Saturday, March 03, 2012

Saturday Sunshine

We were fortunate to do most of our running yesterday before the winter storm hit. Had to take Mary to Sauk Prairie to the doctors for some fasting blood work, she was not a happy camper about having nothing to eat after 8:00pm the night before. We were able to be back home by 9:30, and than a big breakfast. This morning it's like pulling teeth I can't get her up!!Hopefully I won't have to go the bright lights and air horn method, I hate using water it makes a soggy mess.Be right back, final yell before drastic measures.Well will see if I have to go back.
   Rob has started back for another term at college, says the classes are easy ones, this time around, another will see by the end of the term. Mary has final year course selection March 14 in Madison. Busy busy. We will done to one vehicle for awhile, hubby is taking his car into get fixed ,might take a bit. Means getting up at 4:30am to get him to work and picking him up at 4:00pm.Could be worse.
  The sun and I are not friends today, just too bright against the snow, and I have a migraine left over from last night. well I am going to go my recliner and rest a bit , I'll be talking to you later.Have a good one.

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