Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rain, rain

Yes it's pouring out, thunder boomers have been heard on and off. It has been a steady downpour for a good long while. Most of the snow has melted now we are worried about flooding in certain areas around this part of Wisconsin, near Baraboo and the Lake Delton area. I can still remember seeing the sight of those homes going into Lake Delton, just sliding off in to the river, not a pretty sight.
   Seems we have allergy and cold season here. Not sure what it is, I thought it was a spring time cold, Rob and Chuck and I have been afflicted by. Mary seems to have been spared.Chicken soup season. and wouldn't you know it the temp is dropping, snow and ice,Mary and I have to go clean this afternoon, and I have to get some groceries, I hope the car well be dried out by then, Guess who forgot to close her window last night, and the rain started before I was fully awake this morning, I was out there at 6:00 am putting towels in the van 's drivers seat. Thinking warm thoughts that it will be dried before we leave this afternoon, Hey it won't hurt,
   The wind picked up for awhile sounded like a jet going overhead. Well let's see I am going to grab a hot chocolate and a sandwich and get ready to go, So I will be ducking on out for awhile, talk to you later.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday early afternoon

For some reason my cold came back with a vengeance this morning. I took Alka-Seltzer Flu as this has generic Tylenol in it, which I am allowed. Seems to have helped, no lowing nose or coughing for awhile now.The house is strangely quiet for a Saturday afternoon. Rob and Chuck are resting and Mary is doing schoolwork, Me, well I'll be back to knitting when I finish this post. It's cool out about 48 F and sunny, a nice day. Considering doing some yard work before the next snow gets here, sometime next week. Ah the joys of Spring in Wisconsin.
   Checked out when the Sheep and Wool Festival is September 8-10 at the same time as the Quilting Expo in Madison.Crazy time, Mary is working on a Quilt for a friend of hers she is doing The"Minnesota Blizzard" design looks gorgeous.Also she is knitting a shawl, a pattern from Alison Hyde's book "Wrapped in Comfort".
Craft wise we are busy people. I need to get a few pictures on here , wonder what will be next. Well I am ducking out for awhile , talk to you later.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Pat's Day

Well it's St. Patrick's day and I have manages to get rid of our Organ and music to go with it, cleans out the corner of the dining room, if I could persuade hubby to hook up the dish washer there would be even more room in the dining room, (the new dish washer resides in the dining room,can't really use it there.)
The gentleman who picked up the Organ was prepared for it , I was afraid that he might bring a van, but came with a trailer and a flat dolly, and extra help. He was very pleasant and made using free cycle a pleasant experience.He wants to teach his self the Organ, his children are musical. Happy that it goes to a good home.
Mary and I will be going into Prairie du Sac, later this afternoon for a couple of appointments hope to be back by 6:30 pm, makes a full day for me. Saw the specialist today, he told me everything was normal, he expected to see some blood now and than , caused by the radiation treatments I had nearly 13 years ago .Given the same spiel , no heavy lifting (over 25lbs), take breaks if I am doing mopping or prolonged vacuuming. Rest when needed I thought this kind of thing was over ,guess not , he said to expect this for the rest of my life. Hmmm.
I am working on baby blankets for Brooke's son Zachery Tyler and Jacob's son Jared (my sister Kitty's grandchildren)My great-great-grand nephews, I think. Zachery's is being done in Plymouth's yarns Dreamland yarn in a light blue, Jared's is being done in Bernat's Softee baby in blue and white , hopefully they will get them by Easter.
I know , where's Mary's poncho ? still working on it. Well best duck on out and get to the knitting, talk to you later.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, what next?

Hubby received his bonus today, he asked me what I would like a new energy  saving washer and dryer or a new kitchen floor. It's hard to choose. I really need a new floor, and the washer and dryer although old still function fine. But energy efficient hard decision, How about some new needles and yarn storage , a ball winder, upstairs floor in the hall , doors on two of the rooms , and railing for the steps upstairs, my dish washer put in and and a new garbage disposal ? I know, I dream big,but a gal gotta do something, lol. Will see what happens, muat rest head is ready to explode. Short and sweet,unlike me short and crabby.Talk to you later ducking on out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday sunny , why now?

OUCH, well that's a new start to the day, Charlie horse cramps in both legs. Not pleasant, I have been walking Simba since Sunday, had to give it up yesterday cause of the new snow we received, it should be gone tonight.Head issues is not new news, But the migraine is in the 10+ catagory, really get off the computer, hmm it could make my head hurt more, nah, today is a Chinese food day, have headache will eat.Computer , well it gives me chance to be silly a bit and that helps.
 I am so ready for spring, finally thought it was coming fast, till waking up yesterday with it snowing huge , heavy wet flakes, of white.  Now the sun is shining. and the glare off the snow hurts, hopefully we will be back to the lovely mud color soon, Spring means mud, heard cranes talking to each other this morning, and saw Geese flying North, Rob said he saw his first Robin of the year, All good news , 10 days till official arrival of Spring.
On the knitting front , had to rip out three starts for a simple dish cloth pattern, should of been a heads up,that head pain was on it's way, Finally got it going making sure to use markers like the pattern suggested, I was searching frantically last night for my small marker box, finally found it, when Hubby ask what the problem was.Still looking longingly at Mary's poncho. It won't take long to finish it, if I would just get at it. Back to Hubby I said I was missing a small box of stitch markers and he looked at me like I had lost it, well maybe I had, I took everything out of my knitting bag and a couple of other project bags and finally found it in my purse. Don't ask me how it got there, I don't remember putting it there. I have a pair of Irish Lepercauns living here and you just don't know where things will land. The wee folk mess with me during this time of year,  as long as I don't hear a Banshee and see the black coach things are fine.Ducking on out to fix lunch for Hubby . Talk to you later.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday Late afternoon

Well things are quiet here, everyone is resting but me, Grandma's funeral is over and a gathering is plan for tonight with the kin from Arkansas and Chuck's sister Janet from Washington State. We are getting together to share memories and eat, to me it's like a Irish wake sort of thing, except a little milder.It's been a long week, and I am relieved it's over. Will things be normal? In this house , not likely. We are cleaning out the garage and the old kitchen, Plus I've started some spring cleaning. OK  so that should be a new paragraph ,oops.
Mary and I are planning on getting our ends trimmed and starting to do some walking, with this will come a gradual change in our diet. We will be getting healthier, Ash Wednesday is also upon us, What will I give up for Lent, I know it's a Catholic thing but it doesn't hurt anyone, I am going to give up Soda pop, I love my Dr.Pepper and if I can do 40 days without it I can give it up for good, better for me.
As for the knitting still working on Mary's poncho ,also  working on dish cloths for the Farmer's Market that opens soon, 1 down many more to go. Will ducking on out for awhile promise it won't be as long.
Talk to you later.

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