Monday, September 03, 2007

Last day of freedom

Today is Labor Day, last day of freedom for Mary , back to school tomorrow, she came back Saturday night.and seemed to be happy to be home. Janet walked her legs off, and she has great pictures of ocean and Max and Jimmy and Max, Hopefully we will get more out of her when she fully recovers.
Knitting wise, I am still working on Sarah's afghan and Mary's poncho, I have a few more things I like to start the bath mat from the Mason Dixon Book, some socks, and a sweater coat. That should take a year to do the way I knit lately. Going to The Sheep and Wool fesitival next weekend, I am hoping to get some Blackberry Ridge yarn and a spindle for myself.
Oh yes, Max is a long haired dachund that Janet rescueed. and Jimmy is her significant other.
Taking a break now, need a nap before doing some last minute school shopping.

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