Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday, I'm up already!!

3:45 am , It's been a painful night,Every joint seems to be flaring at the same time , and I woke up crying, something I don't do very often.Got up and came downstairs, hubby needs his rest and I'm not helping when I feel painful. A warm shower will help along with something to reduce swelling, my hands are stiff and sore, doing piano exercises seem to help loosen them up.

    The birds are awake and singing, and although the sun hasn't started on it's daily path, it promises to be beautiful, light breeze and not so hot.I have the windows open and the breeze is slight, . Spazzy cat has been checking to see if G-ma is ok , (hey , no grand children , I have Grand kitties).Also to let me know that it's okay for me to give her some treats without my son noticing it. Our old man Archie is asleep in my chair in the living room.he will come running if he hears me getting the treat bag out for Spazzy.

    Meg , brought flowers , and has planted them in one of Geneva's old planters , brings some life to our outside , we put the planter in  between the garage doors , looks quite spiffy .I have some pictures that I'll have Mary down load today, Pictures of the quilt she is putting the final touches on , and some of our other projects. Plus Meg"s flowers.

I think I'll try to rest, So I'll pop in later with an update, Ducking on out for now , talk to you later.

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