Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, snow,, interesting.

I am sitting at my desk in the kitchen, working on a grocery list and my posting , when Archie comes in and bats the water bowl sending water all over the place, and then his food dish, (sorry cat, same food as yesterday, dry mix) and than tries to cover them up by scratching the floor in front of his food dish. (sorry , still see it). Concerning Archie, I came down stairs this morning to find a ball of Sugar and Cream hat I had left over from knitting a dish cloth strung out from the Living room through the Dining  room and into the Kitchen, said cat looking at me like "whoops I been caught sorry about that, actually it was Spazzy"
   Spazzy's place to eat her treats is on my desk, Archie leaves her alone there so she can eat in peace, she doesn't mind me sitting here working on the computer , she just flicks her tail in my face if I am bothering her.
It's snowing out now, just a dusting but the wind is picking up and the temps are dropping, now , I think I would like to be with Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee in the Dominican Republic, nice and toasty, with warm breezes and sunshine, well here I sit in the "frozen tundra" we call Wisconsin, sigh. Darling Daughter Sarah is laughing at me from Austin,oh well , wait till this summer.
 I have chosen two projects to work, for the next month, year, whatever it takes me, a sweater  vest  called Azteca from "Creative Knits"done in a heathered green and socks, oh , hmm the issue the sweater is in March of 2012.Back to the needles and such, also today is Malt Friday, making a chocolate malt for hubbys lunch, personally hot chocolate would be better, it's cold out there.Well TTFN.

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