Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quiet times

Well here it is Feb 10, and i have been on for awhile, News : we have a new boarder , who happens to be a good friend, makes things alot easier. In the process of sorting out G-mas stuff, you wouldn't believe some of the things we have found.She was hidding things all over the place.
The knitting retreat went well and I learnt some new techiniques,Hazel was a delight , she had the whole room in awe when she showed as some of the shawls she had knitted .She also knitted a pair of socks in last than a day . I can only hope to do as well as she does when I am her age.
Hubby has been off this week, vacation ,good thing too one of his ribs have been popping out of place and it has been colder than heck minus 35. They even called school off, made Mary happy.
well I promise to be more regular and thanks Rose for commenting, let me know how to send a message back, I had trouble at your web site. Everyone have a good week and I'll let you how things go around here.

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