Thursday, May 13, 2010

thursday blues

Hemolytic anemia the new catch word of the day. For almost 3 months I have had this nasty cough,and a really run down feeling, the run down feeling I thought was from lack of sleep from the cough. Alas no, rather hell no, I've got some strange thing that is causing an over production of red cells that aren't getting enough oxygen.And then something is destroying them the doc says perhaps some type of autoimmune thingy. Grrr if I caught this thingy from some one they had better watch out cause they can have it back,I am to take folic acid, and take it easy for awhile. Here I am trying to figure out what the hell it is. Scared, you know the first thing you think of when they say auto immune problem is AIDs, I have had more of my number of blood transfusions from the 3 surgeries I have had. Screaming my blasted head off,

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