Friday, March 12, 2010

March , the greening of the midwest

March already, the snow is melting and we are seeing spikes of green poking up from the ground.The trees are budding , it's a good sign that spring is finally here.So what does that mean, no more dark and gloomy days, not quite, but it means an end to the SAD episode that has been haunting me. I crave sunlight, I know by the end of summer I'll say it's my worst enemy.Headaches an all.
Not much knitting accomplished, this winter, Well we will see what can be done about that. This weekend is the Knit -in Madison, The gals from Mason-Dixon knitting will be there. Don't know if I'll be going .I am not a member of the Madison Knitting guild yet. They have only a couple of months before they go dark till September. The Yarn Harlot will be speaking in Detroit this weekend. I am afraid that I'll miss them both.So what else is new. The yarn Harlot is a given , but I might be able to to see the Mason-Dixon Gals and Franklin Habit, I wonder if he will have Delores with him or not. I see most of the classes are sold out , but I may be able to go to the vendors and have look see.
Things are not as bleak as the seemed early this year. I am looking forward to warm and sunny days ahead, Filled with dog walks and lawn clean-ups. Perhaps getting some flowers planted this spring .Maybe also some pictures on this blog to show how things are coming along.Who knows.
I will tell you this after being on a certain medication for 6 years ,it feels good to be off of it. Painkillers aren't all they crack up to be, it certainly isn't a solution for anything permanent. Okay enough of that. Hopefully I will be posting more regularly. Hey Glenn Beck is on! Talk to you later.

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