Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quiet time

Saturday afternoon and the house is quiet except for the dryer running,. Everyone is doing their own thing, DH is taking a nap, DD is working on her computer in her room and so is DS, most likely playing World of WarCraft, When I get done here I'll be back knitting DD's poncho, then on to doing the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon N0.1 book. Taking a break from size 15 needles used on DD's poncho the size 6 on the kimono. I seem to like the smaller needles better.
The weather has been hot and humid, we are having more thunderstorms lately with a large amount of rain, the "pond" in the back yard has appeared again and is bigger than usually after a heavy rain.The creek across the street has flooded in several places. Lucky for us that we live on top of a small hill, our basement is safe. Well must change loads from washer to dryer, and then some lunch, bbl.

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