Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, down and out.

Here I sit in my recliner.Sharing it with my computer and the cat. My gout has flared up, and I am not going anywhere I really don't need to. Gout is a funny thing most people think you get from any rich foods, it's a build up of uric acids in the joints and causes crystals to form. Did you know that stress along with things like coffee and soda can also cause it? Me neither, mine came as a result of a unpleasant experience of blood clots in the bladder caused by radiation to such area.Uric, urine back up. No more said. hurts like having a 2lb jelly jar fall on your foot repeatedly.
 The cat has moved, too much room being taking up by feet to suit his taste, calling DD to take said cat off of kitchen counter. He knows he isn't suppose to be up there.Never stops him though.Hubby is teaching the engraver a new language, Thai, a company requested some nameplates/tags for their machines.Should be interesting translating it in to the required commands needed.
   On the knitting front, working on some things for the Farmer's market and cleaning out the garage. Meg wants to use it  for her car.Okay with me it's getting everything out of there. I am going to have to call our recycling man have him come and pick up some of the things. Can't wait for spring, it's been a strange winter, and next week is our January thaw, weather is suppose to be in the 40's. the February's cold  blast.
  Talking about a garden and setting some flowers in the yard. see what this year brings.Oh with cleaning out the garage is an area we can set up the knitting machine and have space to leave a long table up for crafting .
Stopping for now will pop in later. ttfn,

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AlisonH said...

Ouch. I'm sorry. Hope you feel better quickly.

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