Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday"s here ,an away we go

Okay, car is going to get fixed, the sun is shining and it's a wee bit nippy out there, Rob is driving the mini van and I am following in Hubby's car , this should prove to be interesting. I have strict warnings about how not to drive his "baby". Just have to remember to pick him up at four.It will mean I will be without a car for several days, ouch!!, I feel like a teenager grounded to the house, hey what did I do wrong, this time.?
   WE have our final band practice for the season, Christmas Music, I am trying to get my Bass Clarinet to work so I can do the low part in the Nut Cracker, one of my favorite pieces during this time of year. The concert will be at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home very soon.Oldest daughter gave us a scare  with feeling sick, she called yesterday and sounded so bad, I wanted to fly to Austin and take care of her. Today she called and sounded so much better, a change in her meds and a new antibiotic seemed to the trick.Well back to a little house work and then to the knitting will talk to you later,TTFN.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday eventide

Mary and I did the vacuuming at our job and now,my van has a definite problem, the power steering fluid is leaking like a sieve. One more thing to worry about , Telling Dani tonight that she must get off her duff and get her vehicle licensed and registered,  now. I am taking the van in to get it look at hopefully tomorrow, but will give our favorite mechanic a call in the morning. Still have to go clean some more this evening,helping hubby out. I drather be knitting.
   Knitting , I have a lot to get done in a small amount of time,I have some lovely Lion Brand Homespun , white with a gold thread through it, making a hat or possibly a purse, guess who didn't do a gauge swatch,oops. Some day I"ll learn, obviously not yet.Also some purple Coats and Clark, probably a slouch hat, and than their is Mary's Poncho,Well stopping for . TTFN

Still looking....

Okay , Sunday morning and I am in a funk. Seems I am losing things again besides my balance ,( Please Mister, Please return these things to me),So far missing besides my sense of humor and my Mp3 player is now my headphones and most of my sanity , I have things I want to get done before Christmas but need to do things like clean my house from stem to stern before Christmas, Things just seem too far over my ability to get things, come Monday Morning I am going to have to crack the whip. Gotta take a break and run Dani to work bbl.
Take care.

Friday, November 25, 2011


The camera cord has been returned, no site of my mp3 player. Mary found the camera cord under her bobbin lace pillow. Pictures soon.
  Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful considering I was up the night before with upset tummy. Rob's meatloaf came off with out a hitch , it was delicious, he says he has the recipe memorized but we will see the next time he goes to make it.The roast beef was a little tough , will be shredded for hot beef sandwiches.Ham came out good.Everyone was fed well. With enough leftovers to be creative with.
   Green Bay won the football game and naps were taken. I was blessed with having my kids taking care of the kitchen, Rob and Mary wiped dishes while Meg washed them. Meg is my unofficial adopted daughter. (Her mama might not be to happy about that.) Mary and I decided to brave the Black Friday sales , went in the afternoon to Half price Books and to Joanne Fabrics,traffic not too bad,it was busy in the Fabric store but we did get what we needed and left, saved about $132.00 spent around $26.00.Butterick patterns where .99cents
and the coupons helped. We are making  most of our presents this year.
  Well I am off, to try to do some knitting, not so much stealth but sort of, talk to you later, ducking out.

Monday, November 21, 2011

monday morning catchup

I have tons of laundry and a huge pile of dishes to do before any crafting (knitting , in my case) will happen. Feeling much better, guess the pills are working. Still have a lot to do Before Thanksgiving, Mary and I are going to try to make from scratch pie crust. This should be interesting. The formula is coming from Ree Drummond's "the Pioneer Woman Cooks" really like the book , have it from the library and I don't want to return it, but I will. Put it on my Christmas list. Hint!!
   Well not getting my desk cleared off or the grocery list or coupons found, so off I go, ducking on out will talk to you later.
   PS. Ransom note has been found for camera cord and Mp3 player, Waiting for further contact.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy day

Well the Breakfast With Santa, didn't happen like I would have liked, Saturday went well with the Rotary, But Sunday with Masons , normally I would of worked, but got down there and preceded to get sick. The new pills the Doctor put me on did a number on my stomach . I came home and went to bed, Mary came home with me, migraine there. According to Hubby we made around $1800.00 for the food pantry and the Veterans hospital, they have to split that.We had some extra food left over and the food pantry was happy to get that.Things are really tight .
   Mary and I making the majority of the Christmas presents we are giving this year, with some books thrown in. Won't tell you what we are making but it's using all of our crafting talents. It's getting late so I am ducking on out I'll talk to you soon.
PS, still looking for camera cable, must have absconded with my MP3 player.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Umm, What happen here?

I know, I know I promised I would add pictures and keep up to date on what was happening at  chez Phipps.Life happened, and I got caught up and carried away with the way things were going.Plus some down time for being ill.
   Let's see where to begin, we have a new renter in the apartment who happens to have a ten year old daughter, who keeps both Mary and I on our toes.She is hyper active, and is constantly moving,  Mary and I are trying to get her to slow down and look at things, Mary has taken the time to teach her how to draw and I'm trying to teach her how to knit.She pays attention when someone is  watching what she does and explains why things need to be done that way.She doesn't enjoy reading which , I have a hard time accepting, at that age my kids loved to read anything they could. She finds it a chore. So Mary and I are looking for the "book" you know the one that made you actually take off and read till it's done, no luck so far. sigh!!
   I have been off the knitting for awhile because of the pains in my hands, I have a cyst in the right palm that acts up if I knit too much and now the left is having issues with the tendons, I have to keep them warm. I have some craft gloves that help, but they interfere with typing,sent Mary on a mission to locate the camera cord in her room, sounds like a hurricane going through. I hate to think what it will look like if she finds it. Waiting patiently, sort of.
  " Breakfast with Santa" is this weekend, for a few hours today I thought I may miss it, my bleeding problem  reared it's ugly head. Hopefully got it under control. We have a rainy weekend for it, it's the open house weekend for the Christmas season in Lodi and also the opening weekend of deer hunting season. The Rotary Club will be helping on Saturday and Sunday it's the Mason's.Tonight is the "Spaghetti Dinner" Chuck is busy working in the kitchen at the Masonic Temple, washing dishes and clearing tables , he has the first shift  tonight.     This time of year is real busy in our small town, Lefse is being made by the Lutheran Ladies,The Methodist are having a Craft and Fiber store, We are having horse drawn wagon rides , decorating cookies with Santa, and the downtown is open for Christmas. I have a little trouble with all the festivities as it's not Thanksgiving yet and the local radio stations are playing Christmas music, our "Breakfast with Santa" money goes to the local food pantry and The Veterans Hospital in Madison, to the volunteers for the patients needs.
No  cable yet, still waiting,  Hopefully will have pictures soon, Have some projects I need to do, Talk to you later , ducking on out.

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