Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday Late afternoon

Well things are quiet here, everyone is resting but me, Grandma's funeral is over and a gathering is plan for tonight with the kin from Arkansas and Chuck's sister Janet from Washington State. We are getting together to share memories and eat, to me it's like a Irish wake sort of thing, except a little milder.It's been a long week, and I am relieved it's over. Will things be normal? In this house , not likely. We are cleaning out the garage and the old kitchen, Plus I've started some spring cleaning. OK  so that should be a new paragraph ,oops.
Mary and I are planning on getting our ends trimmed and starting to do some walking, with this will come a gradual change in our diet. We will be getting healthier, Ash Wednesday is also upon us, What will I give up for Lent, I know it's a Catholic thing but it doesn't hurt anyone, I am going to give up Soda pop, I love my Dr.Pepper and if I can do 40 days without it I can give it up for good, better for me.
As for the knitting still working on Mary's poncho ,also  working on dish cloths for the Farmer's Market that opens soon, 1 down many more to go. Will ducking on out for awhile promise it won't be as long.
Talk to you later.

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