Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, quiet week, perhaps

The parade in Wisconsin Dells, was quite nice. The weather was co-operating with gray skies and a light drizzle. When the band had played and was packed up to go home did it decide to rain harder. So what is in store "The Soon to be Famous" , Christmas music, Tuesday night will be a trial run of  our Christmas concert.
   Mary is recuperating from dental surgery quite nicely, we allowed her to take things at her own pace , just reminding her occasionally to eat something. She is back in school and at week four her grades are good. She is taking a digital imagining class , maybe I can convince her to help me get some more pictures  on the blog.
  My friend from Alabama is going to be getting some fingerless Mitts in Notre Dame colors, and maybe a little something extra, I still have a box of books I need to send. it's her Birthday and her guy is giving her a very nice present a trip to the "big easy" and then on to Panama city for a Motor cycle  rally.Well I am off to do some knitting and see what other mischief I can get into. TTFN

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AlisonH said...

Best wishes for her healing quickly.

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