Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13,2009
Gorgeous day! Sun shinning ,some clouds, nice breeze,not overly hot out. Temp maybe 75, I like this type of day. Looks like the week will be like this. good.
Mary is done with school for the year, means sleeping in late,maybe. Trying to get her to get her room clean, before Janet gets here, I would like it done much before that. Mary had a good birthday ,she now is the proud owner of her own laptop, a toshiba with a large screen the envy of her dad.and I received my own cell phone. It is nice now I can be reached anywhere at anytime.Take today, Cathy and I were at the Chinese resturant in Waunakee and Sarah called surprise!! I was in the middle of the loading up from the buffet. Oops, didn't mean to drop the spoon in the General Tao's chicken . Mary downloaded Firefox for me, works better than Internet Explorerer. Rob cleaned it out last night and got rid of alot of unnecessary junk.
Oh yes, today is also knit in public day (kip) . Must get back to the much yarn and so little time. Also got to think what to get DH for father's day. Any suggestions?

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