Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday ramblings

The next time we rent out the Apartment above the garage, I'll make sure that the potential renter knows to keep the place clean. I am no angel about keeping my house spic and span, but it's not half bad. I am still upset, just bidding my time ,till she is gone. Grrrr!!!!
Busy , busy week, appointments and a concert tomorrow night, and then we go see Glen Beck on Thursday, finishing the week with Mary's junior class meeting on Friday. A hopefully quiet weekend and plenty of rest, we have a nasty cough and cold here, some rest and plenty of fluids and we hope it will be gone.
On a new note , a new Chinese restaurant is opening tomorrow, King Wok, looks like a chain. It has to compete with Waunakee's China Wok,not a chain.Rob and I are looking forward to trying it out.
Back to knitting, still working on Mary's Poncho and a hat. Slowly I go, like a turtle. Well off for a cup of tea. Later

Sunday, November 28, 2010

early sunday morning

Here it is early Sunday morning, 2:03AM, Can't sleep ,worry seems to keep me up now. I am feeling angry, and could just scream, same person I have been upset at for the last 6 months. The apartment is getting filthier by the day, I feel no one cares but me and the kids.Hubby is stressed out, also working hard . Working to try to keep the house cleaner. But the smell from the apartment just makes me so angry, mad, upset, teed off,and a few phrases I shouldn't use. I tried knitting to calm be down but I don't want the person who is to receive this, to feel my anger and frustration about the situation we are in. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind now, but I am having problems letting go. A good Irish curse comes to mind also, more on that later. Got to a drink of water, talk to you later.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday afternoon

We had a very good thanksgiving, family and friends, Chuck ended with his day off cold, seems when he has time just to sit and relax he gets a cold. go figure, so for the next few days I am going to knit I have a lot to do. Plenty of left overs to feast off of , so the kids can fend for themselves.
The cats loved the turkey, and Archie refused to share with Spazzy, she responded by having a hairball attack under the dining room table , sure makes life interesting around here,Working on a Poncho , made with Bernats Solo-discontinued- in a Checkers colorway needs 11 balls, working it on Knit Picks size 15 24" circulars, free pattern from label, has a collar and a cuffs. Also doing a hat in Hobby Lobby's Love This Yarn ombre color your guess is as good as mind , blues grays browns and wine colors together kinda pretty, this to start. Might help me if would look at the brand How can I look at Bernat and think Patons, I have a large stash, not as big as some but enough to keep me busy. Time for some leftovers, mmm pumpkin pie. See you later.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here I sit in a quiet house the cat and the dog are sleeping and snoring away , it's nippy out 24F, and I am suppose to be at band practice , Another migraine, I thing it's the let down head pain, from Breakfast with Santa, I worked both days, very hard, getting up at 5:30 am and getting done around 1:30 pm,Right now I am not fond of the smell of cooked sausages or the sight of scrambled eggs.
We made around 2,000.00 dollars half for the Local Food Pantry and half goes to the Disabled Vets at the Veterans hospital in Madison,to help with things they need. This is the best Year we had since we began this, something Both the Masons and the Rotary can be proud of, Our children helped on Sunday, Rob , Mary , Rob's friend's Meg and Dani, Dani's daughter Lily and friend Mike. Mary and Lily worked serving and clearing off tables, with Mary also serving coffee.Mary also watched over Lily as she has done in the past bringing her home to our house when she was getting tired and grumpy. Rob took on with help from Dani the cooking on the grill, Meg and myself cracked eggs and cooked the scrambled eggs, Meg did a lot dishes, while Dani got the grill cleaner that I have ever seen it. Everyone helped out where it was needed. Clean up on Sunday went smoother than it has in past years.
On another positive note, we were able to get a new dish washer from free cycle, ours finally died, after 20 + years, the door won't close anymore. This one is about 10 years old looks to be in pretty good shape, Told Chuck that his Christmas present to me would be to get in hooked up.

I am thinking of cleaning up the computer room for him as my Present , things are a little tight this year, so homemade things and ideas are going to be the way. Well talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Nov. 17

Grrr! have another MIGRAINE, and I know the reason why, Can't say anymore since I offend someone when I complain about it. Made goulash tonight for supper and made hubby a hot ham sandwich. Working on getting the kitchen ready for Thanksgiving, making sure it's clean and have room for the things I want to make. Mary says she wants to make cinnamon rolls this weekend from scratch. So I will give my making bread class to her.
Need to keep on knitting too, again so much to do, so little time.Big sister's birthday on Friday, she will have a houseful of people,it's deer hunting opening weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday gloomy

Sunday afternoon, I really feel like curly up with a good book and some hot chocolate, but that may not happen for awhile .I have dishes to do and laundry to fold and have supper to figure out.
I manage to cut my right hand on the mandolin I used on the vegetables I cut for the beef stew we had on Friday night, I cut my middle finger and the outside of my hand by my little finger, still a little sore. We had some corn bread with the stew, first time I've made cornbread in my iron skillet, turned out to be pretty good. I used Alton Brown's receipt for cornbread made with cream corn. It was very simple, and very good.
Hubby is watching the Viking's vs Bears game, at this time the Bears are head 20 to 13. Mary is doing school work and so is Robi. We did our cleaning job earlier today. Another touchdown for the Bears. When I get done here ,maybe a little knitting, just remembered we have packets for the local schools to get ready, Breakfast with Santa information, it's this next weekend, this year has gone so fast.
So little time, so much to do.Fighting with a migraine, too much pain to deal with , need a nap, well there goes what I wanted done. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Baby !!

