Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday , Finally Snow!!

Sure enough after a green/brown Christmas , we finally have snow, started just about 10:00am this morning how much and how long it will last will be another question. Mary and I went to the grocery store this morning and the roads in town where okay ,just not great. Coming home a squad car pulled out of the veterinarian's parking lot and followed us home, sure makes me nervous, don't know why.
  Friday is also "Malt Friday" hubby gets his malt at lunch time, today will be butterscotch .Mary helps me , she holds and carries it for me in the van.Than Mary has library today, she'll be helping them out for awhile.I'll be knitting and doing some basic cleaning. I have 27 skeins of Donegal tweed yarn , hubby found it on Free cycle. Now comes the hunt for the pattern, I'll show you when I get started.Right I am off , ducking out to hunt patterns , Hope you have a Happy New Year.

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