Monday, January 02, 2012


Sure doesn't seem like Monday, more like a Sunday. Work tomorrow and Library for Mary which are Monday things, not Tuesday. We have had a few days of windy, cold weather , not much snow to speak of. The wind chill got down as far as 5 above 0. Tuesday promises to be warmer and not so windy. It's a good thing because I need to go to Arlington to look at a some bookcases and office chairs that someone has put on free cycle. I hopefully will come home with a office chair and a book case, giving chuck back his office chair and a bookcase for my knitting and craft books.
  The Green Bay Packers won against the Detroit Lions and So far the Badgers are holding their own against the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl.At present they are tied.
   Finished the Parisian slouch hat and working on some matching gauntlets, a Christmas present gone crazy.Have some what cleaned up my craft area,(bedroom) Now I am sharing it with a cat, who is in heat, poor Spazzy, (we will take her to get spade soon.) She has gone in heat more times last year than she has in the previous 3years combined.Time to finish up supper dishes and settle down to finish current project.Ducking on out. TTFN.

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