Thursday, May 07, 2009

May 7,2009 The day after

What a glorious day! Foggy out this morning and looking like rain and a possible thunder boomer.YES, love the sound of thunder and the clash of lightning, Week started off ok , nothingt much going on . Tuesday we took the car to get some work done. Hubby had a concert at the local nursing home, while DD was home with a nasty migraine, which she passed on to me lovely things aren't they.
Wednesday started out normal enough, I was upstairs getting laundry ready to wash and Simba, lovable mutt he is, started to bark. I was on my way down the steps when I.. fell and twisted my right ankle.
Called to chiropractor and made an appointment. So here I am sitting on my bed typing away. and doing some knitting. Joined Twitter as grandma spazzy, and I am on Ravel as tritne.Looks like i have some grocery shopping to do among other things. will try to be better at posting

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