Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Heat

Looking back, I see the time lapse from February to now and so much has happen. I guess we should start with Rob, as he was under going tests when I stopped. What we found out is some time in the past he had a very small stroke, but his brain has adapted and moved on.He graduated in March and is now working for Apix a temp service, he is working for TDS on there US cellular site. He is doing quite well, he had gallbladder surgery in July , and is doing well physically, his love life is another story indeed.
  Mary graduated in January and as of the 26 Of August is a full time student in MATC, Madison Area Technical College. She is doing the liberal arts degree now, when she finishes this all her credits will transfer to a University of Wisconsin school in the field she chooses. It's cheaper this way and the classes are smaller. Not to mention the campus isn't sprawled out  like UW Madison is.
   Chuck and I celebrated our 20th anniversary August 16,we had a lovely dinner at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Baraboo , went to the Habitat for Humanity store and found a nice 32 inch flat screen TV that came from one of the nicer hotels in Wisconsin Dells.I am very happy with it, of course it's high def. and I can plug my laptop into it and watch all sorts of knitting and spinning video's.
  Chuck gave to me, a part of his bonus from work, a spinning wheel, I am now the proud owner of a Kromski Fantasia spinning wheel, It runs with out any drag , just that the operator needs more practice.I have taken to call her Fancy for now.Next weekend which is September 6-7-8 is a busy time around here. it's Lodi  community wide garage sales, also in Madison it's the Quilting Exposition at the Alliance Center, and my  favorite the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, Well I am calling  a break for now , I'll try to be a better blogger. See you soon       Kris.

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AlisonH said...

Wow. Lots of living packed in a short time. Happy anniversary, glad he's okay, congratulations on the new wheel and tv, and have a great time spinning!

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