Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garage Sales

Mary and I got a good start this morning we had planned out our route and was up early to get going on it, The weather had other plans, wet , slightly windy and down right cold,Some sales didn't open as scheduled, due to the weather we did make to quite a few though, There is 105 listed in the area ,this year it seems most will be on Friday and Saturday, I picked up four teapots of various sizes, some hickory nut meats, a tupperware measuring cup with lid , a pastry sheet some tee shirts and some hooded sweatshirts, and books, a few ice packs also.
  The drama continues, some people have to learn to let go of their pride and accept help.
 unfortunately I have enough anger for a couple of armies. when you tell someone they can have something and they sneak things and give defiant looks. It sure doesn't help. Enough for tonight. ducking on out , talk to you later

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bang,bang ,bang is that my head, oh it's the next door neighbor getting a new roof

Long title, buts that' what is happening today, our back yard neighbor is getting a new roof put on their home,seems the previous owners let things slide in a major way,we will be having a young couple moving in there as soon as it is fit for habitation again.
   We will be adopting Cathy's cats at least one of them, Sneezers is older and has no claws what so ever.(who in there right mind would do this to a cat) she seems to get along with everyone, introducing her to our clan will take some work Archie has been staring at her through the door like OH Boy someone to terrorize ! I am praying that's not the case. Babbitt isn't real people friendly, she hisses at hubby but talks to me and rubs up against me,( I think she knows who is in charge of food and kitty litter, better make nice with her.) The cleaning will commence in the for mentioned apartment Later today , or more likely tomorrow. I am having a a stress relief  headache, those are the ones that come after  a period of constant stress is resolved and you can relax again seems like it shouldn't happen but the poison released in to the system from when the muscles relax does it to you. Food isn't my friend today.
   Mary's taking a break from school work and playing a computer game, she tends to like those that requires serious thinking as to creating a world and populating it andgetting into the details of making it work.I drather read a book or knit. Just read somewhere , that people who listen to up beat or peppy music and watch upbeat movies and TV tend to solve things easier, than those who tend to not.hmmm. 
  Well, tomorrow starts the beginning of the yard sale season , Lodi is having it's Spring City Wide Garage sales. Treasures abound , I'll let you know what booty we find. Also the first farmer's Market too!  Best duck on out and drink my tea, talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy Days get me down

Well it's Tuesday, and the eviction has happen, she is gone for now, can't find her phone or her teeth, I looked for them and didn't find anything other than a stinking revolting mess.Looks like a lot of hard work ahead to get it half presentable.Grrrr!! Pouring rain now,
    I haven't being doing any crafting and at this point it will be awhile. I'll talk to you later,ducking on out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What do you mean"SNOW"?

Ah come on now , we have enough of this winter stuff , how about some more warmth and sunshine, Warm rain not so bad but snow, please reconsider.
   Tuesday morning and I still have a bit of a migraine I want to sleep so bad, I may bug out and take a nap.As of this moment Mary is at the Dining room Table doing school work, and the snow is coming down at a pretty fast clip, starting to stick now. Easter egg hunt is this weekend , maybe, I haven't seen flyers up or anything in the local paper. Hubby gave it up after almost 20 years of doing the work for it(family effort) so I am a little concern if this things aren't being done.
    Short and mixed up, thoughts are random hurts to think, man, this headache stuff is for the birds and who ever wants it. I'll be back later.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday

