Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saturday, raining puppies

Gee Whiz, almost came home from my Sister's with the cutest mixed breed puppy, cross between a Terrier and a Chihuahua, Black with the brown eye markings , he cozied up to Mary and fell asleep on her. Not quite 8 weeks old. However, knowing Simba's fondness for small things that squeak, he would be kibble.Poor baby ,not to tell what the cats would do, Spazzy might play mother, but Archie would totally ignore it. Puppies chew on everything and I drather not go through that again.Simba is king (at least he thinks he is, but we know it's really Archie). Had a  very good visit with my sister Kitty, and had lunch there, Pasty, was really was made in a 8 by 8 inch pan not individual ones. No surprises in it, Meg went with us an can spot an piece of onion a mile away. That's why when I make something I know she will be eating, I cut them very fine, she never notices.
   Rob pulled the radio, cassette and cd player from the Suburban that Lee had at his place the radio and things are for Dani's Blazer, When she got from the Lee the previous owners took the radio and the speakers.Rob  knows how to put them back together, she will have sound now on that long drive to work everyday, 40 miles one way.
  Must say this, my van is back in working shape, the Good Lord was watching over us,the problem with the power steering was minor to what happen to the rear brakes, I felt like someone tapped me on the shoulder, when I talked to the Mechanic and had him take a look at the rear brakes, good thing I payed attention, when they pulled the back wheels off the brakes crumpled, no warning, I just had them checked 3 months before and they said they were fine. I had a vision of us going down the highway and having to stop fast and couldn't. Shudders. I think this will be my Christmas present Brakes aren't cheap. Just happy we are safe.
 I think I may have to do a cast of characters list here, DH-Chuck
                                                                                   DS-- Rob, Robi
                                                                                   Simba 13 year old cross German Shepard an Chow
                                                                                    Archie and Spazzy, our cats.
                                                                                    Meg - Adopted Daughter1,
                                                                                     Dani and Lilly, adopted Daughter 2 and her 
                                                                                      daughter, also, apartment renters.
                                                                                   Lee, family friend
                                                                                   Cathy , family friend
Well , for the most part , that's the people I write about. We live in south central Wisconsin, and right now it's cold as billy blue blazes, hubby is awake and so I am going to go bug him for awhile. TTFN

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Thank you! Pleased to meet you all!

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