Spazzy is in heat, and driving the rest of us buggy with meowing, she'll crawl in my lap and be quiet for awhile, then she is off again , Rob doesn't want her spade as he is afraid she'll end up like Kara, a real bitchy cat, who didn't like most people. Poor baby , the last time she was in "heat" was over a year ago, so we have been real fortunate.
We have been getting ready for "Breakfast with Santa", it will take place Nov. 20-21. Next week will be hectic , as well as the last part of this week, so far we have postered the city of Lodi, next it will be the schools and the churches. Then the shopping for breakfast on Friday, and decorating and setting up the kitchen on Friday night, Then early Saturday morning Chuck and I go in to start the grill and coffee and he sets the signs outside and gets ready to take pictures of kids and families with Santa. I helped get the food going in the kitchen. usually the Rotary kick me out when the get up to speed. Since I'll be back later to get ready for Sunday, which the Masons do and I am needed there more, That's when the rest of the family will help out Rob does cooking and Mary cracks eggs and helps clear tables and I go where ever I am needed. This year Meg may help.
We have been doing this since 1993, first with Jaycees then with the masons. the money that is made goes to the food pantry and the Disabled Veterans at the Veterans hospital in Madison. I am taking a small knitting project with me just in case I get put taking me this year, last year I was bored a bit maybe I can put a few pictures here . Mrs. Santa is giving away 2 American Girl dolls and some other things . And the Thanksgiving.
I am hoping to have a nice Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings , now that I have new dining room table and chairs.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday afternoon

I am waiting to go pick Mary up from the Library, she is doing her required community service work for school, I am happy to say she is enjoys doing this. It's been a bad week for headaches, migraine and otherwise. Mary woke up with one this morning , but seems to be doing better now.
WE have decided to go and clean at 5:30 tonight, giving us the weekend free,Mary has school work to make up and I want to sit and knit. I have been putting it off, been reading books 14 and 15 of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum mysteries , I found them verry funny and hard to put down. Her grandma is a hoot!
I may place and order with Knit Picks, later on today, I need a new ball winder and some wooden double points in the smaller sizes and I like the feel of those from Knit Picks, I enjoy the crazy colors. Got to go switch the wash to the dryer, talk to you later.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thursday, cold and a bit rainy

Well didn't get back last night, sorry about that. We were busy here at the fort, hubby took person to get a cell phone , while Mary I went and did our cleaning job at plant one,lots of things needed to be done. When we went to go home I found on the driver's side two boxes of chocolate covered cherries, unfortunately my first thought was what did hubby do that warranted this peace offering. Nothing, he just got them,he was in a store getting some sponges and saw them.
He is constantly surprising me, and we have been married for 17 years. Usually he sneaks up behind me and scares the daylights out of me, I think he likes to hear me scream.
On the fiber front, I noticed some holiday craft sales starting this season. There is a Guild craft sale at Hill Dale in Madison, the Beading guild, the Knitting Guild, Weaving guild, Quilt guild,and the Art guild, will be there with some of other crafters and artists.Closer to home is the Okee craft and holiday fair,.We received notice from our church , to start preparing for The Methodist holiday sale on Dec.4, All types of goodies are requested along with handcrafted items. We have a variety of different crafters in the area. Why do I say crafters instead of artists, I think Of art as something you look at and admire but don't necessarily use. While craft things are both art and crafts, something beautiful and useful . Well off to do "things" Talk to you later.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday ,

OK , so Wisconsin, has a Republican Governor and a new Senator, well we will see if that changes anything. Hopefully for the better.No More on politics , I have heard way too many ads this time around and I cringe at the thought of any more rhetoric.
It's been chilly here , sweater weather has arrived, frost on the ground and the van windows, really means autumn has arrived and no chance for a Indian Summer, Knitting is getting done slowly but surely. AS the old joke goes "what does Shirley have to do with this?"Getting anything motivated is hard doing especially since a nice warm bed a good book is calling. I am syopping for now , but will try to be back today again.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday, did you Vote

What a day, woke up this morning with a dull thud in my head, continually getting worse. Have been sleeping a lot today. Thank heavens my kids are old enough to take care of things. Mary made me a poached egg on toast, and a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea with honey, she knows what to do when I am under the weather with a Migraine. Bob did the driving today, took Mary to the library and brought her home.
When Chuck came home we went to vote, I haven't seen this much traffic in our little town on a voting day in a long time. As usual I had problems putting my ballot in the box,
Received the new Knitpicks catalog today , had Mary circle her favorite colors, we'll see what happens.
Was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog today and one of the commenter's blog showed a picture of where she put her new spinning wheel, she is a mother of young children, she placed it in the bathroom, reminds me how many times that was the only place I could get a break, then little hands would knock on the door, "Mommy , I need you! " Now it's" how long are you gonna be in there," Talk to you later.

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