through such drastic measures,well my dryer has developed a high pitch screech when it is used. So Dh went to St. Vinnie and found us a beauty , we can't afford a new one but this one is nice enough. For it's arrival I have to clean the laundry room, needs it anyway, I would like to move some of my knitting stuff in there, I have a lovely rocking chair in there already with some cupboards.Some of my stash would fit there nicely ,instead of being used by the cats as a bed.
That doesn't mean I can get away with not cleaning tonight at work. Shuckie darn.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thunderstorms on the way, July11,2010

Well last day of the fair, I have a few minutes before we go clean, we had a raccoon under one of the cars parked out in front of the house this morning, don't know if was sick or full from the goodies in the trash from the fair. The vet was notified and the police came. At this time I have idea what happen to it because i had to run an errand. We have seen the ambulance and the police car several times heading for the fair. Have to wait for the police blotter in the local paper.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10,2010 Fair Saturday

Ah yes, Fair week , the time of year I wish to be on Vacation, people park in front of the house from early morning to late evening for 4 days. It's aggravating , yes, there are fiber exhibits , but the demolition derby and the bands are quite loud. OK enough complaining.
On the knitting front , working on Mary's poncho ,baby's kimono, and a few other things. Picked up Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti at Half Priced Books.
On the medical front, still have that blasted cough. Still don't know why. The Blood problem is still sort up in the air. The hematologist says that my blood count is doing better , but I am still making more red blood cells. May have to do with the radiation I had back In 1998. Some of the things they don't tell you when you get chemo and radiation for cancer.

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