Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, ouch!!

This morning was a tough one. Started with trying to get Mary out of bed, she has a trip to the oral surgeon this morning to have 4 teeth pulled (3 wisdom , 1 12 year molar). I haven't had any problems getting her lately, usually I knock on her bedroom door and wake her up and tell her "I want to hear your feet hit the floor" as long as she is standing up she stays awake. This morning I was in a bit of a hurry so I just yelled upstairs as I did before, she says she didn't remember me yelling, even though she answered me. We weren't late, for some reason I kept asking her , are you you ready yet. That did it.
  She is home now, resting and is sound a sleep. Best thing thing for now.First thing she wanted when she awoke, was a large drink of water.
  We had a busy weekend , Saturday we went to the Sheep and Wool Festival, I am now the proud owner of a spindle and a signed copy of Catherine Friend's book "Sheepish", I kinda screamed 'I just finished reading that' I think Mary wanted to hide , oh well,I tend to embarrass my kids, on occasion, I get too excited.Onward,
We saw so many spinning wheels , looms and all the wool and roving you would want.I didn't want to leave.
We had plans to go to  a memorial service, at Circle Sanctuary, it was very peaceful, and very moving.Came home and wanted to sleep,
This weekend is a parade at  Wisconsin Dells, (not for Mary),next week Rob is going to see the Rheumatologist, he changed majors at school to IT, . Sometime here Hubby and Son are going to clean out the shop, I think we could have a impromptu garage sale as this weekend is Lodi fall garage sale days.If we wanted to work on the garage. Well Very Tired and I am going to Duck on out,TTFN

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AlisonH said...

Best wishes and soft foods to her on her recovery from that surgery.

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