Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday night

I can't believe how fast the last few days have flown past. We open presents on Friday night and everyone was happy. My gift from Chuck was a photo blanket with all our animal babies on it.I think though Archie had the most pictures on it , It is beautiful full color and it even has Spazzy on it Chuck said she doesn't like to have her picture taken. Meg gave us each something, Mary received Oragami calender and paper, she gave me a electric throw blanket, and she wants to give Chuck some cheese balls, she couldn't find them. Mary gave her some hot chocolate mix and a mug with some chocolate spoons and a lot of Oragami, Mary received from Rob , World of Warcraft the entire series and time cards to play, in fact that's what they are doing right now Rob is helping her Teaching about the game, she also received Candle making kit and sewing basket, and slippers, and a book, plus aunt Janet gave her a Amazon gift card,( chuck is working on getting her a blanket like I have but with pictures she has taken.)Aunt Janet that is. hmmm oh yes she also received a new MP3 player. I received 3 books and a gift card to Wisconsin Craft Market, and Chuck received a ift Card to Sears from Rob and A farside book from Mary and I gave him his yearly Dilbert calender, plus the gifts cards from Janet.
We had ham and Prime rib for Christmas dinner on Saturday.
So the Phipps family had a good , quiet and Peaceful Christmas. And today we are recovering, Chuck had to go back to work today, they keep him busy. Well going to duck on out fro now talk to you later.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday night

Busy day, went to Mad town on a yarn, and craft run. Sorry to say couldn't find what I was looking for. No Lion Brand yarn in the amount needed for the afghan I want to do, I need 12 skeins Of Amazing in 201 Ruby and 8 in 204 Mesa plus 2 each in Jiffy in 135 rust and 137 Blush and 3 in 138 Grape, Ah someday it will happen. Also looking for candle making and soap making kits. Wisconsin Craft market has the supplies, but I am looking for a basic kit for Mary to have. I have a few things up my sleeves yet, Have to go Mad town for cancer check up. will pop over to Shopko for a few last minute things. Still don't know what hubby got me, getting curiouser and curiouser.
We got Paul O. a book on roughing it, I think he could of wrote his own, I would like him to teach me about gardening and canning and perserving food. He spoils us by giving us honey from his hives, .
Mary and Chuck are going to see Tron tomorrow on the big screen, 3d and all that. Nice. well getting tired here so nI am going to duck on out and I 'll talk to you later.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday night

It's snowing have about 2 inches so far and it's a light and fluffy snow temp around 26 f. No wind so that's good news, However I have heard the word drizzle being batted around. Rob has a had a pretty good birthday Mary and I got him books that he wanted, and Meg has gotten him something but I am not sure what it is.
My head is still hurting, I am not certain why,I have some frustration still with the gal over the garage. and the sunlight on the snow is not a good thing.( Farve out of football game ,head injury.)Maybe Chinese for lunch tomorrow as I have a headache already and we aren't cleaning tomorrow night. Might as well enjoy it.
Got to fix so snacks for hubby and then call it a night, watch" Good Eats" with Mary at 10pm. Ducking out for the night, talk to you later.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday headache again

So what is new? other than I haven't posted for a week, sorry, if you have been reading. It's been a busy time here at the Phipps house, between cleaning, working and having appointments we have been running pretty steady. This coming week sees two appointments , one for Mary and one for me. Mary 's is a short one , mine is the yearly cancer check, (going on 12 years now.) Mary's is to have a medication review. Chuck is taking her out Wednesday afternoon to see Tron at the 3-d movie screen in Madison, That day I am going to the other side of town to see Margrete Staub, the Oncology Radiology PAC. This is our 10 year mark.
I need to pick up a couple of things from Michaels while I am in the city. Want to go to Joanne Fabrics also
" THE PACKAGE" came in the mail on Friday, I missed it, Chuck found it on the front steps when he came home. I got a quick feel to know that is made of cloth, feels like fleece, I have a feeling it's those Scooby Doo Pjs he has been threatening me with, the ones with the feet in them, good gracious, a 53 years old wearing feet pj's. just as long as there is no trap door in the back.He is having a good time giving me "clues", He took what ever it is to work with him, says he showed it to George and Cory and they want to order"it: for their wives,Yes , I am curious.
I need to get some "things " for Rob's and his birthdays, both are this week, Ron turns 30 on the 20th and Chuck turns 51 on the 23rd. Cheese cake for one and a white cake with chocolate frosting layer cake for the other.We do binary with the candles.
I wish I could get his curiosity built up over something. All well, time to duck out and get a bite to eat and something to get rid of this headache, nice warm shower, perhaps, see you later.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday surprises

