Thursday, March 08, 2012

Is Spring really here?

Or is it some type of cruel joke nature is playing on us. March in Wisconsin is like that, sunny and warm one day and snowy and bitterly cold the next. Yesterday we had rain , most of the snow we had is now gone, we had lots of thunder, not so much lightening. I have the kitchen window open and Archie is sitting on his perch gazing longingly at the birds which are chirping loudly. Pretty soon it will "lay in the sun" in the living room window time. Oh ,to be a cat!
   Still knitting,  have a few projects going, also thinking of spring cleaning , rearranging the stash, almost city wide garage sale time and farmer's market opening. Hubby's car is still in the shop, the mechanic says he needs a new rack and pinion system, and possible a new fuel pump, groan (Darn, that cuts into my stash budget for the year), better to have him safe and sound.Mary also hinted that for her 18th birthday present she would like a new computer. Hers tends to over heat and since it's a laptop her battery life is just about nil, down to 20 minutes.It's about three years old and has been used everyday.
 Well going to stop for now , must do laundry and other housework type things. Ducking on out, TTFN.

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AlisonH said...

If it helps any, setting up the laptop so that most of the bottom of it isn't in direct contact with a surface does help some with the overheating issues.

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