Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Sunny Day

Well, didn't mean to be away from the blog for so long, life happened over and over again.I left off in the end of August with waiting for the Sheep and Wool festival in Jefferson Wi..  Mary and I went and enjoyed our selves and came back with some yarn and lots of ideas.
   Than toward the end of September I had a nasty cough, so I went in to see my family doctor only to be spirited away from my beloved Nurse Practitioner to a different person because she was full. Let's say it's been a merry ground for me since then. Because I am diabetic and have a heart valve she did some additional blood work.My blood work came back with a lot of issues. AS of today I have stage 3 chronic kidney disease, diabetes, colitis,migraines , a polyp was removed and we are waiting on the results, homiletic anemia,fibro maylasia, low iron, potassium , sodium  I am a mess. but I am alive, the cough was a virus going around.We found out that Mary's jaw problem is due tohaving no jaw joints they have melted as the oral surgeon said, it's not un common, we are waiting for word from the insurance company , she is going to need braces to align her teeth and then surgery to lengthn her jaw.It explains why she has breathing problems.
   Enough with the pains now for the things we love,  I have a afghan going in knitting that is a shifting of different colours . it's called "Tropical". Mary is doing some embroidery work on one her current progects, she wants to make chocolate covered cherries next, to give as gifts for Christmas/ I have a few surprises up my sleeve. Guess we will stop here, I got to go peel potatoes for lunch. have a blessed day.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Heat

Looking back, I see the time lapse from February to now and so much has happen. I guess we should start with Rob, as he was under going tests when I stopped. What we found out is some time in the past he had a very small stroke, but his brain has adapted and moved on.He graduated in March and is now working for Apix a temp service, he is working for TDS on there US cellular site. He is doing quite well, he had gallbladder surgery in July , and is doing well physically, his love life is another story indeed.
  Mary graduated in January and as of the 26 Of August is a full time student in MATC, Madison Area Technical College. She is doing the liberal arts degree now, when she finishes this all her credits will transfer to a University of Wisconsin school in the field she chooses. It's cheaper this way and the classes are smaller. Not to mention the campus isn't sprawled out  like UW Madison is.
   Chuck and I celebrated our 20th anniversary August 16,we had a lovely dinner at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Baraboo , went to the Habitat for Humanity store and found a nice 32 inch flat screen TV that came from one of the nicer hotels in Wisconsin Dells.I am very happy with it, of course it's high def. and I can plug my laptop into it and watch all sorts of knitting and spinning video's.
  Chuck gave to me, a part of his bonus from work, a spinning wheel, I am now the proud owner of a Kromski Fantasia spinning wheel, It runs with out any drag , just that the operator needs more practice.I have taken to call her Fancy for now.Next weekend which is September 6-7-8 is a busy time around here. it's Lodi  community wide garage sales, also in Madison it's the Quilting Exposition at the Alliance Center, and my  favorite the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, Well I am calling  a break for now , I'll try to be a better blogger. See you soon       Kris.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cold and chilly

 Well good  morning, looks like a cold one today, starting out in the single digits. Not getting very warm at all today maybe sunshine we will wait an see.
 I was suppose to knit yesterday but got a bit of the cleaning bug  and was working on my mess in the living room. Looks a lot better , when your hubby notices it when he comes in the door, you know it was a problem. Few things to do this morning. Might bake some cookies and make soup.Of course there will be knitting.
  Mary  said she was kept a wake my some scurrying  sounds in her room she couldn't see the offender but brought the Archie in for a look see, he sniffed and smelled and was interested so I think we nay have another mouse fatality by the end of the weekend, at least we are hoping.
  Rob has more tests coming up next week, the local clinic managed to loose the factor 5 blood tests he had done awhile ago and also his fasting lipid panel. I am pretty upset with this, they seem more incompetent than usual. Wish I could get him in to see the Docs at the clinic I go to. It's the matter of insurance.
 Packages came in the mail yesterday Rob got the tablet he was waiting for, and Chuck got the "James Bond" movie Sky Fall. We watched the movie , it was good , but in my book nobody was a better "James" than Sean Connery.Sigh, Got to fix breakfast talk to you later.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Quiet

