Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday, sunny days ahead

 Brisk temperatures this morning leading into a glorious sunny day, Looks like the standard for this week , Charlie was saying possible into the mid to upper seventies by the end of the week and no rain till some time next week.Why do I talk about the weather , helps me remember things that happen and also helps me plan my week.
  This weekend was lovely, we missed the wedding due to my reoccurring stomach problems. It's something I have no control over.Leftovers from radiation therapy.Events for the rest of the week, Mary and I are going for a hike at Palfrey's Glen she wants to get some photos for her digital imagining class for school.I would like to go the Farmer's Market this Friday, and I am going to ask sweetly if my Dearest Husband in all the world will go with me.(he reads my blog) Saturday I have Sam's club shopping to do, we go through Peanut Butter like crazy, and I need to pick up the Peter Pan 6 lb. can at least 4 of them. We do have a Costco nearby, but I have never been inside,maybe some day.Also paper towels , dog treats, laundry detergent and the like.
    Knitting has slowed down to a crawl, I just see too much to get done, and put the knitting aside ,well no longer,I will set aside a few hours every day to knit. It calms my nerves and I feel productive when I can see growth in something I've done.With housework I can do it all day and still have to repeat it the next day.Well I am going to leave off here, It's nearly time to fix lunch for everyone I will take time to knit today, I will, I will < I will. Ducking on out.

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