Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19,2010 What a day!!!

Thursday started out just like any other day , wake up at 5:00 am , get DH going set out clothes, get pills out. Then pass out til 7:00AM. get Mary going. Thursday didn't go quite like this. Sure 5:00am came got DH and off to work. Snuggled back in and the phone rang, hmmm what did DH forget?answered the phone, Hubby says bring my long distance glasses and the wrap-arounds, I broke my sun glasses. I am going to go look at a new factory site . I said i get there as soon as I could. Got up and got dressed. Got the glasses, and headed out to the van, as I am getting in the van , who should pull in but DH . He says get in the car. OK, I get in ,he hands me a french vanilla coffee and says "this your day, we are going to yarn shops" I am stunned , speechless , somewhat.So we started in Cross Plain, the store front is empty. Move on to Mt.Horeb, the Cat and Crow, it's early we go and have breakfast, Oh mustn't forget this DH gave $100.00 to purchase things with. WOW. back to the Cat and Crow, the note on the door it's lambing time and hours would be sporadic . Then he says we are going to see my sister in Belmont, Hurrah, we go and have a nice chat leave about 11:00AM, head for Fennimore the store is a house front, I am a little nervous going in so we go get some lunch at Hardee's, After lunch we head for Bosobel and stop in a couple of stores, one High priced gift store, put my hands in my pockets, so I wouldn't bump in to things. Then we are off to Viroqua, Ewe Topia, it's a long time and its after 2 in the afternoon, we have been on the road since 5:30am. Back to the store, lovely hand spun yarn, hand dyed , alpaca, merino and leicaster sheep to name a few , hand looms and spinning wheels. I could spent all day in this shop, Viroqua is really a neat litle city as is Mt. Horeh.
Now we decided tp head back toward home and stop in Mt. Horeb to see the Cat and the Crow long trip , we arrive in Mt. Horeb about 4:30 , looked at the door new note , closed for teacher conferencces, Well Mt. Horeb is not to far from home will be back. We head on home, run into three of those round abouts in Mt Horeb on the way home, nasty things. We get home about 5:30pm. What a day , yes I bought yarn and needles at Ewe Topia can't wait to go back. Thank you Hubby, you are the best, I love you, thanks for spoiling me.

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