The wind is blowing , and it's nippy out but the sun is shining I am happy about that, the week ahead isn't very promising but will wait and see.
   We managed to get rid of 2 old refrigerators, a freezer, a stove , and a wash machine this morning that was taking space in our garage , a gentleman stopped by the house yesterday looking at the stove and refrigerator that was sitting by the dumpster in our driveway,(major throwing away happening here) and asked if he could take them, sure why not , I asked what he was going to use them for and he said scrap, Ok that's all they are good for and told him I have a few other things he could have. He came and took them away this morning, normally the person who does this for us, charges us something to take stuff away, this gentleman did not so we were both blessed. The garage is getting cleaner and I like the feel of not so much clutter, who knows maybe we will be able to get a car parked in there one day soon.
   Thursday was a windy rainy day, I went to Portage to go to Court to finish up the Eviction proceeding for my arch Nemesis . I had to get a Writ so the Sheriff can escort her off the property, hopefully things will be done by Thursday April 28,2011. Things hopefully will start to be normal again, not so much tension in the house , at this point I have a 10+ MIGRAINE. Those happy, sad face scales don't seem to do my headache pain justice , I want to do more than have tears run down my face.
   Mary's Bobbin Lace has taken off , she is doing quite well, her mentor is pleased at her speed on picking this up.She has gotten further along on her Lace shawl and her quilt is holding steady. On the other hand things have come to a stand still for me, no progress on anything , head hurts too much , I just want to sleep,
This week should be better, At least that's what I am hoping. Easter is this coming weekend and I think we are going out the Claddaugh Pub for Easter Brunch. Sounds good to me.!
   Stopping now to fix snack for hubby, he and Mary are playing Frisbee on the PS3. Mary is beating him. She is good at it. Ducking on out  Talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesay, oh what a beautiful day!!

Doing some much needed cleaning, wiping down the walls cleaning the front door and trying to wash the screen door window, so not working.I can't get the window off the screen, it used to work but isn't now. Grrr! got the vacuum to work the belt slipped. thank heavens it didn't break.Makes me feel better to see things cleaned and shining, the sun helps too. DD isn't fond of bright sunlight , but I need it to get going.
    Tomorrow we are meeting Becky at the Culver's in Spring Green. Then on Thursday , a trip to Portage and Mary has quilting at Terri's. Unfortunately  the weatherman is predicting back in the 40's for a 4-5 day stretch I really don't like that, I am happy Spring is here and I can have the windows open and such.
    No knitting here for a little while till I get a handle on this housework. I will be ducking out to terrorize the dog , with the vacuum . Poor thing! Talk to you Later.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday, storms on the way?

Okay, so where is the rain,? oh , Later you say. Will see. Friday means grocery shopping and bill paying , the earlier the better.I'll be in Madison by 8:00am, hitting Sam's and the Woodman's grocery store, then home to the Lodi Sausage Co. ,for some decent ground chuck, I made the mistake of buying some hamburger from the local grocery store and thought I was getting a good deal, "Let the Buyer be Ware" comes to mind and also "If it looks to good to be true, it probably is ,rotten" In this case the meat was stringy and hubby had a hard time eating it and the dog wasn't thrilled with it either.So I will apologize to our butcher and tell him I will not let a "better deal" lead me astray , again.
   I finished the main body of the first baby blanket I am knitting, and have started the edging on it. Working on Mary's Poncho and Dish clothes. Keeping my hands busy.
    Mary had her first Bobbin Lace lessons with Verna last Saturday. The lesson lasted 3 1/2 hours, Mary picked it up quite easily, we are going to Fort Atkinson this Saturday for a Lacers Guild meeting. I can sit in the corner and knit while they make lace. Mary was gifted with a lace making pillow and some bobbins, this pillow has a history, I believe it was owned by Verla's mother and she wanted Verla to pass it down to a "Young person" and Verla Picked Mary. Mary found Verla on Madison Free Cycle, we put a request in for lace making supplies . Verla says she usually just glances through the site when she saw Mary's request she flipped, when Mary replied to her post, and she found out how old Mary was , she was ecstatic , she call her bobbin lace people and said she had a new pupil , Mary had her first lesson with Verla's niece who is a Sophomore in college,majoring in Ceramics arts.
     Next week  is busy,  Wednesday we  will be seeing Becky, about 11:00am and have lunch in Spring Green at Culver's , Beck has some pictures and such for me, she has going through her mom dad's things and found somethings that she thought I might like to have. I lived with my sister, her mom, for 4 years after our parents died. She was my guardian, till I hit 18. Then we have an appointment in Prairie du Sac. Thursday we have to be in Portage at 9:30am. Enough said about that.
     Well I know I haven't been keeping up like I should,blame Facebook,I got hooked on a game,  Well I finally got a handle on that and hopefully will be back to normal.Will be ducking on out. Talk to you later I promise.

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