Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday, chilly

It's the last day of homework for Mary, things have to be turned in by 11:00pm . Then she can sleep in she has all her finals in already, she would have next week to do them but she finished them off early. Neat thing about on-line high school.
   The weather here in Wisconsin is on the sunny but cool side, woke up this morning to see frost on the shingles on the porch roof, you know that's got to be cold. Everything is green and growing , flowers blooming my Lilacs are beautiful.
   Mary and I are going to go to the Frugal muse Bookstore on the North side of Madison as a treat for end of school year.This year went amazingly fast.
   So that means I'll have someone to keep me company when we finish cleaning the garage apartment. then we need to paint it.So much to do.We have just a few pieces of furniture to remove and then the cats . well I 'm experiencing a headache , so I'll duck out and rest and talk to you later.

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