Early morning, sun not quite up yet I can see it poking through the clouds when I look out my kitchen window. It's a cold one Charlie Shortino this morning ,says the high will be 17 today with periods of sun. Only one day above normal in the coming week and that will be Monday.
  Our Valentines excursion went well, we did a lot of window shopping, found the" golden treasure" a bottom freezer refrigerator- reasonable priced. We will see if it is still there payday. Had lunch out , and a an enjoyable day.
 Along with the good came some "not so good news" Rob has been undergoing testing to find out why he is having memory issues and muscle fatigue, He had a MRI done last week and got the results Wednesday, some time in the past he suffered a stroke,not a mini stroke a full nasty one. According to the Neurologist it was located in the Cerebellum , which I believe is near the brain stem, it is a old one , how much damage was done we will be finding out . Such is life.At least he is here and functioning reasonable well.
 Mary and I have been starting back in getting things ready for the Farmer's Market. I can't wait for spring at least it feels closer now.Well going to fix break fast and hi the knitting and stuff. Oh yes, Mid west alapaca fest is in April, something else to look forward too!. Ducking on out , talk to you later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pre Valentine's Day

Beautiful day , to celebrate Valentines on, I realize that tomorrow is Valentines , but the weather is going to be kinda nasty so Chuck and I celebrating today. Going to go look for some things for the house and just enjoy the day together. He even got his hair cut for me!! lol life
  Also on the lookout for a new refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom, Chuck says he is getting to old to have to been way down to see what's in the fridge , I can see his point as he is at least 9 inches taller than I am and the fridge is a short one.
  Nothing much happening here today, still early  and most people are sleeping, so I will duck out and let you know later how this day went.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Morning, silence

It's February already, we have had some unique weather here in Wisconsin , the typical snow and sleet and a January thaw, with a high of over 50 and then back in the deep freeze again. Today brings freezing rain , rain and snow. We will see what happens the rest of the week ,the weather man promises a mild week, but what is his definition of mild is a somewhat of a curiosity.
  Of course Valentine's day is this week on Thursday, other than hubby saying we are going out to eat. I have no idea what he has planned, he likes to surprise me, which I appreciate.We sat down together last night and played Scrabble,as usual hubby won , I came in second and Mary came in third. We must play more to get our vocabulary back up and of course it's fun.
  Knitting is down for at least a week as I sliced open my thumb on a piece of broken pottery. No stitches just in an awkward place ,on the inside of my thumb, Among everything I am getting a bad case of cabin fever and mix that with spring fever and wanting to start doing some serious cleaning, I am in a tizzy.I am pretty sure that is why some of my family is avoiding me, as I may want to put them to work on my projects list. Sigh!
  See you soon, ducking on out here in Lodi.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday blahs

Sorry it has been so long, a lot has happen and among the holidays and things I couldn't get blogspot to let me into my blog.Grr.
   So we will start with things going down in October, Mary recovered from being sick and has now finished her work for her High School Diploma, makes  her happy and us too. (her dad and I), Halloween was uneventful and than November , we lost part of out cleaning job, and I am not to sad about that. It takes a load of stress off our shoulders .
  Breakfast with Santa,  came and went. For the first time we had enough help, thanks to Mrs. Claus and the Lodi React club and the local 4-H. We brought in 2000.00 for the Food Pantry and the Veterans Hospital in Madison. Bonnie came and helped , it was a long trip for her and we appreciate her much. Chuck is making up for lost time being the obnoxious 'little brother". Good natured teasing.
   Thanksgiving gave us a chance to give thanks for new family and friends and projects started and finished. Turkey and ham , were the stars , t I must remember to place my order earlier, this time I ended getting a 17 lb turkey. A little too big. For Christmas we had Prime Rib and Ham.Gifts given and received, a quiet day, also a major snow storm brought 19 inches of the white stuff. We are having a typical Wisconsin winter, windy and cold.Stopping for now, ducking out see you soon.

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