Busy today, getting things done , going to Work for DH tonight so he can get caught up on his engraving, made a new receipt of Beef and Noodles in the slow cooker. It smells delicious,
Sarah received her Flannel Sheets, today says she is going to try them out tonight. I love flannel sheets, they are so toasty and comfortable.
DH has given me some hints as to what we are getting for Christmas , says it's for the both of us and it maybe electrical, and give one of us a warm feeling. Electrical Fireplace, a heating mattress pad, a massage shower head, A goose down comforter, who knows, Says it should be coming in the mail this week, and I am not to open it, I am feeling I am being set up he should realizes by now he has issued a challenge.
On a knitting note I received Alison Jeppson Hyde's Wrapped in Comfort, I have read the insights to the patterns and her life 's challenges. I am trying to chose one of the easy ones to start out with, Happy Birthday Alison, 52 was a good year for me and I hope it will be an even better one for you.
Well off to go to work , talk to you later.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday afternoon

Well, because of the impending snowstorm, Mary and I got our weekend cleaning job done. we also picked up some groceries, it's the first time in awhile that the meat market was sold out of fresh ground chuck, guess everyone is stocking up for the storm. So we picked it up at Piggly Wiggly, I am so spoiled by having a decent butcher shop in town as well as a bakery, and it's nice that they know your name, and what your regular order is.
We now have a new Chinese restaurant in Lodi, King Wok, reasonably priced, and the foods good. However as with all Chinese food, I like it, but it doesn't like me, MSG. Automatic Migraine headache , so I usually only eat it when I have a headache already.
Still working on Mary's Poncho, the back is done on to the front. I am looking for a package from California to arrive here soon, from Purlescence. I can't wait, books and yarn always excite me, like a little kid.
well gotta stop and get a bite to eat will be back later.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Morning, sneezes

Achoo, colds , coughs, and runny noes, I wish they would go away.
We received about 3 inches of snow last night and more on the way this late evening and this weekend more than 6 inches the Charlie Shortino estimates.Just heard the snow plow go by, ah the joys of winter.
More knitting to be done, well best get started , it's just not going to knit itself.Talk to you later.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Freezing

Sitting here in the living room , I am cold ,says it's 20F outside , 68 F here in the house , I don't believe it, my fingers are cold and so is my noes,. Sometimes these old farm houses are a bit on the drafty side, I thought we got all of the air leaks plugged, somewhere there is a couple hiding , just chuckling to themselves , that they got overlooked.Sun is going down so it will be colder still, the weather man is predicting 4 above high tonight. Time to wear socks to bed, not so romantic but practical, I'll be looking for the air leaks tomorrow and see what can be done about them.
Finished our cleaning job earlier today, at least is was warm there. So I have plenty of dishes to do since we haven't got the dish washer hooked up yet.Didn't know how much I missed it till now, however it will get my hands warm doing dishes.
Working on Mary's poncho, may have the front done later tonight, it's long enough to cover my legs and that keeps me warm also. I really don't want to turn up the heat, but I think once Chuck is up from his nap , he will want to. It's amazing how much cat and dog hair can accumulate over a year, especially when you don't realize your pets are using the winter hats and gloves as something to lay during the rest of the year, you know when you can't find the cat and you don't know he has been hiding , check the hat and glove box , my winter fleece gloves where covered in cat hair, took me awhile using a lint roller to get all the hair off, next year I'll try to remember to put them in a plastic zip bag. Although Archie has this thing that he chews on plastic from time to time. Can't seem to win.
I am thinking that hand knit socks would be quite nice about now, and maybe a noes muffler or two. We seem to have gotten a very nasty cold bug,everyone is in some stage of having a cold. I bought a box of clementines, kinda local At least in the USA instead of Spain. Thank you California, Mary and I using these as a source of vitamin c.
Tron will be coming out on Dec. 19 and Chuck and Mary have plans to go see it. The new Harry Potter movie just doesn't hold our interest, the last book left a lot lacking. Chuck's "Story by Dad9" is much better, Yes of course I am partial but it is really good. I can't waite for him to be done so he can write a original story of his own, I know it will be good.
I am looking at getting Alison Hyde's book "Wrapped In Comfort" from Purlescence. My Christmas present to myself. I have a been a few peoples sides, but a fairly good girl
I am thinking I am going to have to go on Stash Reducing Diet if Chuck is ever going to let me some more yarn. Sigh, so much yarn ,so little time. Well must get some dinner going here. The son is getting hungry, Off I go to the kitchen, talk to you later

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday Freezing My Fingers to the Bone

The weatherman this morning said we would experience below normal temps, and he wasn't just whistlin dixie it is 20 f and windy out so the windchill is in the teens. brrr my fingers hurt this morning as do the rest of my joints.
A good breakfast of Oatmeal was appreciated as well as some Irish Breakfast Tea.Today is knitting day so I'll be busy trying to get something done.I saw in the Lion Brand catalogue a pattern for a beautiful yet simple afghan, a mixture of two types of yarn it's on my wish list for things I would like.I am sure I'll be adding on to this today, so'll stop and put the needles to work, Talk to you later

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